Persistent USB stick pc pc without loss of data at restart

Persistent USB stick pc pc without loss of data at restart
Persistent USB stick pc pc without loss of data at restart
Android x86 is an Android version for PC that can be run from a USB stick without the need to install Android on your PC. The problem with these USB live sticks is that they do not keep their data after the restart.

USB stick with Android for PC that does not lose the data at restart!

We found the best way to run Android on the computer without installing it permanently but at the same time keeping data between uses.

What method did I use for the persistent Android stick?

The creating a stick with persistence There are many. From creating stick images to sticking sticks.
But I chose another method.

Installing Android x86 on the USB stick.

In order not to bother with all the complicated settings, after a full day of testing, I chose to install Android x86 on the USB stick, just like I installed Android on my PC's hard drive.

Create a persistent Android x86 stick?

  • We need two USB sticks or a stick and a live x86 Android CD
  • Optionally, we need it SDFormatter tool, for correct formatting of the stick
  • The first stick (or CD) will have it on Android x86 (as I showed you in this tutorial)
  • On the second stick we will install Android x86 from the first stick

    The steps:

  • 1. Format the stick that we will install Android x86
  • 2. Insert both sticks into your PC (one empty and one with Android x86)
  • 3. Enter the bios and change Legacy instead of UEFI
  • 4. Reboot and enter the boot menu where you choose the Android x86 stick
  • 5. From the Android x86 boot menu, choose the last option, the installation option
  • 6. From the disc list, choose the empty, freshly formatted USB stick
  • 7. Choose to format the NTFS file system
  • 8. Continue the installation wizard exactly as in the tutorial …… but ATTENTION!


  • During installation, you will have a setting that you need to be careful about. I refer to the Windows boot change setting. You must select NOT, as in the picture below.
  • USB stick persistent Android pc PC without data loss at restart - video tutorial

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    1. Super… ..let's see the installation on a netbook

    2. Alexandru said

      Hello Cristian, nice tutorial, I appreciate your work, I enjoy working hard on your laptop, because I think many who use windows xp would have the chance to install android plus, and I think Android is not as vulnerable as windows xp. Good luck in the future .

    3. Hello Cristi,
      Thanks for these tutorials. I'm really interested in installing android on an older pc. If you decide to do such a tutorial, please tell us what resources this bone needs.

    4. Ivancu aurel said

      Dear Mr. Cristian Cismaru,
      First, I apologize for my post on this topic. (I can not figure out how else I could discuss with you)
      My comment is actually a request to answer a question I have not found in my answer.
      How can a YouTube video tutorial translate audio (not text) into Romanian?
      There are several design programs I want to learn using this solution - less expensive - than participating in various trainings, especially in the beginner phase.

      • Adrian Guduş said

        Unfortunately there is no software or method that can automatically do that. Also, a translator who doubles in Romanian must call and the costs, through a simple and logical deduction, will be above the price of attending some training.

        • Ivancu aurel said

          Thank you for the feedback.
          Maybe I mispronounced - Not necessarily automatically -
          Maybe through sequential processing after downloading the file to your PC, but I do not know what to use.
          Is it possible with a "skype translator" between two computers?

    5. Samson Vasile said

      Hi. I liked the tutorial. I have an older computer with windows xp and I would like to do it for my little girl with the android system but install it on my PC. Now a question: can stikul run on any computer? The installed programs are installed on stik or in computer?

    6. Howdy. Cristi, I have a stick with winsetupfromusb with several operating systems on it. Could I put this android with persistence beside other systems without breaking anything?

    7. Cristi can help me choose legacy or uefi in bios and if he chooses legacy or uefi, and how would I better form a stick on the legacy or uefi would like to put Windows 10 on the stick?

    8. I'm waiting to see how to install it on your pc

    9. Hello Cristi, what do you think about remix os and phoenix os?

    10. Baravo, thank you for the tutorial. Nothing changes in my bios. I have all the energy and has a simple bios that never gives a headache.

    11. You have to install it, but what do you do with the drivers, because it doesn't connect to the internet. I tried this on an HP netbook trying to change the ultimate windows on it "broken" of course so I bought it from someone it normally came with windows starter preinstalled. Instead it works very well with linux (I used ubuntu ).

    12. I have a question about the samsung s7 demo live unit. Is there the possibility to use a 4G stick to be able to call?

    13. Constantin said

      Hello, Cristi, but a tutorial how to install android on raspberry 3, I tried several variants but it does not work well, thanks, goodbye.

    14. Hello, I did the exact way you said, but it does not work to run Android on my PC or on my laptop.
      Stops on Android x86 x64: # _ and from here nothing …… ..
      What's wrong? Thank you

      • Hi, I have the same problem. I tried on 2 different desks and 2 laptops and it doesn't work on any one if I try to run after the stick, if I run live it works for me… ..I think not all processors, video cards etc are supported. my feather

        • Hello
          Exactly the same I did. I used different boxes and tried to boot from a laptop and a desktop. Both of the same result as above. It does not go live or the one on the other stick

    15. Narcis Sandu said

      can you do an Android install tutorial in dualboot with windows 10?

    16. hello, I have the following problem: in bios I can not change Legacy instead of UEFI,
      I have two Acer notebooks with intel atom and wind. 7 and wind 10, a toshiba laptop and a sony vaio and still can not change Legacy instead of UEFI. thanks

    17. Hello,
      Fain tutorial. I followed the steps you described on several laptops and with various sticks. The android run option goes only once at the end of the installation. Once the laptop is restarted, it no longer works, it just does not boot in android. Do you have any idea if it's wrong? it happened before? I'm doing something wrong.
      Congratulations on your work, know that I have your site saved - with pin on all laptops /

    18. Poenaru Mihai said

      How can I contact you to solve the problem? I can not open the stick. An ad appears saying that the connection can not be made.

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