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Flemish information and knowledge, I like everything about art and share my knowledge with great pleasure. Those who give themselves to others will lose themselves but usefully, leaving something useful fellows. I enjoying this privilege, I will never say "do not know" but "not yet know"!


  1. nick5roo said

    Very useful! All my respect!

  2. The best solution seems to me, however, to close the account. Because the marshmallow and the acolytes will spy on the proselytes.

  3. Well, it remains whatsapp that is all of them so we can not keep it all the way!

  4. ViorelR said

    Very interesting, in those settings I had a lot on Enable, thank you.

  5. That's just a great toy! We are at their hand, we do not have much to do

  6. Ionel Manea said

    Good work, Adriane, but now I'm taking my steps to wipe my nose. of mobile, that I passed when they asked for it. Thanks for the tutorial, and, please do, there are many on this net we do not know.BaFTA.

  7. The main enemy of Facebok is the imposition of real data. With this condition, the huge database becomes commercial, justified by the credibility of the data. As long as it requires real data, the risk of collapse is high.

  8. Alin Moraru said

    Why when I go into the RECLAME section and give everything that is there on the delete or deactivation and after I go out and go all the way back and forth, as if I do not save what I do?

  9. Nea Marin said

    Use Signal instead of WhatsApp. It has end-to-end encryption.

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