Unlimited online storage on Google Drive

IT-ist's dream!
Unlimited online storage space on Google Drive? That is the dream of every IT enthusiast, gamer, photographer and beyond.
Today with these phones that generate files becoming larger, we need a lot of storage, especially online storage for backup and file synchronization of mobile devices.
Unlimited storage on Google Drive?
A few months ago I moved my email from the email server "videotutorial.ro", to Google servers, for security reasons, attacks, etc, etc (if you want to go into details about the attacks, write to me on comments). At the beginning I had a Basic account (4 Euro per month). Some time later, Google upgraded and offered unlimited storage for Business accounts (8 euros per month). I didn't stop to think and upgraded. That's how I now have infinite and unlimited storage on Google Drive (how long do I pay…)
After the above episode I forgot to do a tutorial. Luckily my brother that I remembered. When I said that Google can have unlimited storage at 8 euros a month, she asked, Yo are you crazy?
How's unlimited storage on Google Drive?
Probably everyone will ask: what's the catch? There's no trick except that the transfer speed is limited to the browser and desktop client. But never mind, we have solutions that 300 reach Mbps to upload, and even more to download. Sure there is the quota, but that is pretty casual set that if you do not use the account as the CDN for a large website, you will not have problems; Google Drive is for home and small office use, not super intense traffic.
The fair is fair!
Google has the best online storage. Not only has servers spread around the world, but also integration with the Android ecosystem. Everything works perfectly and synchronization with resource consumption, fits well on any. Even on iOS goes well.
Before that, if I wanted an online storage service to be unlimited for a decent amount, certainly I would have chosen Google Drive.
Transfer speed than Google Drive?
To get 200-300 Mbps, you must use an application that is called RClone, but not so intuitive. If I write on the comments section, I'll make myself a tutorial so clear that even a child can use 2 years will RClone.
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UPDATE 9.3.2017

It seems that space is unlimited even if the account is only a user with subscription 8 euros. I climbed over 1,3 TB of data and nothing happened. Probably why the 1TB limit per user if they are less than 5 users do not exist, or not exist for me

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  1. Hello! 2 remarks from me:
    1. Present unlimited paid cloud space. Nothing new so far… Most cloud storage services offer unlimited cost and space.
    2. The information presented is flawed. You have unlimited space in the Google cloud if you buy the package for at least 5 business users, ie 50 $ / month. If you buy just one business user, space is limited to 1TB.

    All the best!

    • Videotutorial.ro account appears below:

      Message Suite G account videotutorial.ro

      Now climb up files exceed 1 TB. If there is a limit to the tutorial will make an update.

    • Cristi, make sure they don't charge you. That they make you the bill at the end of the month, and who knows how long you will be. Here is what the site says on google, "Unlimited cloud storage (or 1TB per user if less than 5 users)" you in the tutorial did not scroll down.

      Chair but please do an update to the tutorial to tell us what is happening.

      To be honest, even $ 5 × 10 is still the cheapest unlimited storage. The only thing that bothers me is that you can't use your existing gmail account, and you have to use your domain account 🙁

    • MAXIM PHOTO said

      It's not true that you have to pay for 5 users. I use Unlimited Drive on a single user and all 10 dollars / month I give.
      I already have 7 TB there.

  2. Let's continue with the tutorial (on upload to brave high)

  3. Cristi what you think of this monitor gaming on it to buy it with TN panel and 1 ms GTG response time or to buy an IPS with 5 ms response time,

    • 1ms, 5ms… You better orient yourself towards a monitor with at least 120hz, if you are going to use it for gaming.
      Between 1ms and 5ms will not notice motion blur, given after tearing the 60fps you'll see it gaca not have at least 120hz panel.

  4. Interesting.
    I would like to share with us and quickly upload method.

  5. So go along with RClone upload:

    Upload speeds with parallel RClone

  6. Unlimited and without any payment storage space can be found on "http://chomikuj.pl/", I have already stored quite a lot of TB and I am small compared to others who have stored tens of thousands of TB.

    • Ion Tomescu said

      I can't find it on the site at "http://chomikuj.pl" where the interface can be changed in English.
      Please help me with a brief explanation?
      Thank you in advance

      • Stefan Cs. said

        If you open the page in Google Chrome, you have the option to translate

      • Singuru impediment is that you have to deal with polish is google translate if you download Chomikbox (client for upload / download of cloud) is in English.

  7. Karolin said

    Not interested in continuing this tutorial. Waiting tutorials about PC gaming namely monitors or even mouse and keyboard.

  8. I'd use a tutorial about RClone. Thank you for shareing

  9. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm still interested and RClone

  10. Mister_Q said

    I am interested in the attacks received. Can you elaborate please?

  11. Find money anywhere, unlimited space. It should have specific from the beginning that it pay.

  12. There threshold size for 1 file loaded?

  13. Hello, can you please recommend a host and web hosting company? I tried hostgator.RO and the whole thing ended with a complaint to the ANPC because boys do not give me the product and does not respond to emails

    • Lucian Ciochina said

      claus web… ..www.claus.ro. we have been working with them for over 10 years… serious company !!!

  14. Sorry attack other subject; those at Malwarebytes have shifted their product and it all lauda.Te authorized pray for an opinion, possibly a tutorial.

  15. Hi, Cristi!
    Is the offer presented in this tutorial with unlimited space in GDRIVE - 8 EURO per month still valid?
    Thank you very much!

  16. Florin said

    ok, where we see the next tutorial

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