Hidden settings Windows 10 - Ultimate Windows Tweaker

10 hidden Windows settings

Modify hidden Ultimate Windows Tweaker with Windows 10

Modify hidden Ultimate Windows Tweaker with Windows 10

With the launch Windows tutorials 10, Microsoft decided to make a more "different" operating system, in the sense that, Windows comes with many settings 10 little indiscreetAnd other settings can not be altered.
Hidden settings Windows 10 - Ultimate Windows Tweaker
Ultimate Windows Tweaker application using v4.0, we all massed interesting settings in a single application; Application that allows us to stop even Windows Defender, Indexing, Windows Update or Cortana.
Some time ago, colleague Adrian, made a tutorial how to stop Windows Defender in Windows 10; Unfortunately the method does not work only on Windows versions 10 Pro. Now, Ultimate Windows Tweaker With 4, you can stop Windows Defender and beyond.

I recommend you do a restore point (restore point)Prior to use Ultimate Windows Tweaker; Thus, in case something goes wrong, you'll be able to return to the original settings.
Ultimate Windows Tweaker Download (Credit: thewindowsclub.com)
Hidden settings Windows 10 - Ultimate Windows Tweaker - video tutorial

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  1. A tutorial to clarify battery / power consumption linux / ubuntu vs windows is a good topic. I understand that ubuntu would consume battery faster and a solution or clarification from you is more relevant to me than what I "heard"

  2. Cristi with this program 10 home users of Windows and Windows Update may stop ???

  3. haha always always have to be the best programs for Windows. Typical windows. be smart and move Linux even if I repeat myself for not know how many time

    • I'm on linux ununtu for about 2 years, and in parallel we want to get rid windows.as and Windows, but unfortunately there are a few programs that work only in windows.acu not tell me any emulator, do not go as in Windows

    • you're right Calin good linux. but there is interest from software manufacturers to make versions for Linux. even the manufacturers of DVRs do not have a program for Linux. dvr operating system based on Linux and Windows support software.
      so for the ordinary home user who only give it ok linux www. server is another question.
      As emulation in any case.

      • yes but I dual boot and only when Windows is a must go on. and yes still not many manufacturers develop versions for Linux and yet is a step that some of them have realized that Linux is increasingly used by both Romanian and foreign people and made some specific programs. but I say it is perfect to have dual boot Windows and like I said only when it is a must to enter. linux rest. and I think it will be more and more manufacturers will do and for Linux and Windows games and programs. but games linux or alternative programs. however Linux is used by millions of people worldwide. and it has a much better Windows support to tote it's 100% free. however do not be lazy to put dual boot.

        • Well, honey, I don't know if there's a tutorial on this site where you don't deify Linux. You are like Islamist extremists: those who do not use Linux to burn in hell. Finish with this propaganda !!! One or two, leave Windows, install Linux !!!!!! Everyone uses the operating system that is most useful in their field. I've never seen anyone shout "Stop Linux !!!!" Install Windows !!!!! ”, instead you always“ Linux !!!! Linux !!!! ".

  4. Excellent program! Cristi Bravo! Series tutorials about Windows 10 is very interesting and I'd like to think it will continue in the same spirit. I said it made always said that, Cismaru Cristian is by far the best developer of video tutorials in the country. Congratulations!
    I watch for years and I can say I learned a tremendous lot from your tutorials. Bravo !!!

  5. Does anyone else have problems with Chrome on your win 10, 3 I already know personae inclusive and I have the same problem that does not work, stop working and ready ..

    • Try to uninstall Chrome, install it and then put a few days of use without any plugin.
      Plugins or misconfiguration can cause problems.
      I do not have problems with any browser on Windows 10.

    • I have problems with firefox. load is only the first part of the Mouse's Scroll pagini.când blank page. no longer charge anything. You must refresh any URLs. BN now I do not have a legal and CEs can not last update. but nothing I had not 7 8 or went well and browsers.

    • I use Chrome on the Windows Version 44.0.2403.157 10 Pro x64 dated: August 24 2015 and go smoothly.
      The only plugin that I put it adblock.

  6. Hello . if I make a change on the first page of options and or Apply changes and settings of other pages? I see that some are checked by default. Apply that button and it's a little general

    • So make sure you give it ticked all the windows. Apply When you change everything selected in any window. Those shortlisted opening program. I selected only Cortana off after I gave Apply to activate hibernate. I think I have done quite a lot of changes. I did Restore Point gotta give it back.

  7. You are good and trustworthy, as you are used to… Congratulations!
    I would also be interested in a tutorial on GSM signal amplification for 3G routers. (antenna types, router connection mode, various technical details…).
    All the best !

  8. I can not download pictures from the camera Fuji F770EXR, they have not yet occurred as drivers for win10.

  9. Hi, I have a question Cristi,

    How to automatically translate from English subtitle Romanian movie without bother you tried but failed, and therefore ask if you can do it on a Videotutorial

    Thank you in advance!!!

    • Besides the automatic translation from "any language" into Romanian, you will also need adaptation, otherwise the dialogues sound ugly.
      You can try to translate or other similar services. Unfortunately all free translation services have limited the translated words or paragraphs translated.
      Of course commercial services will translate all but cost; In the end all you need to adapt.

      • Ms Cristi but if you want to translate to translate corect.De sometimes shows me that please do a video with this free software tema.Alte there? .and By the way give an example if you download a file with English subtitles on Net SRT format I want all SRT format
        in English is translated somehow in Romanian
        Thank you in advance!

  10. why windows starts harder as I 10 7 HyperX SSD plus we and e 120gb?

  11. And by the way, Cristi Google Translate does not translate very well, I can advise you which program or site you use to translate file SRT completely (but to be one good, as I tried to find on google various websites none is able to translate how right I).

    Thanks In Advance !!

  12. Hello Cristi myself when I switched to Windows from Windows 10 7 have some problems with the sound. Whatever I listen or watch on one laptop sound quality is poor and sounds somewhat stuffy. Can you tell me how to solve this problem. In Windows 7 hear everything clearly have that extra bass.

  13. Good Christ. Pretty please tell me why, after I installed Windows 10, 6 I no longer sees the GB Ram, only 3,29 GB, or because Windows is on 32 bit? If because of this, can you tell me please if you could recognize all of you remain?
    The system is NP300 Samsung Laptop Intel Celeron processor E5X-A02RO- Ghz CPU B820 1,70, 6 GB memory installed (3,29 users)
    Instead laptop going great since I installed Win 10 are happy, just as I would like to recognize the rest of Rami.
    Thanks for understanding.
    Sincerely Dan S

  14. Cristi Hello! 10 Windows Start button does not respond to right-click it. I do not know why. It's good, it's bad, what to do?

  15. Cristi,
    Is seeing the video tutorial in this section.

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