StormCloud, weather gadget for Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10 - video tutorial

Hey friends, in today's video tutorial StormCloud talking about a gadget Ubuntu desktop operating system and 12.04 12.10 will bring us the weather forecast for 4 days and current weather display our PC.
Although there are many applications of this kind for the Ubuntu Linux operating system, almost all the offers only applet in the notification area (sreapta above) the system that you need to give a few clicks to see details. Those who are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 are already familiar with many gadgets like weather HTC Home Widget or Rainmeter But the Linux world is still meager in this area.
As all have a beginning, StormCloud pave the way for Linux users, and provides a desktop gadget that gives you the feeling that you are in the Metro interface (Windows 8) bringing desktop weather and weather forecast 4 days with a simple and modern design . StormCloud is beginning and I am sure that in future versions we will have more options such as using a map for lozalizare code, the ability to set transparent gadget, a slider to set the transparency or function to set the gadget to start with the operating system.
StormCloud becomes available for users of Android smartphones and the app can be downloaded from Google Play Store
For installation of this application requires the addition of a new PPA in software sources (Software Sources) operating system, here are the following commands must be entered in the terminal to add PPA's:
* Sudo add-apt-repository ppa: cooperjona / stormcloud
* sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install stormcloud
That said, I invite you to watch the video tutorial to see exactly how to install a weather gadget on the operating system Ubuntu LTS and Ubuntu 12.04 12.10

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Enjoy !



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  1. Super tutorial: X I've already installed Ubuntu on Laptop 10.04.
    go to the town where my writing eg: ARAD ROMANIA
    Thanks a lot and as many tutorials on LINUX

  2. sal do more tutorials about linux 12.10's new??

  3. thank you! maybe you need bucharest. I'm glad to see linux tutorials, I also have 12.10, with the necessary bugs. it would be great to do ubuntu tutorials, for example how we can modify themes, icons, etc. those that come standard are few and ugly. good luck!

  4. 16 mph means miles per hour. Feet per hour. Doh

  5. Adrian Gudus said

    16 mph means miles per hour. Feet per hour. Doh

    This is good with a bang, but in your place, I would also do something besides, some online projects… something to teach others what I know (if you're still so doxa), much more useful than staying to hunt down the mistakes of others and comment on them 😉

  6. Please make a tutorial and how to upgrade android version of Odin as Kies is through Tampa. Samsung Kies is not no good. It was me with that stupid phone brickuiesc official on their website. Installation was blocked early and remained so for an hour. I tried with Odin and everything went razor smoothly as they say.

  7. For Bucharest you must search for the location in English format: "Bucharest"

  8. Hatman Alexander-Stefan said

    Christ, have died!

  9. Hatman Alexander-Stefan:
    Christ, have died!

    "Horses don't die when pigs want"!
    Who posted this dumb validated? Why leave such stupid things appear totally off-topic?

  10. Costelina said

    forward with great joy to see the new version of ubuntu tutorial
    thank you

  11. TurocK:
    16 mph means miles per hour. Feet per hour. Doh

    Well, how did they know about "Meteorology"?

  12. Adrian Gudus said

    forward with great joy to see the new version of ubuntu tutorial
    thank you

    Certainly we present the Ubuntu operating system 12.10 Quantic Quetzal will be released soon, as we did for earlier versions of Ubuntu.

  13. Where can I get and I wallpaperu?

  14. Adrian Gudus said

    Where can I get and I wallpaperu?

    Comes in Ubuntu OS Beta 12.10 2 and will come (I hope) and in the final version.

  15. Hatman Alexander-Stefan said

    Carash"No horses die when they ... pigs"!
    Who posted this dumb validated? Why leave such stupid things appear totally off-topic?

    "Horses do not die when the dogs want"

  16. Whoa! Tareee.Habar I had about the weather outside.

  17. Adrian or crystals can make a tutorial on Kubuntu Linux? It has a very nice interface, worth trying!

  18. I the beginner Linux distribution do you recommend out of the three: Mint, Ubuntu or Kubuntu? Waiting for an answer.
    PS: It was also doing some tutorials and on Linux.

  19. Why not run on smartphone tutorials?
    I installed adobe flash but still not turn to watch. Your computer can see

    • olaru_niculae said

      While a tutorial ubuntu password recovery username?
      I forgot my password and not able to open ubuntu.
      Thank you

  20. Nice tutorial, both video and audio. Do not stop!

  21. agentutu said

    There's going ppa, they seem to have abandoned the project.

  22. Adrian Gudus said

    There's going ppa, they seem to have abandoned the project.

    Nobody gave up anything. The application became a commercial one, as expected. You can find the Sormcloud application in the Ubuntu Software Center for $ 2.99…

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