Change server to improve services - this is not a tutorial

Today our dear went on another server, hopefully this server will offer a high comfort of use and fluidity in watching tutorials if anyone have problems with using it please let us know in the comments section or the quick comments.

The only problem we have noticed is with the browser Internet Explorer version 6 that can not always display the far right sidebar of the website, this problem is not us, it is because the browser is quite old.

For Internet Explorer users Internet Explorer 7 8 or there will be problems.

We will continue to evolve and will provide increasingly better.

Our services will remain free still will not charge any fee for viewing tutorials.

As usual your opinions and your suggestions on the comments section or on our mailing addresses.

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I like everything related to IT&C, I like to share the experience and information I accumulate every day.
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  1. Good job guys. every day I look to see if you add any tutorial. Doing an excellent job. I prefer to make a set of tutorials on Microsoft Office.

  2. Very well. I'm a fan user-pt. you and your tutoarialele very useful. Continued success!

  3. Are super tari.Indiferent tutorial, if I is useful or not, you note 10 +. Further success

  4. BRAVO… .the strongest

  5. Greetings!

  6. Sergiu said

    Oleeee !!! here I emoticons-those of screaming, I forums, chat

  7. Armeanu said

    When watching a material change to another appears this jam:
    A script on this page is Causing Internet Explorer to run slowly. If it Continues to run, your computer become unresponsive May.
    Do you want to abort the script?
    How to fix it?

  8. @Armeanu:
    It happens because you have internet explorer sata 6, dascarca newer version or 7 8 beta and it will not happen again.
    Also you can use and another browser, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome or any other internet explorer out 6 is an older browser.

  9. You are super .. boby .. what you said about the right of the site (up somehow?) .. Not seen any with Opera (v.9.64-last or Mozilla Firefox (v.3.08-last) nor Internet Explorer (v.8.beta) [at least I am not seen]

  10. State .. now began to see .. so I can see but after several minutes of waiting .. sry for double post

  11. Do a very interesting and good job. Don't operate here - Don't worry here we need these tutorials. And of course you. A friendly greeting to all.

  12. Hai I solved it with Internet Explorer script error now would it take to be no problem.
    If anybody has any problem or error with navigating the site please let us know.
    With respect

  13. Bravo guys! Do a great job and we appreciate the fact that your video tutorials have remained free although to a much higher quality. thank you very much on the effort that you submit.

  14. Corleone said

    Cristi I IExplorer 6 since you changed the server that warning does not appear as if its t kick or some scripts that will be loaded more difficult, and this extra loading and director with a certain tutorial much faster (this is a remark I constatato I) otherwise many greetings and good health! success and gain the win!

  15. I accidentally deleted cookies from YAHOO…. how can I solve the problem that the Mail on MESSENGER no longer opens (a window appears in which it says that WINDOWS no longer finds its way…) ??? !!!! MERCI !!!!!

  16. Very good that you managed to change the server… now the quality of the site is higher… this is very good… And small changes of appearance are welcome… instead with that script on the right I could say that it is a small problem … It is only seen periodically… it is not visible all the time and it is only seen with mozilla, with another browser it is not seen… and with the thing from the comments that is with the answer reCaptcha I don't think it is so induced because there are not many threats spam on a site as a video tutorial for some comments…. however the quality of the site has improved considerably… Higher…

  17. I see you managed to make the transfer, congratulations

  18. You must understand that although your site does not theme grammar novels have a moral duty to speak and write correctly in Romanian, in your quality of graduates can some of you, some faculties but as addressing other people on this point of view site.Din no doubt have responsibility to those who will read or listen to.
    In the end, hoping that I upset anyone (honest, that was not my intent) I want to congratulate you made tutorials, more luck and more attention in the future.

  19. They move better website, we see the difference, congratulations for changes.
    Today I wanted to watch part I of the tutorial “Tutorial on how to download torrents (torrent bit files) and at minute 9 and something stopped, that is, as if it had reached the end of the tutorial.

  20. Congratulations on your free advice! I would like a tutorial on laptops. I want to buy one bigger than 17 ″ and I would really need some advice. I just found out that Asus is a reliable brand and pay attention to drivers.

  21. @George:
    I personally can not say I'm crazy about ASUS
    Who told you that they are very reliable asus laptops can told and how many components you will find in that asus laptop
    I'll tell you in the best case you will find only one ie cd-rom and rest break
    I think your attention might be better to turn to the configuration it has that laptop and less brand
    For me Brenda is but a box that says Asus, Dell Toshiba, Sony Vaio, etc.
    Compnente Believe that all have the same just different finishes
    The decision is yours
    "There's ASUS"

  22. Bravo guys are the hottest Thank helped me at all and I have been helpful tutorials, I use IE and it shows up ECAC 6 that says you eg are pictures of my PC components go I have no problems here ff b Bravo I respect what you guys do and what c do next! Bravo continues ;)

  23. marius512 said

    Since change your server moves a little better, but does not want to show my playlist even after tried min.Am 30 3 browsers.

  24. @marius512:
    I've never heard of problems with the normal playlist, it should work if you go to everyone, install the browser plugin "flash player" latest version.

  25. Please check RSS, using FeedReader, but a few days will not bring me site.La comments on other sites are not probleme.Mersi

  26. marius512 said

    I solved the problem. I reinstalled Windows and now goes playlistul.Se seems to me it was a problem.

  27. @Nicu: I am illiterate. I don't know how to write I have grammatical omissions… please and everything you want… if you want I am also colorblind… now I ask you…. What else do you want? What does it have to do with the fact that I don't know how to write correctly but you are dust and dust in computers even though you know how to write very correctly… who is more successful? What, here is the embassy, ​​has to be diplomacy and a certain protocol to be fulfilled? IT'S A SITE BROTHER A SITE THAT BELONGS TO IT IT WHERE YOU LEARN ABOUT PCS NOT ABOUT THE ROMANIAN LANGUAGE! IT DOESN'T SUIT YOU AND YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND OUR GRAMMAR THEN YOU JUST HAVE TO GO TO YOUR ROMANIAN TEACHER AND ASK HIM HOW TO MAKE YOUR NETWORK CONNECTION, INSTALL A DRIVER, WINDOWS, HOW TO BURN A CD, A MOVIE, PICTURES AND ETC

  28. It is good that you changed the server. I have a question: where is the server now? There is an online hosting service right? Did you put in a PC I guess. Anyway now moves very well.

  29. Don Pedro said

    Yes now moves better but still did not have a simple answer to the question that I asked her, how exchange, or like when I click on something like the mouse arrow to make red circles as I saw you. A once incepator.Inca Thank you!

  30. @Don Pedro: You can not put that circle, it's an effect of the capture software, which has made the tutorial, to highlight mauseul and the viewer can not escape mauseul the cursor mauseului of eyes ... that effect remains active and is only activated when when you catch ... it's not a permanent effect!

  31. petrepaul said

    Hello gentlemen! after what I want to try to find out what hurt I would be very grateful. use linux kiwi. I want is to be able to set up as a kind of rooter in this internet linux am pretty good at rds through PPoE connection and I want to Make a small network at home and some neighbors (ptr so I have a nec 800mhz desctop of the SDRAM HDD 512 10 and giga) and 2 NICs we all know and watching all your tutorials but I begin to understand linux quite difficult

  32. @petrepaul: You can make network router, you should not use the operating system, of course if you like the band management, QOS, etc. must use operating system for a simple network but do not have anything outside of a router and a switch.

  33. I was using this tutorial but I have a question that we did not I realize that my question is what program do these tutorials

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