Replacing the toner cartridge at the printer - very good prices

Replace the toner cartridge in the printer
Replace the toner cartridge in the printer

What is the Printer Toner Cartridge Replacement tutorial - very good prices?

In the video tutorial to change the toner cartridge to the printer - very good prices, we will change the toner cartridge together to a multifunctional laser (scanner printer) from Samsung.

How difficult is it to change the toner cartridge to a printer or multifunction?

Replacing the toner cartridge for a printer or multifunction is very simple. It is an operation that even an older child could do without problems.

In fact, I don't think just changing the cartridge is worth a tutorial.

Why did I do a tutorial on such a simple topic?

The main purpose of the tutorial is not to show you how to change the cartridge, although it may be interesting, but to draw your attention to the fact that during this period the prices for such consumables is almost ridiculously low. So, if you have such a printer, it may be a good time to stock up.

Is it still worth refilling the original toner cartridge?

At this price, if you're a more comfortable person, I don't think it's worth trying to refill the original cartridge with toner (black powder from the cartridge). It's just more of a hassle, especially if you're an atheistic person.

However, if you find the "dust" at a great price, and you do not mind "getting your hands dirty", then the effort is worth it, because you will save money and in addition you will have the satisfaction of hacking something with your hands.

Important - Ignore the cartridge change warning for a while

All printers at some point display a warning that you need to change the cartridge.

From my experience I can tell you that you can ignore that message for another 100-200 pages.

The best indicator that the time has come to change the cartridge is the print quality. As the contrast decreases and the black becomes more and more gray, it's time to buy another cartridge or refill the old one with powder.

Good Prices Printer Cartridges


Cartridge prices


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Video tutorial - Change the toner cartridge to the printer

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  1. Gelulache said

    Theoretically worth it. Less pollution is by recharging.

  2. I bought ink cartridges for an HP multifunction from aliexpress. It informs you that they are not original but they work without any problems.
    The price is about a quarter compared to the price of an original from our store.

  3. Alexandra said

    I also bought cartridges at a good price from a company from Bucharest, importer of cartridges, the company is Timi Import-Export

  4. Hi, I've been watching you for a while and it may sound like I've had a lot to learn from your presentations, congratulations and so on. If it's not annoying, I have a question too. For some time I started to make a build… but to come back, when I mount the M2 ssd on the motherboard, do I need to exfoliate the label from it when I mount it in the passive cooler? Someone told me so, but personally, I don't think so. What advice can you give me? THANKS!

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