Delete duplicate files on Android phones

Delete duplicate files on Android phones

What is the tutorial about Deleting Duplicate Files on Android Phones?

In this video tutorial (Deleting Duplicate Files on Android Phones) I will introduce you to an Android application with which you can find and delete duplicate files from your phone or tablet.

Where do duplicate files come from on Android?

Over time, pictures, videos, audio files, and duplicate documents gather on phones.

Either we copy them incorrectly to another folder, or we receive duplicate files, or we download the same documents more than once; Duplicate files over time.

Why delete duplicate files from Android

Storage on phones is limited and therefore, when we have duplicates in the phone, they consume unnecessary space and can make the phone difficult to move.

When the phone is new, we may not feel the effect of duplicate files, because there is enough space.

As time goes on, the storage loads and any extra files hang "hard".

How do we delete duplicate files on Android?

As it is difficult and boring for us humans to search for files all over the phone and compare them with each other, the best idea is to use a dedicated application.


These applications as well as the application Remove Duplicate File, helps us to quickly find and delete duplicate files from our phone.

The application I tested is a commercial one, which has some ads, but it works very well.


For those who want to clean duplicates from the PC, We also have a lot for Windows tutorials with deleting files on PC. Also, there are clean tutorials in Windows, for those who want their PC to move better.


First of all, as always, because we are talking about deleting files, it is recommended that you make a copy of all the files. So that we can be calmer!

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Deleting Duplicate Files on Android Phones - Video Tutorial

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  1. nick5roo said

    The android app is full of very annoying ads. I gave it up.

  2. You can skip the ad phase, because the app works fine.
    In the end, if we think about it, we need to gain some ground for development.

  3. Chip Ro said

    Too many ads. Some functions are not active. The purchase price is quite high. Duplicates can also be found on the w10 (find PRO applications on giveaway sites…) provided you connect your phone as a mobile memory. Android administrator access rights must be granted.

  4. Thank you Cristi, clearly for those less skilled than me.
    After all, nothing is exactly 100% free, is it?
    The choice is within anyone's reach.


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