Less known settings from Android 8 Oreo

Less known settings from Android 8 Oreo
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Less known settings from Android 8 Oreo
Less known settings from Android 8 Oreo

Android Handbook
We have talked on other occasions about the lack of a manual to use for modern operating systems. And even if your phones, tablets, or PCs would come with the operating system's operating manual, it would be more difficult for us after some updates.
Latest Android User Guide (6.0)

News from Android 8 Oreo
Although it has been out for months, Android Oreo is present on quite a few devices, which is why we have postponed this tutorial.

- Even if they're present in Android 8.0, these updates will not be found on any Android 8 phone, because manufacturers have the final say on whether or not to implement certain features. So you can have them or not, these new features.
- Settings can be located in other areas of the system, as you know, each manufacturer makes small changes to the phone's settings area. Samsung finds a set of settings for another LG, etc.

New Settings and Sneaks in Android 8 Oreo
New features and enhancements can be found throughout the operating system, but I will focus on the most important ones in my view.

1. Notification Snooze, or postpone notifications - allows us to delay the display of notifications received by an application for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1-2 hours.
2. New codecs and Bluetooth settings - Hi-Fi Bluetooth headsets will be excited by these new settings.
3. Picture in Picture (PiP) - image in the image, ie displaying a video in a window over any screen or application - extremely useful for multitasking.
4. Installing Unknown Apps - the installation for the download of downloaded applications (apk) has moved and now works a little differently.

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  1. Vetisan Dinu said

    Hi, great phone (I have oneplus 3t) but I have a problem with the flip screen with which I bought it not long ago and I do not manage to make it functional. I understand it would be from the last android update, right?

  2. Cristian Cismaru. I have a request . Is there a possibility to have messenger chat translations? I have friends of other nationalities and sometimes it's a little harder to understand. I've been looking for the play shop but I have not found or did not know what to look for. Thank you

  3. On your android tablet

  4. Cristi Berar said

    Can I recover deleted SMS from my phone with Android 7.0?
    Thank you

  5. the tendency of the base said

    I dropped Google Play (store) in favor of apkpure.com on android because of applications that are not safe (I do not give details for some well-founded reasons) and I prefer to do it at my risk even if I dropped the Chrome browser and I prefer the classic android browser without updates just the ones in the factory and I prefer to have a clean adroid but once you update you from what I noticed it goes harder and does not respond to specific commands depends on each version.

  6. Florian Stan said

    On a Rednote Note 5 with android 8.1, I appeared in the status bar (beside the date, time, connection and battery) .. widget Weather, causing the initial appearance, color and size of the status bars, several times a day !
    I mention that I did not install another Weather widget have a different application than the system!
    How do I return to the initial shape of the status bar, the date and the rest of the original symbols?
    Thank you,


  7. Sorin Preda said

    Hi, how do we solve the problem of low call sound on Nokia 6 after updating oreo 8.1? It seems like this problem came with the new 8.1 update. The call is down to 30% or not. After restart, the volume returns to normal , but not for a long timeThank you ..

  8. I have an Asus ZC554KL with android oreo and an original Bosch SLDA system. The bluetooth connection between the two devices is quick, but the sound quality is desirable (the sound quality between Iphone or Samsung on one side and the system is perfect). In the developer's patches they make changes to the bluetooth codec, transfer rate etc. but they are not maintained, because after leaving the menu they are reset to the default values. SLDA is from 2018 with the latest software, and bluetooth CNSS.PR.4.0-00364 appears on the phone hardware. What advice do you give me? Regards! Gabi



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