Privacy Settings Windows 10 - Important

Windows 10 privacy settings - very important

Privacy settings Windows 10

Privacy settings Windows 10

With Windows 10, Microsoft came out on top. Probably their "big data" is not as "big" as those from Google, Facebook or Apple. What did they say?; If everyone is collecting data, why not do the same?
The problem is that Google and Facebook do not charge any fees for the services offered and they probably feel entitled to collect as much data. Instead for Windows, we pay the license and it is not normal to lose our data and money, as is the Romanian proverb: and …… .and with the money taken
Privacy settings Windows 10 (Official page dedicated to these settings)
However, Microsoft was quite responsible and put a few buttons through Windows 10, which we can press to "reduce" the flow of data flowing from us to them.
But what are they doing with our data?
They sell them to other companies or even use them juveniles, to strengthen its market position or a bite of cake from Google, Facebook or Apple.
Fortunately, Microsoft does not believe that is where they need to sell data. They focus on strengthening market position and expanding new niches. BUT, if Micrsoft is bought by another company, Eboda for example, what happens to our data.
Users are like a rag that everyone pulls and that will eventually break, or.
If Microsoft wants to improve user experience, and to ask him whether he agrees to share private data with all internet. Yet to be able to use the operating system just bought 100% in private mode.
There is only one button, to stop all the evil these settings.
Windows 10 privacy settings - private data
Almost all privacy settings in Windows 10 are swept under one roof (Settings / Privacy), but not all. Violates the privacy settings which are everywhere and unfortunately daily also found something that drives me crazy.
Windows Settings 10 for keeping data private
After watching this tutorial you will be able to stop in proportion of 99% settings that will violate the right to privacy, and in the next period we will probably do a tutorial ham with some more advanced settings, which will help us all in our first bother.
If you want to give up Windows Update and Windows Defender, my Colgate Adrian did a tutorial that will show how to stop Windows Update and Windows Defender in Windows 10.

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  1. Hello,
    Grade 10+ for the tutorial. For me you are a kind of "Nadia Comaneci" in the field. Information and explanations for everyone, regardless of IT knowledge.
    Useful and very helpful tutorial.
    Thank you

  2. Anderson said

    Cristi Hello, today I had a huge blue screen is the text W10
    Configuration: i5 4670, 87 ASROCK z4 extreme, 8gb 1600mhz kingston ram.
    I think that if you continue like this, directly Windows 7, is the most stable and best operating system. Even if we think we W10 windows open extremely fast, but behind all the same moves.
    What do you think? Memories are OK. So, after stops and harder as 7 and 8.1 also receive blue screen.
    PS: It's the second time it happens to me, I used a stick kingston Primada 32gb usb3.0 (blue rubber).

  3. Short and video.Multumesc this tutorial. (I disabled as in videotutorial a lot of unnecessary functions ..)

  4. Very useful tutorials tale.Stii a cheap alternative to connect the PC to the laptop screen? I use to jocuri.Laptopul has video inputs.

  5. I figured that if people at Microsoft have found a way to connect your console to display their laptops with Windows 10 eu.Am to try and find a solution but it's pretty expensive: maxivista.

  6. Congratulations sincerity and correct information.

  7. Congratulations, super tutorial. Cristi, I have a question. Browsing the browser in certain folders me replaces the arrow from the mouse appears to me an arrow pointing left, right, up, down or obliges thousand appears a circle sign arrows in all four positions, left, top right and down, I want to disable this Curso, for the most part I go alone page where he wants, if I leave the mouse free.

    • Constantin said

      Hello, this slider it will show that you press too hard on the mouse wheel. It works with mouse slimmest and you do not press too hard on those buttons.

  8. Cristi bravo're the best

  9. Constantin, I have some experience in computers and operating systems. Do not press it all works alone, and not just on a single PC, I installed Windows 10 on a number of computers. Leave your comments absurd. I am a person who tries times what possible option, I went and mouse settings, I entered in the registers, but I still occurs. It is something that only works in Windows 10. if I could ask a few screenshots! I do not know how to call this kind of indicator mouse, I suppose it's a function that belongs's touch. but my PC does not have touch screen. I have Windows 10 its inception to insiders. This slider appeared in the final version. If you spin the scroll, appears a circle with four triangles and a point in the middle, if I click disappears and if I leave the mouse alone I appear instantly a series of arrows different arrow cursor, and I pick up the page or down often I open other pages in a new tab or open me and applications.

    • If your mouse looks like a depiction of the 3 3 th row in this picture: It means you clicked on the mouse wheel. Or at least that's what happens when you press the mouse wheel. If you do not possible to be a bug in Windows 10. Go to the manufacturer's website and see your mouse if there is any driver or something. As if you could show us, you could try to do a screen capture video. See that there are many tutorials on software they do this. I recommend you look screener.

    • Constantin said

      If you think I gave a Răspusul absurd or comment is absurd rather not comment and I apologize, but I still my opinion for that and I like you use Windows 10 64 bit and have a mouse since 2009 but not only gives me this error when I hit my wheel and a circle appears that inside has 4 arrows left, right, top, bottom and a point in the middle. Trying to change the USB port. Good luck

      • In the worst case, you can ask me, I use a muse Logitech took 2014 and cost 190 euro has drivers for Windows 10 site, I placed and another mus wired and all the same make, I checked more Windows sites, it's a hidden feature in Windows that can not find 10. I walked everywhere, depending on how we know it. I'm 20 years of electronics and hardware and software have a workshop, not a novel operating in flags. I know how to use a mouse. The problem is annoying when you want to do something quickly and blocks you crazy when working mouse. I apologize for the unkind words, but it bothered me your mode of expression. Inan supposed to ask.

  10. Hi Cristi. I want to say that from my point of view, many will give up this Windows 10, if they have not already done so. I find this windows too "dangerous", plus besides, I don't really like the way it looks, the pages don't have a border, they don't have edges like in Win 7, plus many other things that I can't start inserting. I tried this Windows and I was deeply disappointed, so I will gladly return to Windows 7. Cristi, I want to ask you something too, and I think others would like to know: What Windows do you prefer between 7, 8 or 10?

  11. Useful tutorial! Thank you!

  12. very very helpful Thanks Yours sincerely

  13. As I said linux better place. even on linux it does not collect so much data and nonsense considering that it's free. I'll pay you can be spied :))

  14. gabibetis said

    I have Windows Spanish, I disabled the settings but I still Cortana appears in the task bar, you stop and starts Iara alone, there is a way to stop or uninstall it all ????

  15. Many thanks Cristi ptr this information

  16. Valentin said

    Very useful! Bravo!

  17. Thanks for the effort, and useful information. Esteem.

  18. Bravo, Cristi! Congratulations and thanks for your help tutorial, I uncheck all!

  19. Mr. Cristi many mistakes in writing or keyboard malfunction.? Unfortunately, that leaves Microsoft to be stopped, it stops collecting data! We have walked on the registry and services, and other styles to be stopped collecting data.

  20. Ion Mitu said

    As usual a useful tutorial for those who do not know all the secrets your computer.
    Thank you very much

  21. Hi, here is a good program for this windows Destroy.Windows.10.Spying for those interested and bothered by some applications. Destroy Windows 10 Spying is a portable app that can block anonymous data being sent, remove apps that can't be removed the standard way and more. I liked that it can remove some of the Windows default programs that can be removed under Apps & Features. And it works well and does not affect anything if you use it.

  22. Suggestion to do this and even more optimization think it's better to modify the ISO image with Windows 10, 7 RT Lite in kind. The first time fot: Disable Update and Windows Defender in 10, this tutorial now remove old windows and probably more to come. Not to be understood misplaced, but the tutorials are great for gathering and windows after a court must stay one day set it plus updates, drivers, programs. On the desktop or even laptop is useless tablet mode, for me at least

  23. Good evening before me has Windows appears to me to cast his password to login but I have not put any password but if you give them enter without a password namely put my smoothly running Windows
    How do I prevent my no longer beginning to cast his password, good quotes and run it in Windows folder
    I mention this not happened to me than Windows XP and do not know where to go as su not greet this problem

    Thank you

  24. Marathon said

    A very good tutorial! Waiting for a tutorial on advanced privacy settings and optimization.
    Thank you !

  25. Microcost said

    10 window, is designed for ambient intelligence! Here I am referring to laptops that have factory webcam, and can easily access, idem desktops! My advice would be to disconnect the rear of the PC webcam, laptop battery running until the user PTR could not be accessed.

  26. Microcost said

    By the way did linux die somehow? nothing is heard of any distribution… .Ex. Kogaion, tails, etc.

    • And I want to hear / see linux

    • Linux is not dead, on the contrary, is doing very well (my opinion). Recently I tried several versions based on linux (the right for a short period of time), such as Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Mate. All are interesting, to say nothing. But each found something that is not my taste.

      There 17.1 use Linux Mint Cinnamon. Going very well, it is stable, I had no problem with it. 17.2 version recently appeared. I can say that this distribution impressed me the most and even convinced me to quit Windows (at least currently). I tried Windows 10, moves well and looks great, otherwise much else. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and can choose whether to simply accept that Mircosoft spying on us or not. I, frankly, I could not accept it, so I gave up 10, however well look and new features that you would have, the price is too high for them (our private data). But that's just my opinion.

      I just wanted to answer with regard to Linux, which is doing well and I hope to keep it up!

  27. cristian said

    Hello! 10 when installed windows remained unavailable certain applications .What do? thank you very much

  28. vicentiu said

    Ptr remove the Windows password, enter CMD, left breast stard button, and write the command netplwiz, then give peima enter and must unchecked box above, then give ok.

  29. Hello! A tutorial very helpful as usual. Thank you!

    However, there has already been news on the net confirming what I already suspected: windows 10 continues to send data to Microsoft servers even after disabling all these settings - which seems absurd to me, but unfortunately it is a reality. I have seen that there are programs like: Do.Not.Spy10 or Destroy Windows 10 Spying, but I don't know how effective they are or if they don't cause system errors.

    Cristi, you think you could make a tutorial where you explain how it works and whether these programs? Or a tutorial with more advanced settings, which effectively permanently stop this spying with little sense from Microsoft?

    Thank you in advance!

  30. Cristi craftsmanship Congratulations! I smelled more than there is something wrong with this Win10. From the time of Vista I dropped Ubuntu ba ba win and use Linux. Currently at home using Linux Mint and no longer exchange and in my summer home I have a laptop older XP on it. Crave now after those times when your site regularly ran tutorials on Linux / Ubunt. What times, what tutorials cool !!

  31. I have a problem with this Win10, when you give everything to close it restarts, only the second time it closes all close
    Cam that would be the problem, it must set a

    • I also had this problem. Make setting:
      Go to Settings / System / Power & sleep here click on "Additional power settings" a window will open in which you click on the left menu on "Choose what the power button does" then on "Change settings that are currently unavailable ”then somewhere down the window uncheck“ Turn on fast startup (recommended) ”.

  32. Howdy. You read that you write in terms microsoft? looked here . Advertising is not the cararo you're too lazy to read this mean that Microsoft can disable any device which he considers illegal and counterfeit or uninstall any software that is pirated or game or they consider it pirated or illegal. and you have given consent through terms and conditions. excuse offotopic

  33. A software bug is year error, flaw, failure, or foul in the computer system or software That causes it to produce incorrect or unexpected result year, or to behave in unintended ways.
    The new find is full of bugs, I do not think Bill Gates inpiedica off my pc
    Windows is licensed.

  34. I have Kaspersky Antivirus 2013 and when I did the windows 10 upgra it has not worked. I tried to install it again and gave me a message that they say is not compatible with this system. Can you recommend a good antivirus that works on Windows 10? Thank you.

  35. Cristi Hello, I have a huge request, I uncheck all about how you showed, and no longer open my store market and now do not know what must check to open! Can you help me ? Thank you in advance !

  36. Very useful, I think it would be good to do a tutorial on advanced settings.

  37. Very good tutorial. But after reading all the messages I was disappointed W10.Mi offered free by Microsoft but have not yet made the update from the W7 W10. I'm sure many of my applications will not work on W10. An information keep looking to see if it is worth switching to W10. Thanks for the tutorial! ! !

  38. luca man said

    1.Supertutorial of 10 +
    2. You promised a video tutorial with "MORE ADVANCED SETTINGS", sure, much harder to achieve, but, hopefully, IT WILL BE.

  39. Cristi greeting,
    PRIVACY Windows 10, you can tell if Spybot Anti-Beacon for Win 10, 8.1, 8, 7 worth using? He says that disable some features of Windows 10 that enable communication of information to Microsoft and seems pretty simple to use.
    thank you

  40. bogdan Haisan said

    Hello! you could do about solutions for a connected videotutorial. 41 event kernel power (63) pt. w pc. 10 or 8.1? thank you in advance !!!

  41. Very good tutorial! I applied!
    Thank you

  42. Those who are horrified as spies M $ will mean that you have something to hide.
    If you stop the services in Windows10 will lose its functionality and it's a shame.
    Gudus Adrian once said (and have absolutely right):
    "If you think you can hide when you're online, you're sorely mistaken."
    I stopped one I have no service.
    Linux Live USB to live!

  43. enache viorica said

    Thank you so much for this tutorial.
    itrebare what services should be stopped as in xp?

  44. Ionica Popescu said

    asks Ionica
    December 30 2015
    Please advise me how to proceed if and when I downloaded Pro win.10 inserted CD or DVD optical drive, it sounds how it works but probably not recognize discul.In dvd rom manager is listed devices and device works well .Actualizarile complete the day .Prior I had win.7 rum and dVD writing and reading perfect.Va thanks.

  45. Hello, what do you think about CORTANA, can it be used in Romanian as well ?????? WINDOWS 10

  46. Mihai Alexandru Lions said

    I greet you, I have a problem with Windows 10, I installed and I give Win.10 Start, Shut Down to shut closes PC to monitor your monitor more stand little 10 seconds and then closes but if you click left mouse turns PC to (I think instead to close PC hibernating or something). I tried windowsuri 2 10 and just happens to happen?

    Windows 7, 8.1 Windows happens to not so

  47. hi, how do I get rid of password to open your laptop, thanks a lot

    • Adrian Gudus said

      There is already a tutorial on this topic. Type in the search box on the top right "disable Windows password" press enter and you will find the tutorial

  48. Dorin Romulus said

    I've been watching windows 10 since! Very good tutorials! I have windows 10 pro and
    I jams occur on Windows 10 pro at startup or restart, sometimes (also activating it at higher speed (sound louder) of laptop cooler! I received information that would be due to sleep function?!? .. and not the drivers or else! laptop is powerful! Thanks!

  49. there are hidden settings since installation stage, not sure if all those things appear to Privacy.

    I would be interested in how to permanently and completely deactivate Cortana, (the trick in the registers does not help, even if I can no longer access Cortana, the process remains in the background), and how to stop Auto Updates in both variants (Pro and Home…)

    • Adrian Gudus said

      We already have a tutorial on disabling Windows Update. Type up in the search box on the top right "Disable Update and Defender in Windows 10" press the Enter key and you will find the tutorial. Today I will talk about Cortana

  50. veronica said

    Hi, I have a problem, how do I change the language to windows10 which is (german) in romana. Please answer yourself if possible. Thanks.

  51. Hello. I follow with interest your tutorials. In a tutorial about two whatsapp accounts I noticed you are using a version of whats app that has a black theme. I have some visual problems and I would appreciate a lot if you would encourage me to use that black version of whatsapp. Thank you. With appreciation, Alberto!

  52. I have problems with the net either that when I close pc I stay without internet and I need to configure the router can help me somebody thanks in advance this problem I just wifi cable go without any problem

  53. Yes !!… You are one of the few people who can and do for people, what needs to be done in this country!
    Hats off!
    (I made these settings too, but I didn't make some of them because we don't really understand them - now I've clarified, that's exactly what I suspected). These from Micro… are dubious….

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