Tips iPhone or iPad purchase second hand

Hi friends, today's tutorial we will talk about gadgets iOS, iPad and iPhone. Specifically we will see what we need to know if you want to buy an iPad or iPhone, second-hand.
As you probably know already, these devices running the iOS operating system. An operating system much darker and more restrictive compared to Android. What Does iCloud blocked or without iCloud?
We need to know that these Apple devices are very secure. All their security is closely linked to the iCloud account that must be added at the first start of an iPhone, a newly purchased iPad. Just as Android needs a Google account and Windows needs a Microsoft account, Apple devices need an iCloud account. When you want to buy an iPad or iPhone that another owner has had before, you will need to disable the "Find my phone" feature and then delete the iPhone or iPad from the iCloud account added to the device. This can be done directly from the device that is being sold to you (if there is the possibility of an internet connection) or from a browser by accessing the address
For a complete guide on how to do this is available with instructions on the official website: What to do before selling or disposing of the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch another person
If you buy an iPhone or iPad already has added an iCloud account, you will not be able to update to a new version of iOS, and you can reset the device because immediately after the reset or update, you will be asked iCloud account on the device you have before update or reset.
It is very important that the device have not added or old iCloud account owner to remove the account or iCloud before you sell it to you. Just so you can add your own iCloud account. Free iCloud account, you can not access the App Store application store, you can not install applications, you can not synchronize contacts, calendar, notes, settings, browser bookmarks, documents, photos.
There are currently no bypass methods, deletion, eliminate existing iCloud account on an iPhone, iPad. And by the way bypass iCloud, you very carefully because Internet ads are all sorts of individuals who claim false situation and speculates that can remove iCloud account asking you pay in advance. A locked iPhone or iPad iCloud is as useful as a toy. You can use them only as replacements for another iPhone or another iPad, you can take the camera, buttons, case, display, battery. Precisely for this reason blocked iCloud Apple devices are sold at a very low price.
What does decoded Geveya or R-SIM?
Like other mobile devices, and iPhones can be locked to a certain network or network may be free.
NEVERLOCKED: Means that the iPhone is free from the factory network and accept any SIM card of any mobile operator. These phones are usually more expensive as the decoded with Geveya or R-SIM
UNLOCKED: Means that the iPhone was encoded but decoded based on IMEI (decoding final) and it became free network following an unlocking via IMEI. This release is final and has no disadvantages.
Decaodat Geveya or R-SIMR-SIM or Geveya site is a chip that is applied over the normal SIM card. These chips temporarily decodes the iPhone. Once removed the chip Geveya or R-SIM phone is again encoded, you should always use the Geveya chpip R-SIM or SIM card than the iPhone to operate your network card that you have.
In general iPhones or decoded with Geveya R-SIM or IMEI can not be decoded by decoding times is very expensive. Depending on the network where the iPhone is encoded, decoding permanent / permanent through the IMEI can reach a price of 450 lei or more.
Another extremely important aspect to iPhones decoded Geveya or R-SIM is that these chips are dependent on the version of iOS. You will notice that most often iPhones decoded Geveya or R-SIM runs a very old version of iOS because if it is updated to a newer version of iOS, Geveya site or R-SIM will not operate. Geveya sites and R-SIM cards only support certain versions of iOS and when you decide to do the update to a new version of iOS, you may end up with surprise as chip Geveya / R-SIM not work and then you are forced to acquire another version Geveya / R-SIM designed specifically to decode the new version of iOS. Of course Geveya chips / R-GSM SIM capable to decode a new version of iOS will come much later.
Indicated would be to ask the seller version Geveya / R-SIM used in the iPhone and to inquire on the websites of manufacturers of these chips on iOS versions that that version of Geveya / R-SIM supports.
Another big problem if a decoded Geveya iPhone / R-SIM mobile internet 2G / 3G. Because there is a huge amount of mobile phone companies that use tapes different transmission, it is quite difficult to impossible to conceive a Geveya / R-SIM capable to give you the functionality full, and on the GSM signal (calls / sms) and 3G on mobile data (internet) in any mobile network. If a Geveya / R-SIM GSM network successfully unlock your might to have big surprises in terms of mobile Internet. In many cases mobile internet does not work at all for iPhones unlocked with such chips. You have an iPhone with Geveya / R-SIM functional in all respects, both the GSM and to the mobile data but you want to change the card with another mobile operator, you might have surprises on the mobile data.
In the end very careful what you buy and never be intimidated by owners trying to escape quickly rush you. Test the phone, ask questions. I'm in the middle and your money is your right to ask for the information you need. If the owner is honest and really wants to sell merchandise, be sure that will have patience with you and will give you all the explanations you ask. Only the one who has something to hide will keep you sidestep questions will try to speed up the acquisition and will try to lead by the nose with all kinds of excuses stutter.
Be very attentive to those who try to sell replicas iPhone. Who has had the iPhone will be easy to distinguish a fake from a genuine iPhone. Usually lines running Android with a theme that mimics very good interface iOS and have hardware specs weak experience in menus is not as smooth, fluent and menu navigation is cumbersome, can be seen drop frames while switching from one home screen to another, something not found on a genuine iPhone.
Even these days I saw the ads iPhone 6 some high prices, around 1700. 6 iPhone currently does not exist, it has not been announced officially released and do not even know if 6 iPhone will be the final name for the next generation of iPhone. It's just running Android chinezarii plastic over imposing a theme that really good IMTA iOS. Find YouTube unboxing even mentioning their sites that they're replicas, fakes. The most recommended would take someone with you who knows or has had the iPhone, iPad.

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  1. Than one device, used better a chinezarie android quad core new.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Relax. All (even iPad / iPhone) are chinezarii asambalte in China! Often and Android smartphones are priced overrated distributors in Romania which reached some prices bomb on our market.

      • Costelina said

        hello Adrian
        I managed to save my account Microsoft, I was sorry to lose him because I had many personal files
        uploaded to the server (it was almost full 7GB), just following steps were some security procedures.
        for this I received another 8 GB of storage (very loud
        very good tutorial that really did not know that iPhones can be so adjusted
        I have a smart with android all second hand and I had problems with my create a google account
        on him
        I'm not a fan of smart phone yet I would like a new one, not like that of the I now
        which moves resumption and has only sequels
        I hope to make him soft transplant
        to be though as I want -ie lithe
        thanks Adrian

      • If you can get a question bought a second hand iPhone fostu owner pulled his iCloud account and when I try to do one again writes that this device is not eligible to create another account grastis.ce I could do this situation?

        • Adrian Gudus said

          Make the account on a PC, laptop accessing account and then add the iPhone. It seems that there is a limit iCloud able to create accounts on the same device.
          Warning, do not give fictitious account creation or if fictitious notes to create your account information listed somewhere. If you lose access to iCloud account, you have nothing do with the device.
          After you do your account will be sent a confirmation email to the email address entered iCloud account creation, account must be activated by the link sent in the email that introduced iCloud account creation and then you can add the iPhone.

          • daniel dk said

            Turial how to do a desblocheaza an iphone 4 in all networks

          • Bordeianu said

            Hi Adrian, I ask you I want to buy an iphone 7 plus, the man says he doesn't have an icloud account and I can put mine in, now comes the problem he said: On the phone you CANNOT RESET, and I asked him why ? Answer: It was activated without an icloud account. Now I'm asking you Adrian. Why ? If the phone does not have an account.

    • I mean you run out phone business?

  2. One more thing, but as I realize it's NEVERLOCK except that I put another card from another operator, I saw (heard) that it works checked with the phone's IMEI like this site "" but no always works .. is there another way ?? (many say they can check this based on IMEIu of course in exchange for a sum of money) ..

  3. katalinnn said

    since we waited!… bravo!… you are the strongest!

  4. Yes, but how do I know it's NEVERLOCK (apart from putting another mobile phone card in it) are there other solutions? (I found several sites where you have to enter the IMEI of the phone… sometimes it works sometimes not)…

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Since you accept two cards from two different mobile providers it is more than obvious that the device is unlocked or Neverlocked. Actually it does not matter if Unlocked (explained in the text above tutorial Neverlocked means and means Unlocked). iPhones unlocked / unlocked by IMEI definitively shows no disadvantages, is like a Neverlocked.

  5. Adrian Gudus said

    Also worth mentioning that iPhone versions only 4 there a way to bypass the blocked iCloud.
    They can be unlocked but you can not use the GSM. You can use your iPod just for music playback, video clips, you can take pictures, browse the web using Safari browser. You can not give or receive calls / sms.
    Personally I find inconvenient 4 purchase an iPhone (even the decoded without iCloud account) simply because this model is very old. iOS 8 to be released soon, will not support and 4 iPhone model. It has a very weak today's hardware, the battery will take very little and the latest version of iOS will move very slow 7.1.2

    • You say about Adrian, but binr i4 than i4s blocked iCloud
      I am owner of i4 half year and still keep good this model, trust me

  6. An interesting question: What would an "experienced" thief do if he found an iPhone?
    It is likely to delete iCloud website owner? date Factoy reset? or return to the factory settings?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      You already have the answer and tutorial (this unless you've developed and you watched the dropped) in the text above tutorial

    • Hi I have a question: I have a friend and wants to sell iphone4s, I want to buy it give him mia said the phone it has again lam asked if he has an account iCloud and mia said that he gives no knowledge contu iCloud, so I have nothing to do with it if I reset it asks contu?

  7. can unlock and iCloud but cost

    • Adrian Gudus said

      As I said in the text above tutorial, many claim to remove or unlock an iPhone with iCloud blocked. That does not necessarily mean that their service is the best. You personally tested and functioned? You resorted to them and went? You have the courage to pay for such a service?
      As an aside, those who have blocked iPhone / iPad via forgot password own iCloud and have documents / invoice proves that iPhone / iPad belongs can turn to Apple requesting a password reset iCloud account if you do not handle it with steps password recovery access
      Of course, you will be asked invoice that proves the iPhone / iPad will belong together with other information that will be requested in the email.

  8. hello adrian! how can i get rid of this google chrome site? i deleted it from the toolbar it also appears in explorer and in mozilla i replaced the address but it doesn't work this is the site: "" ms salut

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Find our tutorial on "How to reset the default settings of any web browser" Also check through the control panel not to install any dubious adware. I recommend you to use AdwCleaner, it's free, you can find it with Google

  9. ms much hope to get rid of him greeting

  10. Laurentiu Catalin said

    To add to what you said in the tutorial:
    1. Ask for IMEI and check on "iphoneimei" (it works well, if it doesn't work it is very likely that the given IMEI will not be valid) - you will see what capacity the phone has, if it is Neverlocked or not, the date when it was bought, or at some checks he also gave me the Provider from which the SERIAL NUMBER was bought
    2. If you give a "serial number" on the "iPhone" you can check on a few more details about the phone
    3. iOS has specific applications (like App Store, iTunes Store) that can not be deleted if they are missing is clearly a fake
    4. I know that at least the iPhone 4s has 2 "sensors" to check if the phone had contact with water, one is on the headset and one on the charger (to be checked with a small flashlight is best). They are like two points and if those 2 points are pink the phone had contact with water.
    5. And I noticed another problem on some iPhones, button Home if you attempt to click and turn to some mobile moves (it happened that the iPhones that were leaked often walk)
    6. Try to take a phone that had floor front / rear on the first day and that was maybe a bumper.

  11. I can help you Adrian to unlock your iphone from icloud if you want… in case you want, contact me and we'll talk ... I know some methods and we might mess up
    plus no cost


      • Adrian Gudus said

        As I said in the tutorial, you can not unlock if locked iCloud. However go with him to a GSM service and see if it can solve.

    • brunetica said

      Good and I have a problem. I took a iphod of second hand and has iCloud and can not dezblochez it can help me?

  12. Howdy,

    It is a comment left above by Adrian that the iphone 4 is not worth taking at present due to the fact that it would work hard, the battery lasts a little etc… .I want to contradict you here (except for the part with ios 8 which will not be compatible with this model) because I currently own an htc one x and an iphone 4 and both do very well, for example when I go to work sometimes I take the htc and other times the iphone and at htc it kept my battery one day and I could use the iphone 4 the next day (exactly half a day) and the applications open in a fairly acceptable time (of course not as fast as an android quad core or dual core with 1 gb ram), it works really well if you don't have high pretensions, like "gamers" or like people who want to install dozens of crazy applications.

  13. It turned out that an Iphone 5s cost 100 dollars and not 600 700 dollars. So Americans as they sell a product to an exorbitant amount Adrian. The Americans know very well to sell us the picture, the picture cost Apple a name, high building costs. Although parts of it are only 100 dollars or a little more. But the picture cost a lot. The high quality are the Samsung and HTC and even Huaweiul. At the risk of repeating myself, the Americans are the most cunning we sell new company image, see eg movies, shows, everything that is not palpable.

  14. Costelina said

    Well geniuses; if it is not this guy who will contraziceati tutorial
    come and you with useful information

  15. I have a problem with HTML5 when given a second video running in parallel with another image from the second green but the sound is ok, I can do?

  16. It has any idea how contu unlock password if I forgot when I connect to the cloud (sorry if I do not write correctly) say that the iPhone is locked telu c5. I reset the factory but contu old but remains

    • Adrian Gudus said

      This tutorial is just about the face, I said it in the text above tutorial and video tutorial.
      The only thing you can do, as I said in a comment above is giving a mail to Apple but will not help if you do not have documents / bill acquisition through to prove that you are the owner iPhone acquis.

      • so if I bought it second hand from someone? there is another method? I not only happened to many people that take second hand phone contu then block the person from whom he bought. I saw some ways they say delete account respectiiv were some software but do not know if you go and not viruses cv

        • Adrian Gudus said

          The fact that many people happens to you how it happened, is not an excuse!
          The fault is yours not be informed, not looking information that exists on Apple's official website, in Romanian language for a long time (and by that I gave myself tutorial link in the text above)
          If there is a solution, do you really not a mention? I do not know why but I feel like you have not watched the tutorial and you have not even read all the text above tutorial and I say this because some things to keep asking to answer in text and tutorial.
          No matter how or from whom you buy, there is a right way to buy a product. The correct way in which to do when you buy a second-hand Apple device is, as I said, stated on their official website.
          If you are interested in this fair not purchase an Apple device and you go to purchase so simply without knowing anything about Apple, about their devices, is strictly your problem with what will happen after purchase.
          Search former owner, asking whether his acts and give longer-mailed Apple. If you no longer have or you can not give the former owner, that is. Resign yourself that you've got a trinket or at best, as I said in the text of the tutorial, spare parts for the iPhone.

          • problem solve. solved a workshop. I do not know how that method did not say though I asked. wiped blocked contu not know how and now works perfectly. advice for restu enter me more service and someone will know how to do. Loud I want to know the method that I used it as publicao can make anyone. urmatir tutorial and I just ask that it may in time have found a way. I follow tutorials that interest me

          • Some legal service are the goals and root if you ask whether it's Android or Apple. and some you and tell you where to download illegal product costing and how to avoid checks.

  17. Costelina said

    from what I saw and heard myself Apple devices are the safest when it comes to security
    is an insult to say to anyone who has a computer or laptop that Apple's device is virus.
    I heard that the newest Linux -Android can be virused
    so do not run from Windows that everything you cry on his shoulder

    • nothing is 100% sure. Apple has security so f good not argue but it's inflexible programs and free games you can not dual boot or change the operating sistemu. I f pc and rarely did you use your Windows using linux (ubuntu) that is immune to viruses can say if any viruses 400 500 for all distributions but do not go 100%

      • Costelina said

        -Linux Ubuntu is ok, but the gateway for viruses in PC who you think? browser!

        • Well normal in browservar get viruses (like him surfing) but your Windows viruses do not work on linux and vice versa than f few that go on your Windows and Linux. to explain more clearly for nothing come the virus on linux will not see anything like it in another format and shall not be exe or dll-s in linux. is different. has done a lot in tutorials that say thing are advantages and disadvantages to your Windows and Linux. but if you can put dual boot is a must to come in and sometimes your Windows.

          • Costelina said

            I know that you can have on your PC and Windows and Linux (Ubuntu, Linux Mint and other distro's) in dual boot
            I know that viruses do not work on Linux and Windows nor Mac (Apple) and vice versa
            because it's every operating system is different with specific extensions and others (not to go into details, but there are viruses that attack viruses that attack Windows and Linux
            and eventually I am viruses? are some instructions, some programs in turn created all the connoisseurs but malicious.
            We know that there are a lot of commands and programs that did not have a GUI
            look at the monitor you see nothing, can only hard disk drive as working hard and maybe Internet bandwidth throttled.

  18. Converse sneakers said

    Bravp. I did not know what to Geveya and R-card.

  19. Madalina said

    Dear Adrian, I need to ask you something! Did not you could give your e-mail, pretty please?

  20. You explained Adrian beautiful greeting cards.
    I added one thing: iphone 4 even if it's stuck with iCloud account and you can not enter the menu can permanently delete the account by entering DFU mode and iDeviceu`lui in there with a small soft wipe a file named I mention that this method works only until the iPhone 4.
    The following versions of phones have a different type of processor that does not allow this method.

  21. Hi .. I have a question. . It is up to this time a replica of iphone 5s to connect to the appstore and be found by iTunes? I want to buy one and I meet face to face with the seller and believe there to be found fake iTunes. . If I'm wrong please tell me ..

  22. Hello! I bought an iPhone 4s 64GB and I was told it is neverlock! imei series is 013061002179114 I checked on several sites_ but one says something, another something else… can you help me?… Thank you

    • Adrian Gudus said

      As I said in the tutorial and the text above tutorial does not matter if your iPhone is UNLOCKED or NEVERLOCKED (differences between the two we have explained in the text tutorial) Find out if your phone supports any SIM when you find yourself at Why sell it or if it's in another city, tell him to send the package of verification. If he has nothing to hide, accept

  23. Hi I got locked iphone icloud 5 and how can I thank you nice DeBlock

  24. Let me hello I bought an iphone coded o2 Angal go with r-sim unlocked?

  25. iphone 6

  26. claudia toader said

    Hi. Means hidden iCloud account?

  27. hello! I have an iphone ios 3g with the 4.1 and I VUT to upgrade it but I got stuck and I appears a usb and itunes can do, and I tried to restore but give nothing to me tell me what you can do Rogge !!

  28. Hello! You have succeeded in doing bypass icloud.
    If yes, how?
    thank in advance

  29. I bought myself a second hand i4 and I do not display numbers after sim, what should I do?

  30. Danielle said

    Iphone 6 128 GB. Locked Orange Spain. I did not understand very well, but from what I understand is the problem with iCloud, is stuck or something. I called Service-2, one said that he can repair, the other that I can not fix it and who gives me fooled. What to believe ? It can decode?

    • Danielle said

      Answer me as soon as possible, please.

      • If a service you can trust and you have doubts, then it can do it.
        Do you realize that we can not guarantee.
        The risk is yours.
        As an idea, it is not very easy to solve a blocked iCloud unless the service person is a "magician" and is very good at it.

        • Adrian Gudus said

          Let's not make confusion of terms! Decoding is one and stuck iCloud is another.
          Decoding = phone is encrypted and can only be used in a mobile network. To be used in any network of any mobile operator will have to pay a service network that decoding iPhone
          Locked iCloud: I have already explained in the tutorial involves. The phone can not be used unless the former / old owner.

  31. Good evening! It is possible that someone clears their iCloud account from a 4s when you sell, without finding disable iphone and other options first time (say you do not know that should do it)? and if possible is there any evidence? And if wiped iCloud account and gave reset and I put my account there are other steps to take, May ii device appears in the account? thank you in advance!

  32. Hello! From what I was told to 5 Service as the iPhone, bought second-hand, being stuck in vodafone, goes unblocked and should put my chip?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Go to another GSM service! Not all GSM service sites have the experience or resources to carry out an operation

  33. When I create a mobile account is taken of the second hand writes ID can not be created Applw This device is ineligible for a pardon account can help me what can I do?

  34. Claudiu said

    Hi! Please, some advice: I have never had or android smartphone and want your opinion opposite to acquire Galaxy mini or iPhone 4 4 s. I just wat, s up, Facebook, Skype and Viber. I decided these models 2 because of the size, but now I want to choose it the best. Waiting advice, thank you!

  35. I have a good morning Andrew Prentice tel.iphone5 with digital I forgot password .but you can not open again I can do is buy brand new new warranty. thank you very much

  36. Hi
    I found an iphone 6 in the uk with i cloud..I tried a service and he told me that it has this icloud… do you think that in the future you will be able to find methods to bypass, delete, delete the iCloud account ?? or advise me to do I sell it for parts?

    • Adrian Gudus said

      I doubt that a method will come out soon but you never know. Unfortunately I could not tell you if it will find a way or they will find a way to bypass blocked sites iCloud iPhone

  37. don't tell me how to connect an iphone to pc… ..thanks for your help ..

  38. Cristian said

    I bought an Ipad 2 from a boy si .and it's locked in Icloud? Is there a chance? or can i throw it away?

  39. hello Andrei watched the tutorial your well explained I wanted to ask you something I bought an iPhone 6 plus the owner all right I showed invoice I still did exactly what you said I put the password from iCloud's iam given erasing we put tel my iCloud go perfect.Vreau one thing to ask you to give him the former owner may have stolen as warranty and stop it on my block to him?

  40. I forgot to mention acts remained to him nimik I am only a phone and I bought it on the net hoping a tip ms

  41. I apologize I said was vb insurance guarantee and if you lose or steal it and give another phone

  42. KOKO loco said

    nush what to say with your chinese… but in sf I took 6/64… I was 32 .. but nah. I am in Spain and your subscription is issued free of charge at certain companies for the amount of 30/40 euros per month. at the icloud phase I stayed 3 months with the 32 one so that I could recover the password from the account.
    Applications and letters over letters to representatives, the problem is that Spaniards are a bit backward as it solved the DPO, and certainly I think that you know what makes money but I can give any phone ,, then go bloke and it gives me another Simple, the blocked sell in Cluj =))) that were blocked only Spain (Spanish stupid) so guys let your chinezarii that makes iPhone 6 not make any phone, you leave your phone on the desk and the bed vb Siri have remote access to all the phone through voice recognition (only yours). the house can not find your phone? no call from another phone .. but shout siriiiii a m.mmmmm you =)))). little boys so we will leave as inspiration .. is not too much smoking. all the best

  43. KOKO loco said

    and for danielle… I told you I stayed 0 months in Spain for iph 3/6 you better declare it lost or stolen .. if you are the owner (it seems that you are not) you can no longer use it in Spain 😉

  44. KOKO loco said

    and for marius… .. all the products from apple besides the guarantee that the trader offers you !!!!!!!! you have a 2-year warranty in the box, it seems to me, with this warranty you can go directly to the manufacturer .. only good !!!!!!!

  45. I have an iphone 4 32g good and look where I am not writing apple id and password

  46. Hello. I also lost an iPhone 6 and in 5 minutes whoever found it locked up. I have a box, I have an invoice, I have iCloud, I'm looking for an iPhone on it, but in vain. question . how can i find my phone without searching iphone ??? thank you !!!

  47. Hello,
    I also have a problem. Last year I bought an iPhone 4s decoded with R-sim. When I put my card did not recognize it and I searched the forums and the solution was to form a combination of numbers (like 112 as in gevey ), after which I didn't have any problem. Now I gave the phone to someone else and I came across the same problem: he doesn't recognize the sim and I don't remember what I did then and I didn't find the information. Can someone help me? Thank you.

  48. Hi Adrian! If I buy an iPhone 5 and one from which they have purchased has iCloud account, I give it a general reset, delete his account and can bag him mine, right?

  49. HELP !!!!! I have a problem I bought a second hand iPhone 6, like new! I deleted all former property data, and now only goes without Nanos, before deleting data Sim to go without! My new nano SIM Sim comes just over a seventh ((question of how to use your phone without SIM ?? Thanks

  50. If you buy it with the other account owner in it, I can use, or you can delete the account by using the tutorial I gave you?

  51. Watch the tutorial. Account you can remove if you know the password. My advice is to remove the old owner account before you buy the phone.

  52. Adrian, I have a problem similar to another top, I bought an iPhone 6 and had to make the account iCloud, of course I wrong a few times and now I say it on this device or resume like that no more can make free accounts
    It can do anything?
    Please leave message me know, Thanks in advance

  53. Hi, I bought an iphone 5s hand adoua
    Ploce in functional if iCloud is locked! So mention. ICloud Locked Locked In!
    how I can unlock iCloud and then to remove the devices. I work email address and password century gave me the owner he could not delete it, nor me. I sent for release but appeared mia any mail from Apple Mail in iCloud blocked.

  54. Deny Jack said

    Yes multi fooling around,
    Thank you ! Adrian super hard tutorial helped me a lot!

  55. Adriana said

    I 2 questions.
    I have an iphone 4 in the second hand and it is locked in vodafone. I wanted to install facebook, messenger, viber etc etc and it asks me for another version (I have 2) and I want to take them… how do I do it?
    And as you wanted to do a reset but I'm afraid that I can ask anything and did not have a code iCloud


  1. […] Use, my colleague Adrian explained in a tutorial how to deal with iCloud accounts and what you should know before buying an iPhone or iPad. If you don't know how to do it, watch the tutorial or go with someone who knows how to buy […]

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