Maximum security with Wi-Fi aka Radius server. WPA Enterprise

Maximum security with RADIUS server Wi-Fi

Now the wireless net is ubiquitous, so network security without being is extremely important. Exposing our daily life online, make payments, conversing in private; Therefore it is absolutely essential that our wifi network can be secured as well.

Wireless network security is very poor.

Wi-Fi Network Security is a big problem, that hardware manufacturers and experts that establish standards, do not want to recognize or admit his teeth.

The truth about Wi-Fi network security.

The truth is this: Any kid with minimum knowledge and relatively inexpensive hardware can break any WiFi networkWhatever it is WEP, WPA or WPA2. I do not mean just WPS bug.

What is the solution for better security Wi-Fi?

Fortunately, over WPA2 home, we have a security level which is called WPA Enterprise. This mode authentication scheme introduced in a server (a component of the new network) to keep track of users who connect to wifi. This is called RADIUS server and can be installed very easily.

What is a RADIUS server?

Radius server is an application that can run on Windows or Linux, which keeps track of log data and assist in the authentication process router. In this equation, the Radius server offers other advantages.

Advantages wifi with Radius server (WPA Enterprise).

1. Individual user authentication
2. Highly advanced encryption with certificates
3. Remove individual for some users
4. Personal security improvement over WPA2

Disadvantages wifi with Radius server (WPA Enterprise).

1. An extra network device (solving the Raspberry PI)
2. Configuration daunting for beginners (the tutorial is simple)

FreeRadius download for Windows

Video tutorial - Maximum Wi-Fi security with Radius server

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  1. Yes, it would be interesting and tutorial dedicated server setup and raspberry pi radius.

  2. congratulations for even useful tutorial, but I have a question may mean silly but still wonder whether you use a PC via USB mini router Asus RT-AC66U I hold this might work or be mandatory cable?
    I don't keep a PC running 24/24 so I ask if it would work or not ……

  3. I was thinking something more simplistic though that price the whole thing cost you ,,,, Thanks for response

  4. Cristi Thank you very much and Happy Holidays. Super useful tutorial.

  5. Thank Cristi,
    But can a tutorial on Raspberry PI Radius server and a VPN server tutorial?
    A tutorial can build a mini laptop with Raspberry PI?

  6. Thank you.
    It would be useful and Raspberry Pi.

  7. Hello
    I subscribe I would be very interested in a tutorial for radius on raspberry pi. I tried to do something like this some time ago but without success. What should be mentioned in my opinion is that not all routers support radius server connection. I say this because I've heard of some people trying this on rtc routers…

  8. It would be interesting Raspberry Pi and a tutorial.

  9. Well, let's get the job done!… We're waiting for the installation on the Raspberry Pi. I think this is the future of network security.

  10. Thank Cristi. En you can do on Raspberry Pi

  11. Please break my WFI Router - personally. I have nothing to hide. I'm really curious.
    PC look open so you could get into my privacy. Let's see how you do.

    • AAA. I forgot …. you can take some "monkeys" from me. Please don't be upset. If you hook up with me, I may already be infected…. you take the risk.

  12. Radius server tutorial on Raspberry PI, please!

  13. As Aurel said. let's do the tutorial to the end and see the installation on the Raspberry Pi.
    Happy Holidays !!!!!!!!

  14. it would be interesting on a server radium reasbery pi, even subcriu as reabsbery series with PC would be interesting. that tempts me to take one

  15. Cristi I'd like to buy this monitor modules for gaming Can you help me understand the difference between 60 and 75 hz and how the gaming technology freesync matter.

  16. Thank you.
    It would be useful and Raspberry Pi.
    A tutorial can build a mini laptop with Raspberry PI?
    You might make us an update on the processors and introduce us to 7 generation that is currently last?
    All the best.

  17. Merry Christmas, health and many accomplishments molded team and their visitors!

  18. Hello! I recently purchased this Raspberry PI 3, I would be interested in using it for:
    1. VPN Server
    2. Radius server
    I would be grateful if you could do both a tutorial explicit in their creation. I watched anxiously Rdius for Windows Server tutorial but it interests me 3 Raspberry PI, will install linux and supporting procedures.
    I want to thank you for everything you do.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a new year with many accomplishments!

  19. I wait and tutorial Raspberry Pi

  20. Hello,
    And I'm curious:
    1. VPN Server
    2. Radius server
    on linux.
    Keep up the good work.

  21. Hello! And I would like two tutorials please:
    one with the VPN server and the second with the Radius server.
    On ubuntu x64 if possible if you believe the words!
    Thank you!

  22. MarianZinca said

    Hello Cristi do a tutorial on wifislax?

  23. Let's salute Cristi,
    Please, depending on your time to realiziezi tutorial vpn server and Radius server on Raspberry Pi.
    Thank you!

  24. As you can see you abandoned the idea of ​​a tutorial with vpn server and radius server on raspberry pi… 🙁

  25. Maybe you can do it for raspberry radius server

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