Seagate DiskWizard, Acronis True Image free for Seagate or Maxtor owners - video tutorial

Hi friends in this video tutorial I will show you a very good backup software, Seagate Disk Wizard, it is 100% free software was originally designed by the famous company Acronis, actually this software is not free normally become free after a collaboration between Acronis and Seagate.
The backup software born from this collaboration is called Seagate DiskWizard and is absolutely free for owners of Seagate or Maxtor hard drives, as it is known, some time ago the Seagate company acquired Maxtor, so now Maxtor is almost synonymous with Seagate, it is certain that the owners of Maxtors have something to gain, they can also use this software for free due to the "love" between Seagate and Maxtor.
Seagate Disk Wizard is almost the same software as Acronis True Image 10, if I think it's more equipped in some places, this is an Acronis True Image 10 "super" except for the name, it is no longer called Acronis True Image 10, now it's called Seagate DiskWizard.
We have everything we need, we can do backup, we can restore the system or files, can clone a disk (not a feature in Acronis True Image 10 I), we can make a restore disk in case the operating system wants to be at start and many other options which are explained in detail in the tutorial.
You must keep in mind the existence of this software before buying a hard drive, if you still buy a hard disk and why not take advantage of this kind of advantages that manufacturers make available you?
In case you do not have a hard drive compatible with the software or have problems with your hard drive, we recommend purchasing a Seagate or Maxtor hard drive to take advantage of backup software and Seagate Disk Clone Wizard, especially the hard drive Seagate sites are among the best, if not the best hard drives.
You can check the prices before purchasing some Seagate hard drives. (Affiliate link)
In the coming days we will come back with a version for owners of Western Digital hard drives, hoping to find other such utilities and other hardware manufacturers such as find something to announce, stay close.
Remember, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions do not hesitate to write in the comments box, de-also if you met the comments box a user has a problem and you can help him, do not hesitate to do it, the only way we can do this place better, see the comments box!

Enjoy !

by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Thank you very useful (I happen to Seagate)

  2. Great, however I found out the program-2 3 weeks ago, I `ve not tested but I do that too.

  3. Users can get a Western Digital HDD and they designed a free version of Acronis, Acronis True Image WD called Edition.Daca may I have put the address where you can download.

  4. Acronis True Image is free for those who own Western Digital.
    Search Google for "Acronis True Image WD Edition"

  5. Very cool, thanks.

  6. Deacomdata not want to do my backup.BRAVO.

  7. Congratulations once again pt. Unfortunately I own Samsung videotutorial.Din team F3.Cristi image backups made with Windows 7 have something good, or should I use for another program. backup? MS and as many tutorials.

  8. sailorriver said

    Thanks for the tutorial.

  9. Can you tell me if, in tests made by you, this software are better than the company distributed free Paragon? Thank you in advance.

  10. I have a question: if we have no HDD segate program is not free??? Way how do you know what kind of HDD I????

    • AlexI have a question: if avemHDD segate ?????? program is not free by the way how do you know what kind of HDD I ????????  

      If you do not have at least one Hard Seagate or Maxtor connected to your PC, you will not be able to install this Acronis. To see how hard you would use Everest about which we have tutorial, type up in the box "search on…" on the right: everst, enter and you will find the tutorial, or go to my computers, right click, choose manage and you go left on the storage, there it will tell you how hard you are.

  11. Hats off again.

  12. Hi guys, I want to offer myself something. I would like to do and made a tutorial about NORTON INTERNET SECURITY 2010 because he came out of 2009 according antivirusl And I will say it is worth, low consumption detection unexpected, was the first to post knew that virus that spreads via Messenger. Thank you.

  13. A Tutorial Apache Virtual Host if you can

  14. vlad cuckoo said

    tttttaaaaaaarrrrrreeeee, but if you google talk please give me accept my id is vladcuc74

  15. Excuse a stupid question but do you have a 1920 × 1080 monitor ??

  16. Greeting Cards, Note 10

  17. vlad cuckoo said

    tttttaaaaaaarrrrrreeeeee, thank you, but I want to ask you something I looked at a tutorial older one with routeru it romtelecom with NIC and rds with trendnet that I wrote the post but it gave me error please tell me what to do

  18. I have a Seagate hard drive on my laptop and I found that the older and very efficient version of acrons 10.0.4871 did not reunite the hard drive but only version 11 or 12 managed with it making me a 2010 file image. Sometimes I was expecting a tib file. And this Segate DiscWizard makes the same type of archive 2010. If I want to "explore" it, it surprises that it does not recognize it and only looks for "tib" type archives. What to do ???
    The tutorial is very instructive and folos.VA Thank you took on the initiative to do TUTORIALS

  19. Howdy. I also have a big problem. Paragon does its job very well but I also wanted to try "Acronis True Image WD Edition" which seems to have removed 3 (out of 5) partitions (not seen anywhere). Can someone help me?

  20. Mr. Cismaru ask you to please come back, as sound and promise in this tutorial, when time allows of course, linked with a videotutorial MEDIA COMPONENTS option offered by Seagate Disc Wizard.Va wonderful soft thanks.

  21. So after all is ripe Windows 7? the official website of Seagate says that work on Windows XP and Vista, and those from Acronis TIH say only 2010 7 is compatipul on windows. Yet I use the 7 a month and see it works. Just do not be some problems .... I too can appear later blue screens, etc.

    • Ratzoiu said

      So after all is ripe Windows 7? the official website of Seagate says that work on Windows XP and Vista, and those from Acronis TIH say only 2010 7 is compatipul on windows. Yet I use the 7 a month and see it works. Just do not be some problems .... I too can appear later blue screens, etc.

      @ Bobu… I have Acronis on Windows7 and it works very well. The free acronis tips, dedicated to Seagate / Maxtor and WD hardware manufacturers, also run on Windows 7, being derived from TI2010 and dedicated to the respective brands. If you still don't trust, use a software taken from where you know and you got rid of problems.

    • So after all is ripe Windows 7? the official website of Seagate says that work on Windows XP and Vista, and those from Acronis TIH say only 2010 7 is compatipul on windows. Yet I use the 7 a month and see it works. Just do not be some problems .... I too can appear later blue screens, etc.  

      I also agree with Ratzoiu… I also have an acronis on windows 7 for a WD hdd and it works very well, so, you have two opinions about this problem… keep using it and you will see that it works perfectly!

  22. Hi Cristi, I'm listening for a long time and I love how tutorilele public.
    I would like to share with you one of my problems, namely, I had a Seagate st31000528as after two years of operation began to reallocate sectors 4 first, then in total 6.Mentionez the hdd was bought from I was with the service and the hdd from stopped him in service.Dupa 8 days call me and tell me to come and pick hdd that replaced him with another good label nou.Fara to check hdd ( I traced and country of origin), unpacked I noticed hdd named Certified Repaired HDD SEAGATE write, give and Googling and found they are repaired hdd. them write those in service (because the only way you can contact them by mail) and tell them that the service sheet write inlociut with new hdd, and they tell me that the manufacturer can replace and repair.
    My conclusion is that after the explosion hdd prices from Seagate have come to use and flea recyclable. Was one that used with confidence unpredicted Seagate but after that I will not longer use Seagate or only here in Romania so proceed with Service.Asadar away from hdd repaired.

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