Sony Vegas Pro 11, transitions, cutting and text input - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will try to briefly introduce the main functions of the program Sony Vegas Pro 11.Acesta is one of the most used programs for editing video.Se can use pretty easy, simple and intuitive menus helping you to add Various shooting effects voastre.Vom try to see how we can cut video, add a fade effect to its early but some transitions for May frumoasa.De look like we will review the program and other skills very utile.Vom try the following tutorials to deepen the program by using keyframe sites but intense and color corrections.
This tutorial is just an introduction to Sony Vegas Pro, will look opinions on the comments section.

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Enjoy !
tutorial conducted by Alexandru Serban

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I love everything about IT, especially the video editing and graphics and gladly share my knowledge.


  1. super tutorial
    And Alexandru Serban's new video tutorial?

    • Hello, please can you give an id of a mess? I have a question about sony vegas and may know the answer: D. It's long story that's why I need an id.

  2. Ionut:
    super tutorial
    And Alexandru Serban's new video tutorial?

    No new Alex has posted some time ago has some tutorials already posted.

  3. I was sure that someone from outside would do this tutorial, because you Cristi mmm don't have much patience to confuse every function in Vegas, as in the tutorial with Camtasia you did some tricks so quickly, it is certain that you don't really like get into the heart of the camtasia software as well as sony vegas. If we are thinking of doing a complete tutorial for Vegas, it takes us at least 2-3 hours to do it completely, and only those who have patience do this for 3 hours continuously. You Cristi anyway know more about light software, that's how I noticed you, small and beautiful, short and good. Sony Vegas has a lot of "blizzards" that take you a long time to succeed, and only then do the tutorial. Hello !

  4. YosCosmin said

    You can present a future tutorial KGB Archiver program has a transforming super iso image archiving with Windows 8 of 4gb a maximum archive 20 mb (but take a long-4 5 hours). I'm a pretty good and I think many people have searched for that program.

  5. Sorin Chiran said

    Congratulations, you no longer have emotions when you talk before, as if you were "suffocating" now, it's very good;) Bravo.

  6. Florin78 said

    Sony Vegas Pro is a very complex and very good course and therefore would be better to continue this series of tutorials that show very much. It would be interesting color correction ie contrast, brightness, color. Thank you

  7. assassin80 said

    Before you start to do this tutorial had to metion that only works on Vista and 7, otherwise it's ok

  8. I commend the choice to present this video editing program and I hope you will not stop there because you could do and if you have episodes 10 dori.Aceasta newer version can not run on XP but some older go. I think it's the best program in this area and who will be able to master it in all its fuctionalitatile can be considered a professional in video.Te editing can play both the images and the sound in many ways and if you have imagination You can even make some capodopere.SUCCES rich!

  9. Thanks for the tutorial! In as many as Sony Vegas!

  10. A tutorial expected, thank you for having made this tutorial. I like it better explained. Will wait and all other Sony Vegas.

  11. Florin78 said

    assassin80: Before you start to do this tutorial had to metion that only works on Vista and 7, otherwise it's ok

    To get Sony Vegas Pro Win XP I 10 XP and works perfectly. Search and you torrents that you find on this site do not know if they are older versions of the 10 in jos.Succes

  12. I want to know which program is best for video editing weddings.

    • Alexandru Serban said

      For video editing in general I recommend Sony Vegas and introuri creation and generally recommend Adobe After effects.De video compositions can also perform video editing and After Effects but it is more complex than sony vegas but also slightly greu.Dupa you'll probably end up with sony vegas to do some After Effects tutorials.

  13. Sony Vegas is better than pinaclestudio and adobe premier?

    • Alexandru Serban said

      About Pinnacle can say that is pretty good because it shows many more transitions to Sony Vegas but I know of no keyframing and motion graphics can make me what I also intereseaza.De pinnacle eat some more resurse.Personal choose Sony vegas but you can try and take your advise pinnacle.Te package 15 Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection because it presents a more Effective and tranzitii.Fiecare shows their functions, effects, transitions and therefore you have to play with each and see which you're doing the best with what you can accomplish exactly what you talk about your doresti.Probabil and adobe premier pinnacle in future tutoriale.Momentan want to finish with sony vegas.

  14. Vlad255745 said

    One can join the team videotutorial?

  15. Thanks for collaborative tutorials FOLLOWING expect much success.

  16. yes alex is older!

  17. Russian ionel said

    Many thanks for the work of all those who contribute to these
    tutorials so interesting.
    Unfortunately I can not watch more than a few seconds in any video tutorial.
    Can you help me with some advice?
    thank you !

  18. Vlad255745:
    One can join the team videotutorial?

    If you send us a tutorial get it done for you for
    Posted on YouTube and send us the contact link.
    Choose software or subjects for which we have not done tutorials.
    Enthusiasm can not replace the knowledge, you must have Hadar talk about. We receive a lot of demos, unfortunately are not made well enough where we can post.
    If you do a good job, stick and some passion, you have the chance to watch / evaluate thousands of daily visitors.

    • And I would have liked to get together with team, I'm good at a lot of things, too bad I can not wait to make a well explained tutorial.

  19. sami please tell if the windows8, it can put gadgets?. f ugly Nau from Microsoft that you've put these gadgets.

  20. Something very important to note when working with files in Sony Vegas Fraps made:
    - If you have to edit (render / convert) some files made with Fraps, then when rendering it is recommended to choose Windows Media Video v11. To encode correctly without darkening the image.
    - If you really want to make an MP4 mainconcept, then, at the beginning, when creating the project, at the video tab, you choose the pixel format: 32 bit full range. This way the rendered movie will not be dark.
    You can apply effects to correct / adjust brightness / contrast and do not follow the guidelines above. But any effect color correction, color tone, brightness, etc., the image no longer identifies with the source.

  21. Alexandru Serban:
    For video editing in general I recommend Sony Vegas and introuri creation and generally recommend Adobe After effects.De video compositions can also perform video editing and After Effects but it is more complex than sony vegas but also slightly greu.Dupa you'll probably end up with sony vegas to do some After Effects tutorials.

    I think that is very good for introuri Sony Vegas Pro 11, however is a professional. You can do anything with it, has many effects, transitions. Obviously with Adobe After Effects can do animations you can put next to a fire, you fire out of his hands. Sony Vegas Pro 11 believe that I represent, I find it a little cumbersome Adobe Premiere Pro.

  22. Greetings I would like to learn better what Sonny Vegas show tutorial
    I want to make a video with double
    Ex: I appear in the video next to me to appear again
    gender cv like this video
    I'd be very grateful if you make a tutorial of it for cv

    Thanks a lot!

    • Alexandru Serban said

      This is a very beautiful thing you can do in After Effects but vegas.Cu son and I will definitely make a tutorial for it.

  23. corleone said

    Alexandru Serban:
    This is a very beautiful thing you can do in After Effects but vegas.Cu son and I will definitely make a tutorial for it.

    Alexandru Serban where are you? Do you have facebook or not. I found a 4 or 5 Alexandru Serban on Facebook. I even see a picture you like?

    • Alexandru Serban said

      If you want to ask me something better write here to see raspunsul.Oricum and other question and tell me your name and I add you.

  24. Russian ionel said

    two days and I have been writing messages, but uncontrollable rules of the game (I'm a beginner, I apologize)
    do not get any results.
    please help me to learn the rules of functioning of your site
    thank you.

  25. Alexandru Serban:
    This is a very beautiful thing you can do in After Effects but vegas.Cu son and I will definitely make a tutorial for it.

    Please let me know and I thought doing a tutorial so I can find the cv
    Y! M: marius_c93

    Thanks for timpu granted all the best

    • Alexandru Serban said

      Here on the site in the right side below search you can subscribe by email to receive each tutorial is up on

  26. what went so badly server today?

  27. rummy:
    what went so badly server today?

    I do not know what you mean, is normal loading, can your network is busy.

  28. Make a tutorial on Sony Vegas Pro 11 and they put stronger coloring effects and some not so well colored films or older. Or what color the black and white film in color. However more tutorials Sony Vegas

  29. DVD to do what must check the render?

  30. Tiesto said

    I have a strange problem with the Sony Vegas 7 software. When I try to upload video files filmed with a full HD camcorder from JVC it ​​sees my video image but it doesn't see the sound attached to the files. I don't know where the problem might be, it may be a JVC-specific conversion (TOD) conversion error or my software installation error. I mention that I also changed the OS (Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 x64, before I had the same bone only in the x86 version). Actually the problem is with any video I try to upload to Sony vegas. I make them from TOD format, it's an Emicsoft Video Converter program. Because this camera converts them. I make them AVI HD at 1920 × 1080, in conclusion I keep the original resolution. I noticed that not only in the videos made with the video camera I have this problem but in any video I try to import. I also tried version 11 but it doesn't open at all here. Yes error like could not open

  31. I have a problem when putting a video recorded with Bandicam, no sound at all, what can I do?

  32. Salut.Am a problem with the sound in Sony Vegas, I have not used in a while and now when I tried to use it again I no longer go sound, everything looks as it should mearga.Ai idea what might be? Thank you

  33. very good tutorials… gj

  34. Robert Dwarf said

    Hi Alex, I have a problem with SV Pro 11 can not save in some formats and some videos about edit them go framat.Adaugă put me on fb so we can talk more, thanks (fb is exactly how I name)

  35. please learn and I want to work with sony vegas pro for me 11 but fail sal managed once expired and then there pot.astept from you a sfat.multumesc


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