Steam, hundreds of new games in free demo version just a click away - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial we will talk about a platform dedicated gamers, without exaggerating, I would say that the Steam platform is a haven for gamers.
Gamers will find the latest games released, if they do not have money to buy or not, can play latest launches in demo, demos will be installed on your computer with just a few clicks, in order to make a quick idea on games, gamer pote watch the trailer before the game.
It is possible by installing network game supplements, amateurs will find playing online forum or chat you find all the Steam interface.
I hope gamers to appreciate the speed of the download and install games, I downloaded a demo 2,7 MB, in 5 minutes I had the demo installed ready to play.
Steam, modern platform groundbreaking of gamers paradise.
Success in games
Remember, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions do not hesitate to write in the comments box, de-also if you met the comments box a user has a problem and you can help him, do not hesitate to do it, the only way we can do this place better, see the comments box!
Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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I like everything related to IT&C, I like to share the experience and information I accumulate every day.
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  1. Good thing you did and tutorial about steam!

  2. very good tutorial….
    use this platform for some time and are very pleased with it why?
    1 latest games for free (of course demo)
    2 latest news and defender of thousand games do not have to walk on a lot of forums and blogs to find a imformatie about the latest games
    3 is the most well planned community of gamers para games, etc.

  3. Beda Venerabilis said

    Yes, a useful tutorial, bravo!
    One more thing to add: you can add the library and other games besides those on Steam (and obviously can play) plus interface in Romanian.
    But that can be discovered on their own, each

  4. ff beautiful as start making tutorials and about gamers ms thx: X

  5. That's Bedea are a lot of options for any and everyone but this has Ace and they discover and try them each to his liking in my opinion

  6. I have been using Steam for 2 years and I have already bought 18 games. It is the best platform! Very soon I want to buy HL 2 and TF2.

  7. I have a question where downloading demo games in partition C? Would not want to make a mess.
    You can set .. or install platform to another partition.

  8. Very good tutorial, bv!
    I'm downloading from torrents too… I haven't gotten infected yet, but from now on I'll use steam to download games.
    I saw that steam has a much better download speed.

  9. you can make a tutorial and Speech Recognition?

  10. YES!!! a good tutorial ffff good I really needed something like "demo games" as you say and you cry, I have a habit of not playing a game full head tail or I get bored or I can not get past it and then… I uninstall it: D, thank you! ! and keep it up!

  11. Hi! Cristi, my question is not related to the topic, but I hope it will be answered. Are you good at programming in C #? If "yes" please do a series of tutorials if you want with the basics that a beginner should know

    • AndrewHi! Cristi my intreabrea not related to the subject but I hope I raspunda.Te good at programming in C #? If "yes" please realize some tutorials if you want the basic things that you should know some basics  

      It will be tutorials about that in the near future, currently there's no one about it. I'll make these tutorials if God keeps us healthy ...

      • Adrian:
        It will be tutorials about that in the near future, currently there's no one about it. I'll make these tutorials if God keeps us healthy ...  

        There are many interested in C # for the tutorials in Romanian GOOD hardly all there is no documentation about C # in Romanian language and all the tutorials are found only in engleza.Oricum ms response I will still watch and hope occur and tutorials soon.

      • Adrian: The

        I am interested in a one aces a series of tutorials to programming languages. It would be especially useful for those who want to learn and have no where.

      • And I am very interested in C # !!

  12. I find it interesting that there are demo annoys me a little but good tutorial

  13. But I have a question: How vetoz tutorials?

  14. so

  15. I downloaded a demo jo sal da can not open shader program 3.0 asks me what I do not know where sal download?

  16. i downloaded steam i installed it but when i click on the steam icon it says “can't contact the steam network please try later” i don't know what to do

  17. datimi raspns please give a nice


  18. I recently found a site: which boasts free hosting 1500 GB and 100gb traffic per month. I want to ask if you can make a server for a game (Counter Strike) on such a host. I do not know very well hosting so I turn to you. yes… a tutorial would be very good, or if not at least a YES or a NO to my question.

  19. then I would like to play cs on steam and nush how to play… do I need… something that was not specified in the tutorial? : -S

  20. hello friends I want to know how to find fish in Romanian or with other words to find a game not in English and Romanian. Like XBlades Darksiders Mirror's of Edge. If you could explain to me how to find the game in Romanian I would be super excited
    thanks for your attention…

  21. There is no problem that I don't know English, but I would like to play games in my mother tongue… that is, with what is more German or Russian than they have games and their language and we are not really curious if any of these games made by Ubisoft also have the Romanian language…
    Personally, I found only one game that has our language and the top has nothing to do with Romanica. The game is called Penumbra: Tech Demo… and personally this was the reason why I bought one of the few games for PC, namely Penumbra Overture… These smart people from Frictional Games… it's a pity that we didn't find the continuation of the series in our stores…

    By the way I would ask you to come to as many games with our language, if there

  22. Hello, you used thousand thanks.

  23. Roman rares said

    This steam is really hard especially as it is free and a thousand such games car took me all the way mb.tinetio 3

  24. I have a counter strike source server on your own computer and do not know how I could reduce lag. Mention that I download / upload very good but instead lag lacking. Can make the future a tutorial about reducing lag in games or game servers . Thank you!

  25. zame77 said

    Mr. Adrian, the super tutorial, but I also have a problem. I installed Steam and I wanted to play Sniper Elite V2 Demo but my game doesn't start. I get the following error "Failed to initialize D3D11". The desktop configuration is as follows: MS Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit SP1
    X64 2 4200 + AMD Athlon Dual Core
    Brisbane 65nm Technology
    2,00 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 314MHz (5-5-5-15)
    ASUSTeK Computer Inc.. M2V-TVM-GB (CPU 1)
    DELL E153FP (1024 ×[email protected])
    512MB X1550 Series Radeon (ASUSTeK Computer Inc.)
    Hard Drives
    313GB WD3200AAJB-00TYA0 Western Digital WDC ATA Device (PATA)
    Optiarc DVD RW AD-7200 ATA Device
    Realtek High Definition Audio
    Please tell me if the problem is me. System requirements for the game demo match, but do not know why I can not even open. I appears that error. It can solve the problem and if so, how? I have to update all drivers up to date operating system is also updated. I do not understand. Will someone please just help me!

  26. Andrew said

    How did you deescarci with 2.7 mb?

  27. but a key steam generator can you tell me where do I get that all the sites I have seen it with survey

  28. Cristi know the language appeared in Romania give steam to the language settings and press R and you will find Romanian language


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