Smart Folders, the most efficient way to quickly group files in a folder on Windows - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I will present a very interesting application. We all probably already beloved Android operating system or Mac OSX and would like some features of these operating systems will be available in Windows. Well, that makes application today.
In Android Ice Cream Sandwich or Mac OSX when you select multiple files or just one file and it / they put over other files, it will automatically create a folder that will group the selected files to us. Why did I get this functionality in Windows that will say frankly saves us precious time especially if you work a lot with documents, files, if they all moved from one location to another or simply want to tidy up your computer and organize folders, documents and files you have on your computer.
To benefit from this wonderful functionality that still hope that people will think Microsoft to implement it by default in Windows 8 future, we will help application Smart Folders.
The application has a setup wizard it simply must run the executable and click on the Install button. Equally strange is and how to uninstall of the application. This is not uninstalled from the Control Panel and Add or Remove Programs but by simply opening the simple interface and click the Uninstall button.
Smart Folder is an application that to be honest, as simple as it is, it is useful and since I came across Smart Folders I use it when I have the opportunity. Now let's be serious, I'm sure everyone "walks" files and documents around the PC every day. So, I don't think there will be a day when the application will not be useful at least once a day. If you come across files that will not be grouped when you select them, then it means that the extension of those files is not recognized by Smart Folders. In the Smart Folders application interface you will also have the option to add the extension of the files that do not want to be grouped in the folder, but you will rarely encounter such "problems".
The application runs on operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows both architecture 7 32 64 bit and the bit. That said, I invite you to see the video tutorial to see exactly how we select and group files in a folder by simply dragging and dropping like Android OS or Mac OSX, Windows application using Smart Folders.

Download Smart Folders Installer


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Adrian Burlugeanu....

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  1. Hi Adrian! Miam recently bought a phone nokiac2-01 and do not know how to install flash player.Te Please make a tutorail if you and I would be satisfied.

  2. FaraVirusi said

    It's good that you opened the "secret" folder, so if you didn't open it, someone would come and ask what's in that folder

  3. is useful yes I still prefer the classical setting folder and then select what you want and move them :). This app is for lazy people. and not last very long and is very well explained tutorial. (Yes sure to be people who watch the piss and say they do not know he did not go blabla)

  4. Costelina said

    good good but if with this application help and viruses?
    happy birthday thank you guys for what you do

  5. software3g said

    it was as aretii we dezistaleaza,, Click on where it is surrounded by black.

    • software3g:
      it was about how we aretii dezistaleaza, you said the revered, but you have not said anything dezistalare, in addition I'll put a screenshot I, Click on where it is surrounded by black.

      I think my friend slept in this tutorial. explained by n times to read the text. it says clearly how dezistaleaza. I see that you are very careful, bravo.

      • software3g said

        Cristi: I think my friend slept in this tutorial. explained by n times to read the text. it says clearly how dezistaleaza. I see that you are very careful, bravo.

        I did not say you did not explain. I said I did not show what was said at the beginning, I just wanted to draw attention and emphasize that tutorial aims tail head and description, because spunetii almost every tutorial that perform, we're not careful. thanks for understanding

  6. FaraVirusi said

    it was about how we aretii dezistaleaza, you said the revered, but you have not said anything dezistalare, in addition I'll put a screenshot I, Click on where it is surrounded by black.

    Mr. software3g believe that grandma knew how to uninstall this application.

  7. Hi there!
    Happy Birthday!
    - as many tutorials as possible!

    : )

  8. I have a problem. Since the programelu in my task bar icons disappeared from right next to the clock but three that come with Windows 7 64 bit (sound, internet and Action Center). He also interacted with Messenger, I no longer displays mini-window near the clock when I contact online or offline.

  9. why it gives me this error when I open the installer?
    Thank you!

  10. Worse sorry!

  11. And me gave me no error in xp??

    I tried on several PCs and still does not work in XP!!

  12. daniel said

    countries that are super bv me know more I watch you and I love you adrian bv know so much that I always look at what you do

  13. Working. Folder on the desktop but if you customize icons without the navigation pane and size
    taste, any customizations that change Explorer.
    You can only customize folder?
    Many thanks.

  14. I really like the application but I have a problem.
    in a file where I have many archives (music, movies, etc.) and the screen is full (more - the scroll bar appears to the right of the window) I can not transfer a file only if a new folder is made, and maybe I I do not want.
    It is a solution?

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