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Android battery saving settings
The battery and autonomy of Android phones remains an important issue, especially when our phones are connected 100% of time to GSM relays, wifi, bluetooth, NFC and even GPS satellites, Glonass, etc.

Why not make progress with batteries?

Over the years, huge battery advances have been made, and now we have quite stable and durable batteries on a rather unstable chemical composition. Here it is important to note that the researchers have done miracles.
The problem is not the battery capacity, which has increased from year to year, but the increasing energy consumption, especially made by some applications, which are real energy vampires. That it's a tough thing for the manufacturer to optimize hardware and Google to optimize the software, if Snapchat or Facebook comes and rolls an application that also requires the moon in the sky.


Most of the load technology has developed, which allows us to load faster. This load progress was mandatory, otherwise you would load a Samsung Galaxy S4 in the 5-8 hours, and the user., Is known, wants the current generation of handsets to be performing on all levels, including charging.
The loading champion is OnePlus 3 Or 3T, which uses the technology Dash Charge, technology slightly better than Qualcomm's Fast Charging. Interestingly, during charging, the Oneplus 3 and 3T do not heat up at all, but the charger heats up, so it can increase battery life.

Battery capacity?

Today, the average capacity of the batteries is 3000 mAh, a value that gives you enough autonomy, but also a thin phone.
Many people say it would be better to get bigger batteries in the phone, but I do not think they will win, because Man buy with his eyes, not with the brain, being influenced by many factors. What does the man say: "Look at that big battery phone" or "Look how thin that phone is"?

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Even if the hardware consumes less…

Every year, we do not know what processor they consume less, they do not know what screen they are consuming at all, but unfortunately, although the batteries are getting bigger, the phones one day stay away from the charger; In fact, only a few hours can withstand a phone if it is used intensely.

Guilty are services and applications!


1. WiFi - Switch between networks - (Off)
2. WiFi - Scan always available - (Off)
3. WiFi - Network Notification - (Off)
4. WiFi - Keep WiFi on… - (Only when connected)
5. Bluetooth - (Off, if not needed)
6. Location - (Off, if not needed)
7. Location - Scan - WiFi search - (Off)
8. Location - Scan - Search for Bluetooth devices - (Off)
9. Emergency transmissions - (Off)
10. NFC - (Off if not needed)
11. Gestures - (Off, if not needed)
12. Buttons - (Off, what you don't need)
13. Ambient display - (Off)
14. Screen Saver - (Off)
15. Developer Options - Dosage (On)
16. Battery - Aggressive dosing… (On)
17. Battery - Managing more consumer applications - (On)
18. Developer Options - Remove Animations - (Optional)
19. Developer Options - Do not keep activities - (Optional)
20. Developer Options - Background Process Limit - (Optional)
… .. these are just a few settings, in the tutorial there are several.

Video Tutorial - ANDROID BATTERY SAVINGS Settings

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