Screen refresh rate vs touch sampling rate on phones

Screen refresh rate vs touch sampling rate

What is the Screen refresh rate vs touch sampling rate video tutorial about?

In the video tutorial Screen refresh rate vs touch sampling rate, we will see what is the difference between screen refresh rate and touch screen sampling rate. These are two specifications that you encounter in mobile phone presentations.

What is screen refresh rate?

Screen refresh rate in Romanian means the screen refresh rate. But what does that mean?

The phone screen, I mean the LCD or OLED panel, has a refresh rate per second. Usually we have 60 refreshes per second, ie 60 times per second the screen "closes and opens the eyes" while communicating with the operating system that sends the content to be displayed.

If the content is at 30 frames per second, the screen displays one frame of content every two refreshes and so the content looks fluid.

Fluidity breaks down when, for example, we have a screen with a lower refresh and quite atypical, for example 53 refreshes per second. A jerky image will appear here on the screen, and this image is not jerky because the processor or graphics chip cannot play the content, but because it is a desynchronization between the screen refresh rate and the number of frames per second of the content.

Refresh rate values: from 30hz to 240hz, depending on the phone.

What is touch sampling rate?

Over the screen of phones or tablets we have a capacitive touch matrix, or resistive to very old screens. It is like an invisible spider's web with horizontal and vertical threads, meant to establish the position of your finger or a stylus on the screen.

This matrix, like the screen, has a refresh rate, ie we have a small face that reads "n" times per second this "spider web" which is the touch matrix, to see where it is pressed or from where to where it moved finger on the screen.

Touch sampling rate values: 30hz to 240hz, depending on the phone.

Screen refresh rate vs touch sampling rate measurement applications:

Screen Info - for screen refresh rate

Touch Multitest - for touch sampling rate

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  1. One-of-a-kind said

    When watching movies online from sites on a tablet or phone bought for 6 years, the image of the movies is jerky (intermittent), ie it is interrupted often and briefly at equal intervals. Could this problem be due to the old capacitive touch matrix? Is there a solution?

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