Settings for Counter Strike GO target - cl_crosshair

cl_crosshair is perhaps one of the most important settings in Counter Strike GO can have a significant impact on gameplay and aiming community in general. Hopefully in a few minutes you can quickly customize the experience more personal.

I am Mihai for and today I will analyze and conclude what are the settings for the target by comparison. I will start the test with the default settings. It is worth mentioning that the minimum fps that the aiming does not suffer is 60. So if you have less than 60 or even 60 of fps you will need to adjust the resolution and video settings (link) so you reach this minimum.

To start we need console. To activate the console you should go to HELP & OPTIONS, GAME SETTINGS and select the Developer Console -> YES.

To see how many fps you have to write in the "net_graph 1" console, and in the bottom right you will always see how many frames per second you have with different video settings and resolutions.

To access settings for the target, you should go to OPTIONS -> GAME SETTINGS -> Crosshair Crosshair Style or color and to activate it, you need to press the ~ (tilde OEM), just below tasca Esc key (escape).

Target types (cl_crosshair)

Although the range of target types 4 options exist they often are not plenty of good things simple so I will use the console.

I'll start with cl_crosshairstyleAttribute that refers to target style. There 4 target types that can be called from the 1 4.

Cl_crosshairstyle 0 is the new target of counter strike go that hard if you get used to living on an older version. Also, this model does not accept other personalization target so we have taken for granted. In addition this target consists of two graphic representations of the same thing, one static and dynamic one.

Cl_Crosshairstyle 1 - It is a static version of the latter in the second representation of missing the target. It is worth mentioning that these two models do not accept other personalization.

Cl_Crosshairstyle 2 Target is the classic version of cs 1.6 which we are all familiar and which is bigger or smaller depending on certain items such as jump or walk to indicate the accuracy depending on the weapon recoil.

Cl_crosshairstyle 3 is dynamic version of the classic target. Basically this setting is similar to the previous one except that the target grows more which is especially useful for novice players who are still getting used to the recoil and accuracy.

Cl_Crosshairstyle 4 static target is the classic version. That means that whatever you do will not change the target size according to accuracy and recoil. I personally do not recommend this target but there are many players who prefer it.

The shape and size of the target (cl_crosshair)

Now that we've selected the type of target items will go on settings related to visual appearance and will start with cl_crosshairthickness, attribute that refers to the thickness of the target and which has a default value of 0.5. Basically this setting can be incremented until you are satisfied with the target thickness.

Next I use cl_Crosshairsize command that refers to the target size. This setting can be incremented indefinitely but recommend that it be used up to a maximum of 5. After this size of target objects become increasingly less noticeable.

Cl_Crosshairgap It is quite useful when you want to have more or less empty space in target and also accepts and values ​​with minus. A lower value will shrink the empty space and a higher value will increase it.

Target color and transparency (cl_crosshair)

To change the color of the target, you must enter cl_crosshaircolor followed by values ​​between 0 and 4. (0 = red, 1 = green, 2 = yellow, 3 = blue, 4 = cyan), and if you want a different color, you can use an RGB system like the paint color to get the color code use them in the console as cl_crosshaircolor_r 48, cl_crosshaircolor_g 239 and cl_crosshaircolor_b 53.

Cl_Crosshairdot it is a setting that refers to the point in the middle of the target and may 0 or 1 values. 0 point value disappears and the default value will be vizibill 1.

Cl_Crosshairalpha Transparency refers to the target and may have values ​​between 0 as the most transparent and opaque as the most 255. If this function does not need to use cl_Crosshairusealpha 1.

In conclusion, my target looks like this. Yours can look different. Ultimately, this is the trial & error and everyone's preference. Until next time Train HARD go PRO.

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  1. good tutorial, well explained.

  2. Miha Bravo! A good VIDEOTUTORIAL like all after making ..! I appreciate your work and are deeply proud and happy in my soul that are novel. Few are like you and also hard to find people to teach and explain in great detail VIDEOTUTORIALE THEM .. Sincerely and respectfully greet the entire staff ( )

  3. Perhaps in the future you will continue the series of gaming and you will extinte and other games like NFS. Even these settings are explained very well considering that I rarely play counter strike.

  4. Eduard Sutu said

    Bravo! Thank you !

  5. Hello, very good tutorialu!
    will put a link to a site to do very good target

  6. Super, it is good for you and for gaming. Congratulations!

  7. To counter strike 1.6 not do a tutotial on this topic?

  8. Gaming rlz. Bravo guys, I needed these settings and did not know how to do.

  9. Other games of this genre so change target?

  10. Congratulations for tutorial! I hope I do tutorials like this Mr. Mihai. They helped CS Go. Sure these tutorials will increase the popularity of the site.

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    • Windows preinstalled computers typically come installed with a bunch of software that you do not need, especially antivirus, which today is almost useless.

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  13. Cristi, I warmly welcome your tutorial about downloading torrents!

  14. Where can I download counter strike go? 8 windows to go on?

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    I have a question I put crosshair different sites and now can not change what you do ??

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    Good tutorialu just what we needed.

  20. Very good tutorial, thank you very much

  21. Very good tutorial !!!

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    They did not use my codes anyway!

  23. BRAVO ... you say you do not exist in cs


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