SMPlayer a versatile program with YouTube application and DVD player - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial you will be introduced to a player versatile open source, it is called SMPlayer and can play DVDs (with menus, chapters, subtitles, etc) can play movies on YouTube, plus movies YouTube can download the PC.
SMPlayer is an opensource player who can do many exotic formats are not a secret to this player, if other players are popular shy when it comes to a H264 with subtitles in MKV container, SMPlayer open them without problems even know how to juggle and sophisticated filters to improve video quality (deintreteserea 720 or 1080).
If you do not have to install SMPlayer join youtube to track your favorite movies, you can search, arrange the list and even download your favorite movies right from this application. Also on youtube there are some interesting settings cache so we can set a larger cache to avoid those annoying buffering on YouTube at peak hours.
If you have an important collection of DVDs, SMPlayer can help you view as comfortable as a DVD player hardware.
SMPlayer settings are very well organized, but not advanced enough so that it scares many beginners, the video and audio have everything we need for a perfect image and sound. Please note if you 5.1 system, you really need to make audio settings to enjoy sound in all speakers.
Besides BSPlayer and MediaPlayer, SMPlayer is a "kid" but not just a "young" "= inexperienced, this new player can challenge even the most experienced players with simplicity and efficiency.
Another advantage is present on Windows and Linux, the most popular platform in our country, so no need to change media habits if you decide to change the OS.
Free Download SMPlayer

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru


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  1. most welcome and very well explained ms're a great sheriff

  2. Florindarck said

    Thank you very much for presenting this program… the function "Youtube browser" is grade 10 in my opinion

  3. Mihai1307 said

    good tutorial, a player which seems to me best is SPLASH (use GPU instead of CPU) time if you can do once and this player! Many happy birthday: P

  4. Thank you download youtube without special browser function although in my opinion it's more than a little HARD to all chapters. Romans Happy Birthday!

  5. No bs player has the option to pick up the subtitles up and down Sagata shift up / down, I installed it and we did, we found something in settings but I can only put down top-center?

  6. Thank you ! Very good player, but the tutorial

  7. View Product said

    It would be worth mentioning a small detail for those who have weaker PCs. On such computers, video files based on the h264 codec (mp4, mkv, f4v, m4v, mov, etc.) could run very hard. That is why it would be recommended to deactivate the loop filter (preferences —– features —– h264 —- loop filter —– skip hd video only). Obviously, this means a lower image quality, at least theoretically, practically it will not be noticeable with the naked eye. But in this way it is possible to play 720p files without visible jerks or out of sync between sound and image. It may even be possible to play videos at 1080p resolution in decent conditions, but the chances are a bit lower, depending on the configuration of each calculator.

  8. View Product said

    Overall it is a good and light player (perhaps the lightest player I have ever encountered). But unfortunately it also has a downside - sometimes it makes figures on menu DVDs (it is even mentioned that the support for DVD menus is more experimental)

  9. Cristi at some subtitles to see all the characters (a, i, s, t) must change subtitle encoding
    in Western European languages ​​in Slavic / Central European.

  10. I saw the tutorial as romana.Am language interface was installed but can not find this option. How do you manage?

  11. We succeeded! After that I will study more will return. Until now I used KMPlayer's going very bine.Voi make a comparison and return Until then Thanks!

  12. Does anyone know how to reset cartridge hp 300?

  13. I tested it, it's not really bright, it doesn't compare with bs player or media player, center, etc. my opinion, I see the movies worse, it doesn't have really good clarity and I don't have an old pc, processor and 7 nvidia 610 m 2 gb, 8gb rami etc… tot la bs player pro raman….

  14. hello, Cristi .. Sorry I do have a question that is not on this tutorial .. What do you think about this notebook I'd like to buy it .. but do you think it goes well for games?

  15. Congratulations for tutorial! a very useful software (at least for me), I use specifically in Ubuntu, since Ubuntu is not that many solutions that win, I think it's a very welcome soft.

  16. Good tutorial, use it for a long time. Go, but players and best. I'm not talking bs arhicunoscutele, km, splash lite, MPC, VLC, ALLPlayer. We recommend: DaumPotplayer. I use long after KMPlayer was bought by PandoraTv, and his improvement of the people at Pandora was a failure kmplayer Creator has made this DaumPotplayer, kmplayer survivors of that ptr. me is the best player currently in 64 bit version. I w8 evaluation 64 bit original, 90 days, but so far I have not seen anything that is not in Daum irons. Download an English version, install, not update, that appear some Chinese characters, and you lose the controlling player. Follow any new English version when it appears. Ptr. me is the best player of the moment. The subtitles options, put the black Arial font 28, Central European and rest not walk. Let your base (default). Have latest version of DirectX installed. When will you 720 1080 or mirror image. Those who know, can put the settings to get even more of it, for permit and how! Admin II at several tutorials. Night.

    AMD dual core xII 270, 3.4 GHz 8G 3 1600 Mhz DDR, Radeon HD 4670, 512mb, 128 bit.

  17. I do IMI MERGE YouTube SMPlayer. What to do? THANK YOU

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