Seagate Backup Plus 8TB review, an external hard drive very quickly

Seagate Backup Plus review 8TB

Seagate is one of the largest manufacturers of hard drives, which lately has been making efforts to keep sales at the same level as before the advent of SSDs. Many would say "SSDs have little storage capacity"; I say take a look new SSD from Samsung, which has 16TB. Now realize that life will manufacturers of HDDs, no longer quite so easy. A few days ago, Western Digital bought Sandisk, not lust!
Our disc today is the largest available on the market at the moment. The truth is that people from Seagate've removed one of 10TB helium, but that is not found in the shelves.
Seagate Backup Plus 8TB (which sounds better), having inside a hard disk that is based on technology Shingled Magnetic RecordingOr (SMR) technology that enables a higher density storage in the same area.
I chose this external hard drive that has high capacity and is very affordable, with the best price per GB.
Seagate Backup Plus Price 8TB (Various storage capacities)
Official data from Seagate
The appearance of this drive is quite easy to digest. Simple lines, sober design, pleasant enough.
The only problem with the unit is that gather dust, especially after a certain period is used.
Portability, there is little practical because this drive needs an outlet (12v) to operate.
Best! Frankly, I never expected to reach speeds of 200 MB / s read and write with 5900 rpm HDD.
It's a little noisy in quiet rooms. It would be better to hold it away from your favorite place to relax or bed as a annoy you. Perhaps the noise comes from the 6 12 disks and heads are all moved by HDD.

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