Orange Privacy Settings

Orange Privacy Settings

Orange Privacy Settings

New settings appeared in Orange account.

Orange settings for personal data protection. Settings that allow us to agree or disagree with the processing of personal data. This is a good thing, especially for those who no longer want to receive all kinds of calls and SMS from the "partners" of the provider.

Last time, we showed you the settings in your Telekom account.

in the tutorial How do you stop calls and SMS on Telekom I have shown you that we can accept or deny certain settings related to the processing of personal data.

What about these settings?

Until now, companies could use your personal data at will. They could use the data in various studies, surveys, offers, etc. They could make your data available to other companies (these are “partners”), companies that were usually advertising companies, marketing departments, etc.
That's why you received calls and SMS from you wonder who! Now "no one" eats "garlic"…

What happened to everyone with the "protection of personal data"?

It is a law that came into operation on the date of 25.05.2018 coming from the EU, which obliges all operators who collect customer data to inform them about the way data is collected.
From my point of view, it is more a jerk, because the world no longer understands anything, and in reality there is nothing serious about the protection of personal data.

And what if we accept or not?

First it was the COOKIE policy now ASTA!
Some bad luck. Worse, people are tangled with all sorts of popups, dialogues, and pages of woods written in a wood language that 99,99% will never read.
And what if I show a site when I visit this information, however, you can not change anything, because sites, advertising, comments, login, etc., do not work without cookies.
And what if Google shows me a big dialogue window with all kinds of information? I'm basically forced to accept all that, otherwise Goagallu does not work.
If you really want to get rid of advertising tracking, you do the following: How do you stop behavioral advertising, advertising reads our thoughts

Are we naked, or what?

I have the impression that the EU is blindly implementing all sorts of measures like this. Like everything in vain, or…? Companies will continue to collect data because they have services that the world is dependent on.
You can not use a search engine other than Google, because you can find nothing, especially Romania. And if you want to use Google, you have to agree.

This GDPR should have done differently, with extra options

Those in the EU, if they are so worried about the safety of our data, should have done this in a way to force the hands of big companies to leave man with a minimal service option without collecting data, tracking, a old school mode. Advertisements should be served basically without tracking. Do not collect data at all. Data on the servers will be deleted as soon as the person leaves the window.
The GDRP or other similar measure should ensure that the user's back is simple, that is, a window to the net as clean as possible. But who would want something like that?

But what do you think there are no other interests?

They also need the data that companies collect. They also want to know their citizens more intimately, so that they know how to take them, what to give them and what to blow in their ear. They also want to know what stimuli the crowd responds to. They want to know what is being prepared, if it is being prepared, where it is being prepared and who is preparing it. You know, the fight against… .whatever.
These internet service companies, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc., are a kind of intelligence service, the only difference being that true information services have less information.

GDPR, a lot of noise, nothing concrete!

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    1. Robertino said

      I can't find (yet?) The settings with "Your preferences" only this article related to gdpr:
      "Express your preferences about how to use personal data:
      - By phone call to 300 - Orange Customer Service
      - Directly in Orange and partner stores "

      • Probably in the last few weeks you got a message from Orange with this GDPR, and you showed your choice.
        You no longer have options because you have expressed your choice. Call them and solve by phone.

    2. Hello, I've never been to your site for two years. Linux has gone into the water, or Microcost will keep you busy! It's a shame you abandoned, at first you're running Linux!

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