Useful settings via Chrome flags - hidden on Android

Useful settings via Chrome flags - video tutorial
Useful settings via Chrome flags - video tutorial

What is the "Useful Chrome flags settings" tutorial about?

This video tutorial "Useful settings through Chrome flags" is meant to show you some lesser known settings, buried in the hidden menu of Chrome flags in Google Chrome on Android.

What is the Chrome flags menu?

The Chrome flags menu is a lot of hidden settings in Google Chrome where Google engineers put the hidden browser settings.

Why Google Chrome hides these useful settings through Chrome flags

It's no secret, just about everyone knows about the existence of Google Flags. These are hidden for several reasons:

  1. Do not overcrowd your browser settings
  2. To avoid certain hand settings for beginners
  3. It is introduced tacitly, for testing certain experimental functions

How do we get to Chrome Flags settings?

In the address bar write the address "chrome: // flags /"

Be careful, as some settings may make your browser difficult. If you know you've made certain settings in flags, and your browser starts to move harder, return to the default settings in flags.

Chrome Flags settings in the tutorial.

  1. Overscroll history navigation - helps us navigate back and forth through tabbed browsing history.
  2. Enable horizontal tab switcher - it's just like the multitasking menu on iOS, with the tabs in the browser displayed on the cards.

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Useful settings via Chrome flags - video tutorial

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