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SSDs cheaper, but it's a trick!

The price of SSDs has fallen sharply lately, thanks to the production that has grown a lot, and the chip capacity is getting bigger. - Get cheap SSD purchase tips

Not only does it store multiple bits on the same cell, but also multiplies the number of layers. Practically put the layers of cells on top of each other.

SSDs are like homes!

A good analogy would be living spaces. A NAND memory is like a living space, where people in a building are the data.

Imagine that the first single-layer NAND SLC memories were like a studio in a one-storey building, and NAND QLC memory is a suite of rooms in a building with 96 floors.

Resistance or rewrite cycles!

Each time you write and erase, the cell on the SSD is worn out. Older generations, that is, the SLC NAND was more resilient, because a cell was written and deleted less often, because I had one bit on the cell.

At new NAND, cell wear is more accelerated, because a cell is accessed more often.

Cycles for rewriting to different types of NAND:

  1. NAND SLC Memory - 100.000 Rewritings
  2. Memory Nand MLC - 10.000 rewriting
  3. Memory Nand TLC - 3000 rewriting
  4. Nand QLC memory - 1000 rewriting

The NAND memory cycles are like the entrance door! - Get cheap SSD purchase tips

To continue the analogy, the rewrite cycles are like the entrance door in a block. The more locals use it, the faster they wear out.

My SSD recommendation cheap! - Get cheap SSD purchase tips

Addition of SU650 is an SSD entry level, but with NAND more robust than other cheap SSDs from other brands.

💶 Adata SU650 price 💶

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  1. Andrew said

    Hi, what do you think of Kingston uv500 SSD for windows and some games?

  2. wolfwarine said

    Hello Cristi
    Very useful tutorial. I have an 650 drive and sincerely for a year I have had no problems with it. I honestly did not know what acronyms mean and what are the differences between them.

  3. wolfwarine said

    I still have a question: More precisely in the specifications where should we look to see if or not that RAM you were talking about in the tutorial? For example, I did not find anything for ADATA specifications like this. Should I write cache or memory or ...?

  4. Adrian Gudus said

    Typically, this specification can be found in the specifications section of the "Memory Type"

  5. Hello, a good and cheap SSD for your laptop if you can recommend it to me?

  6. Hello Adi, and what if you have contradictory information, I have searched for references for this model (WDS480G2G0B), I have not found a specific specification of the type of memory, on some SLC sites, on other TLC and on the official website a reference to such a thing ... I have a dilemma about it, it may be that some of them put these specifications just for the sake of selling the product (eg it can be TLC and in SLC specification.
    You have a method eg. to specifically check what type of memory it is?

  7. I have this SSD and I want to use it for system and storage. The base plate is MSI Z77A-G43 (MS-7758). The question is whether this SSD is compatible with the motherboard and whether it is a good SSD. The processor is Intel Core i5 3570K @ 3.40GHz
    Ivy Bridge Technology 22nm

  8. Rocky7882 said

    I want to use it for system and storage. The base plate is MSI Z860A-G1 (MS-2,5) . The question is whether this SSD is compatible with the motherboard and whether it is a good SSD. The processor is Intel Core i76 1K @ 0GHz
    Ivy Bridge Technology 22nm

  9. Marian said I have a Ssd Kingston a400 240 GB, I have now seen on the site that it is with TLC memory site also writes that it is with the type of controller on two channels, what does it refer to? I put in a laptop Lenovo this ssd, I am pleased with how it moves, but I wonder how many years I would keep, not to wake up one day when I can not access laptop data anymore; is this scenario possible?

  10. Florin said

    Greetings to all. I recommend 2 SSDs:
    - SSD Patriot VPN100 256GB PCI Express x4 M.2 2280; new model, released this year, where the Anduranta / Resistance in time, or that TBW (Total Bytes Written) is 380 TB! I will let you draw conclusions compared to other SSDs from other companies.
    - SSD Patriot Burst 240GB SATA-III 2.5 inch; Endurance / TBW is 180 TB.

  11. The path from the blade l110 is / storage / sdcard0 / and from huawei y3 i (take-l21) is / mnt / sdcard2 /

  12. freechaser said
  13. Ultimate SU650 added a bad SSD after a few months of normal use has not started. I lost the last data I did not back up. He did not give any sign that he would. It's a shame to advertise such a brand even if you gave it for free (for testing)

  14. At the very least you can say that your SSD is bad, and you seem to be the same if you did not save your data and you're going here, the rest of your statements are pure speculation, and after all the SSD or HDD is perfect and to leave critical data without backup?

  15. Ioan Florea said

    Hello, I have a TravelMate 2490 acer laptop model BL 50 from 2007. Intel celerom CPU m430 @ 1.73GHz yanah 65 nm Tehnology.RAM 2.0GB Dual- Ch annel DDR2 @ 256MHz 4-4-4-12.Motherboard Acer Grapevine (u 1) Dev3,50X TUMNXX TUMNXXUM Do I upgrade to HDD with SSD? What model?> Thanks in advance.

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