SugarSync, 5 GB free cloud backup and data synchronization between PC, laptop, smartphone - Video Tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial it comes to online services cloud SugarSync for free can get 5 Giga space in the cloud that we can use either for storage or to synchronize important data between multiple devices, the devices can be: desktops , laptop, netbook, smartphone, tablets, etc.
For several days SugarSync increased space for free from the 2 5 Giga Giga, this space may increase if you pay or friends recommend this service if you can do this with a client referral link inside the "top right" if its your friend make a free account, you will receive 500 Mega, if they opt for a paid service, you can receive extra Giga 10.
As I said above, you can attach as many computers account, you can automatically sync data between them with the option Magic Briefcase, everything put in Magic Briefcase will automatically upload all attached devices that SugarSync account.
We also have a folder called Web Archive, which we here will be safe from the eyes of others "sync", you will discover many functions in researching software tutorial video course on their own.
The account can be accessed online, each will have a web address that will look like "" so you can access your account from anywhere and from any computer.
Good luck with that.
SugarSync account creation
Remember, if you have suggestions, complaints or additions do not hesitate to write in the comments box, de-also if you met the comments box a user has a problem and you can help him, do not hesitate to do it, the only way we can do this place better, see the comments box!
Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. Cristi're the best! Just as you did in this tutorial a redundancy "to work together"

  2. One of the best sources of tutorials! Keep up the good work!
    As a small deviation from the topic of what the program produce these wonderful quality more than exceptional?

  3. Hello Cristi! I would ask if you can do a tutorial on Acronis True Image wdc edition is free.Foarte many people are hard wdc and would interest such a tutorial ... especially you saw it bore polemics's tutorial Adrian's partition of 100 mega.Oricum that we have promised to do tutorial and about wdc edition of Acronis when you did that about Acronis free tutorial for Seagate and Maxtor (only the one on xp and now almost everyone has windows laptop 7 and observe massive migration from desktops to laptops). I personally have an ASUS laptop K51AE and I made backup with this wonderful program, but with Acronis utility from Windows.
    Thanks anyway for your work and we share in your knowledge and new IT.

  4. asi am I want I run Ubuntu and Windows programs with WINE tutorial please more
    Windows compatibility layer wine

  5. Hello Cristi! Very loud what you have presented here! HomePipe.Trebue Even better than to admit that you learn a lot of things myself I could say that I took it from scratch, with your help, of Adrian and Bobi's got to be able to say that can help the altii.Nu I can not believe that many of those who post on this site, I know the point that would say "use a lot" or "knew this program a long time" are words said by one just to delight making the world believe that they know, or learn, and get born here just to announce that long time know what I present. (bullshit OF 2 ROL) Good luck and Success in this way continuare.Tin to wish greetings and Bobi's health and his Adrian.SUCCES!!

  6. Basil knows what said

    Yes ... this tutorial Cristi! Look ... a little one with BitComet

  7. Basil knows what said

    μTorrent is ephemeral, use BitComet

  8. Basil knows what said

    Offf ... and I was stuck in spam ... people P2P is accredited and IE

  9. hello guys? like you put the guy writing the wallpaper?
    I'd be interested to see how I can put myself in w7 writing on wallpaper.
    use a special program? software or the catch?

    • Adrian admin said

      cuibaruHi guys? Like you put the wallpaper guy with writing? I'd be interested to see how I can put myself writing on a special wallpaper of w7.folositi? Software or the catch? Cite me

      Watermark software is a set of capture

  10. Much like SugarSync Manager Client with Opera Unite!

  11. Adrian realize they are super useful tutorials and learn from you more useful stuff!
    I know you never asked but are curious about the capture software that make these materials! I searched tutorials about capture software but I would like a more professional solution!

  12. Hello I want to ask one thing .. I got some folders on the program and after I formatted I have chances hardu can download those folders back to PC? and how if you can?
    Thank you!

  13. madalina624 said

    yes ......... you can learn new things with you ... I had pepc vista xp SICU ajutorulvostru ... I've been to that was "relative" with computers that vacacu baletu ... I recently learned that I could learn Laun probabilnu course info ... now I help my friends with their problems ... this programacum use it and are happy ... ms than today's tutorial ... but yum brain messed with another problem .... my friend who is in Italy has problems with PC .... 1) can not attach files in yahoo mail
    2) can not install yahoo messenger - working with PC's via TeamViewer 6
    3) no longer open any cd \ dvd audio even if video card and drivers are going okay as related iarprogramele

    Cami hope you can give a solution of these problems ptr ms

  14. daniyl said

    I understand that SugarSync is a free service not true or I got it wrong.

  15. me I could interest MULDE program to store data for I do not want to lose them (ie: install windows and format hard losing everything I had into the computer and I do not want). poatesa it is used for this ?


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