Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0, fast and affordable stick

We know that doctors are Sandisk Memory Cards, SSD and USB drives; I chose to buy a powerful stick from her stick that I use live operating systems, especially Remix OS, which will introduce you in a few days.
But what I bought another stick, I had a pile, plus hard drives and external SSDs? You see, these operating systems live, are pretty phyto when it comes to boot; especially Remix OS, which is based on Android, known as ultra fast storage is thirsty.
I was a bit nervous about the performance SanDisk Extreme USB stick 3.0's not because I would not trust SanDisk, but because remix this is the most dainty operating system. Fortunately Extreme's confirmed, even with very good results. Fly Remix OS's menus. But about that in a few days.

Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0, fast and affordable stick

Specifications Sandisk Extreme USB3.0 64GB
Official (sequential) read speed - 245 MB / s
Read (sequential) read speed - 256 MB / s

Official (sequential) write speed - 190 MB / s
Written (sequential) write speed - 196 MB / s

If you take the same tests, make sure to copy and write using an SSD. Hard drives are not fast enough for this stick.
Alternatively, if you do not SSD, You can do a Ram Disk.

Bonus encryption!
Sandisk, through the Extreme USB 3.0 model, also provides us with a very interesting method of encrypting / speaking certain files. You don't have to encrypt the whole drive, just some "secret" files.

Altogether, Sandisk Extreme USB is the most cost 3.0 fast USB stick available in the market now. Sure, I stick and faster, but more expensive, and not even much faster. Faster is stick monster whom I did some time ago, a M2 SSD and a special rackAnd that will not cost too much.

In a few days I will publish tutorial Remix OS, which more than we worked to get him used to you.
Price Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 64GB (Amazon uk delivery in Romania)
Price Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 "32GB" (shop Emag)
Price Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0 64GB (PC Garage store) (voucher =I1I7YG41)

Video review - Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0, fast and affordable stick

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  1. I'm going to get a high-capacity quick stick. even take this. I want to put multiboot with xp, 7, 10 (32x, 64x)…. I would like to put about 5, 6 operating systems. the problem is like xboot and it doesn't put them all chosen. out of 4 it shows me 2 at boot from the stick, so… what good program can I use to be able to make a multiboot stick?

  2. Hi I have a problem with usb Not Recognized Windows error 10 how you can get rid of this problem. Thank you

  3. Hello Cristi,

    Can you please give me some advice to me? What you choose from a Kingston SSD V300, 60 GB (SATA I just 2) and the stick (I only have USB 2.0)? Thank you in advance.

    • SSD's better to buy it on SATA3, and stick to take him on USB 3.0 because tomorrow you'll probably have another system or laptop capable.
      The price difference between SATA and 2 3, is almost nonexistent, as well USB2 / USB3.
      You will not have compatibility problems, sata3 goes sata2, as well as usb3 on 2.

  4. Grigor Danut said

    Very good tutorial I was really interested to find out which is the best mark in the field of information storage products. I did not know much about performance SANDISK but stick tutorial is presented in very good entitling compared to other brands.
    Multu for tutorial.

  5. hello, Mr. Cristi I have a great rugaminte if I can recommend a video card maximum lei around 1000 1100. I have a system like this: - AMD FX 6300- ghz 3,76, 8 GB RAM, MSI and Corsair vs650 source. Currently I GTX video card you 650 boost. Thank you in advance

  6. Cristi what's the point in buying a stik over 100 lei when I took one of the 8 8 DataTravel gb GB lei 27 3 and 35 all usb's 16 50 32 gbsi of gb. and the stiku I I'll quickly run linux live. and not only has a live klinux. do not say you do not know what's company as this does not matter as long as stikuri cheaper and have good transfer rate and transferu's 80 100 mb and Os remix sucks. I have linux on it remain

  7. Hello! I was surprised by the quality and price stickers, but you've just got to remix bone, do not think it deserves, today I managed to put remix bone in dual boot with Windows 7 on an SSD and moves tremendous's more work from him at least to me I could not make it work skype, facebook surprisingly went to apelezi.In rest room and sound moves well in the network and on the internet, I do not yet know well or at least not I found a picture that I see at least 4gb ram of 6 currently are only available 2gb memory.

  8. Hi Cristi, I know that does not place but I want to ask you something. I have a Allview P6 Life. On the website they say that can make them update the Lollipop 5.1. I did update, just as it Allview scire sites, all well and good just to boot, I see a double image. I can walk on it, but sees double. Can you tell me how to convey in 4.4.2 version, I searched but did not know exactly which method works and what does not.
    Thank you in advance

  9. Mr. Mitica said

    I'd like to order it myself, this EXTREME SANDISK USB FLASH DRIVE 3.0 64 ,,, GB ,,, as saying in reviews that it moves quickly and is accessible for all, to load on it mp3-mp4 music, pictures , jocurii, movies, anything, and download the SONY ,,, STIK repede.Am 1, de32 GB w ,,, but it charges, face, why they say this stik.Pe is cheaper? I found on VEXIO, price and shipping fee 180,51 Lei fan courier or post romana.Va ,, please, give me a response if the is eftin with all transport is domiciliu.Ce provienenta STIK ,,, this is American, made in China, as her hand eftina thing.

  10. Mr. Mitica said


  11. How about this stick?
    E and emag with 109Lei!

  12. hello cristi, I bought the stick and I have a problem… it doesn't boot any operating system… goes to make it bootable with rufus but it doesn't boot… I checked in linux with gparted if the boot is checked… and it is ticked off. do you have any idea what I could do to them..I mention that I used another usb 2.0 stick on the same PC .. and it works… the usb from the PC is 2.0… thanks in advance !!!

    • I mention that the sandisk stick boots on another pc do you have any idea what settings I could make in the bios to boot on the pc that… ..doesnot want to boot?

  13. Marin F. said

    I greet you gentlemen. I need help. I tried to format a USB Sandisk Command Prompt by 16 Gb. Entering the Command Prompt with diskpart list disk and see only two hard drives installed in your computer, the 0 40 Gb Disk to Disk partition C and the 1 120 to partitions D and E. Gb USB stick can not see him as disk. I can see only if inserted in place of Volume list disk command list volume. I scanned and formatted USB BitDefender normal. In vain. Notebook is the same situation.
    Thank you

  14. Achilles 1978 said

    cristi sal
    there somehow piatza Gen 3.1 2 USB stick?

  15. Marius said

    I have this little stick of 3 months. at first it was ok both writing and reading. He now began to make trouble. I want to copy a movie from laptop (asus usb ssd i7 3.0) stick at first go at a speed of 400 mb / s then drops to 1mb / s maximum 2mb / s. what to do? is broken stick or USB 3.0 the PC?

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