Change IP phone OTA update faster

Change IP phone OTA update faster

How can we receive the update OTA (over the air) phone faster by changing IP address?

In my situation, after the phone manufacturer publishes the OTA update, I can change the IP and thus receive the Android update among the first. Normally I have to wait about 2 weeks, because no, the first in line are the ones from the most “important” countries like Germany, USA, France, etc.

I used to change IP?

The VPN client is used in tutorial Opera VPNWhich is free. On this occasion and have learned to change the IP phone, if somehow you are banned on some forum ..ceva.

What is a VPN server?

A VPN server is a node in the network, which can be anywhere (USA, France, China, etc). actually a VPN server creates a private network, such as network specifically created for your router. When you connect to a VPN server, you become a member of the network that created the VPN server. Most times the traffic between you and VPN is secure, and you legitimized Internet IP VPN server, not your IP.

How we connect to a VPN server?

Using a VPN client, we can connect to the server and can change IP. In this tutorial I used Opera VPN client that connects us with VPN servers operated by Opera in different parts of the world. The customer can easily change the VPN server region. talked on several occasions about VPN. If you are interested in the topic serv / VPN client, we Several tutorials VPN you can watch as you become rich baggage of knowledge.

What can be done with VPN?

Apart from changing IP connections VPN offers and Safety. Some time ago I showed how to steal network data with WireShark, Where you can see how bad public Wi-Fi / free.
Change IP Phone for Faster OTA Update - Video Tutorial

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  1. sal Cristian I have a question with laptop I still jerky and put the tv with hdmi and entered the settings on TV and not the problem from tv tv is new panasonic is the drivers I believe and do not know what to do've been exchanging apparatus
    Windows 7 say what to do
    thank you

    • Possible causes.
      1. video driver
      2. HDMI cable sucks
      3. old laptop
      4. Operating System Problem
      5. Poor video card on laptop
      6. 60Hz laptop and television frequency 50Hz or 100Hz (bad video driver)

  2. Opera does not connect to VPN over Wi Fi.

  3. Ie wants to connect to VPN or Wi Fi on, the Notes nor 3G.Incercat 4 and A5.

  4. Hello, no la.mine not want Opera to connect to VPN or through WiFi or through 4g. OnePlus One

  5. Thanks. With that connects.

  6. I have a samsung galaxy s7 not last updated software update

  7. Nelu Encea said

    Hello Cristi,
    I have a Samsung dual sim android A500F 5.02. I installed the vpn work and I followed the steps described in videotutorial. I changed and nothing more regions. I was wrong somewhere? Can you help me ?
    Thank you in advance

  8. Hello
    A good vpn ip Romania knows someone?
    I use vpnbook that uses PPTP, but unfortunately not compatible with ios 10

  9. s7 for not going with any country, fratemiu stay in England and he already did not have the option england

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