Super speed on the net, FTTH or fiber gigabit house

Hi friends, today we have the super test connection speed Gigabit FTTH (fiber to the home). I will explain how it is with the latest internet connections made and review the factors that make us to be fast connection.
Gigabit site is zero if you do not have a latency and jitter as small a. In the tutorial I explain what is important to a connection, and explained in detail what is bandwidth, ping, jitter and bit which should be ping on certain distances.
In a last tutorial I showed As you can increase your speed when you want to download files from torrent sites (from users) torrent. There I explained how important it is to download parallelism, ie how to pull data from as many computers simultaneously.
But parallelism is very affected by ping. If you have very high connection latency (ping), then speed will not help us greatly.
Today's test connection that is extremely fast as it comes in the house fiber-optic and fiber light travels very fast, about 200.000 km / s or 200 KM in a millisecond. Enough Milisesunda thousandth of a second (1 / 1000).
GPON network typology is, that a gigabit optical network that works passively unsold need amplifiers and switches on the columns and the staircase.
Below are some tests you've done in the morning, when they were not busy networks.
Speed ​​tests are designed to Amsterdam, Paris, Bucharest and the US east coast.
amsterdam speed test
bucuresti gigabit speed test
door speed test
paris speed test
The response time is very good, especially for the US connection. Be sure to walk through the ocean fibers and there are also Sharks : )
How would speed internet in reality?
Imagine a 5 lane highway with cars and now follows the analogy:
Highway bandwidth =
Cars = packet data
Ping = speed of the car
Jitter = potholes, curves, intersections.
So goes the net, and at peak times ... therefore increases bandwidth subscriptions (widen the highway). Ping improved site makes connections and faster transfer packet optical fiber reduces jitter and stability.
A Cisco-ists to be upset with me that I simplified too much, but so great things.

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  1. Pivniceru Robert Ionut said

    Clickmelc live ... .pardon Telekom Romania ... It becomes insolvent we all (or even some) who have internet at the "big" firma.Numai praise for her I have at least

    • I think they expect to put others 100 Tbps, to see in which direction it takes.

      • Pivniceru Robert Ionut said

        To go into bankruptcy there would be good for them !! I'm sick whenever I called to stand still I pray to give a reset passkey (or whatever they are doing there with him to reset my band) as walk than to "inbunatirea network ADSL that 1900 fall) ba fall in the more "worst case" ba reduce (so called speed worm in half like it was huge) They are not able to make a minimum investment to pull (note FIBER OPTIC plugged since 2008 nice with a cable that give you 3 the packages of their cable, telephone and internet) are 0 100 to investment grade and cheesy commercials on all channels and stations radio.O see this speed in any light years 500 :))

        • Like in America! If you see what ads are those from Comcast and Time Warner, you feel that you can transfer and hot rolls by their connection. Where a fizzle of $ 20 bps.
          Well fraternity to come to us, to teach net.

    • Well said, I completely agree with you.

  2. bogdan said

    Hello! I really liked the tutorial! Especially ... ..viteza)))). Romania is among the countries with the highest speed of lume.Locul 2 3 or no longer retin.Dar the price, I think it's the first loc.Eu euro 40 pay monthly phone plus fixed internet 20mb and barely enough to 14. (((. luck! PS Even if you are far away, know that you are constantly chasing videotutorialele.De years! Because ,, you learn to learn ", right Cristi huh?)))))

  3. Andrew said

    a uploud give them back the bill when I blame them. because they pay traffic upload, download is free. valid for all ISPs. IPs from rds see that they rented. We were pretty much done ipv4
    I think when a bill will not blame them be synchronous download - uploud and not limit it to 100-uploud.
    You signed the contract with 1000 / 1000?
    I think you put that card isp that "this is speed and not speeds guaranteed subscription business. "
    still have some very good results in tests.
    Thanks for the video.

    • I ip RDS.
      Network several years and it has never made changes. They have their own network made smart enough, not created surprises over the years. Now on GPON fiber is brought in two directions at each local splitter, so if a fiber fails, what remains of the second. Before copper, fell sometimes only one switch which changed it in 1-2 hours maximum.
      With these limitations no network admin will not agree. Limitations do nothing to keep many open connections and traffic clogging.
      Now about three years we had a server in a datacenter in Cluj Napoca, there had some spikes up to 100 Mbps for a few seconds, after which traffic is back to normal. In that moment I made a bad decision, namely to limit bandwidth. So I had! Was gathered my request blocked sites and web server in seconds.
      Better to do the dynamic allocation and QOS Vlan than to put limits.
      Limiting else is good, but not bandwidth.

  4. Andrew said

    Huawei router that theirs is in bridge mode? brige if you can not use your wireless on it (if you need wireless Their .... :)). You tried to access the administration interface? if not bridge must open ports play set .. is there. I still I have FTTH.

    • I put my Asus routeru mode AC56U AP (Access Point). It's the best solution for me.
      In any other mode, two routers in the network slow down traffic. You can stop your DHCP on one of them, but what's the point, it is the best solution AP.

      • you are in error. all over the Internet, to configure a router as an AP, the procedure is as follows:
        1. from one of the main router's LAN ports have pull a cable from any of the secondary router ports
        2. disable the secondary router's DHCP
        3. set the IP address on the router side after the first class router (eg, if the main router has the address, the second will have address)
        4. wireless network router set off secondary (encryption, name)
        about it.

  5. caisinDonici said

    Moldova is the third country in the world where Internet access speed, according to Net Index ranking, developed by Ookla company, which manages Speedtest service.
    According to the ranking, which refers to 152 countries, Moldova Internet browsing speed averages 21,37 megabits per second (Mbps), indicating which placed third in the rating.

    The first place where Internet speed falls South Korea (34,14 Mbps) and Latvia second (Mbps 24,29). Fourth place is situated Japan (20,29 Mbps) and five - Sweden (19,78 Mbps).

    Romania ranks sixth with an average speed of 18,55 Mbps Internet. US ranks in 26 10,16 rating with an index Mbps.

  6. caisinDonici said

    besides the billions stolen from banks, we can "proud" and the Internet ... I'm sick of this country "SRL Moldova", which is full of oligarchs and the icing on the cake is that we have a president who can not read and a priministru with diploma bought ...

  7. Hello, you made a grammatical errors in the first paragraph: ,, ... generation and I will review the factors that connects us to be fast. "

  8. Catalin said

    Hello Cristi. Thanks for the lessons received. Please, when you get enlighten us and us with a tutorial (about RCS ont router (Huawei) that we present it in pictures? Esteem and maximum health.

  9. phyzzo said

    Cristian ping nodes depends not you get fiber? Not too correct what you told them that there is nothing on the road to Asterdam ... .There internet servers and nodes on the road, and this may influence ping.

    • Of course it depends ping nodes of points.
      That I said-n Tutorial. Can not you been paying attention when I said there are several nodes between me and giving IPs with ping, ping, and therefore is not theoretical.
      Look again at the Tutorial and you figure out what I meant.

  10. Cristi telling us what you ???? internet provider.

  11. I am pleased Telekom and speed 200 Mb / s and pull torrents are satisfied with 9.8 8 Mb fiber to the door.

    • Pivniceru Robert Ionut said

      Fiber optics if you "to the door is ok" but as you download with mb per second with 9 200 subscription mb do not know how's that ?! :)) or I understand correctly what you spui.Inseamna to stay in the big city and have beaten her head and little to do "this MEGA huge investment" to put infrastructure in all the rest fibra.In my opinion remain as the investment and are 0 100 note commercials with magenta packages "business" for companies that the average user is not allowed

    • axelluny said

      Telekom's offer now with speeds up to 200 Mb / s (max download 25 Mb / s) .In reality, things are totally diferit.Mai than downloading 6Mbs I've never met any user on the former mine Romtelekom.Furnizorul Internet is directly connected by fiber optic posted Romtelecom) and give maximum 12 MB / s download bandwidth 100 Mb.Rezultă so clear that it is false advertising in TELEKOM offer.

      • You're absolutely right in everything you wrote sus.Cea's largest impaled on Telekom.Decind Germans took the company, did nothing to raise prices, otherwise nothing.

      • I live in Ploiesti, Bucharest and I bd mbps FTTH 200 from TELEKOM. 50 lei per month

        • Pivniceru Robert Ionut said

          In vain are you trying to say you're happy client clickmelc (Telekom) .E and naturally made "investment" that mega "strong" in Ploiesti ROMANIA resul ... but you do ?! To go there and give "internet" if fiber optics are not able to be able to realize everywhere (where the praise they cover and / or extend their network) .we are only unhappy customer "rate" them so often you / you (I do not know your age) engaged Clickmelc / Telekom Romania or happy person benefiting from this "privilege".

  12. vladutz said

    May Cristi please do tutuorial setup a PC. They are very good and interesting. I really want to buy one and do not know what parts to choose ..

  13. GIGI - Help! said

    I have a problem and do not know the answer.
    It's about Canon Pixma multifunction color inkjet cartridge and.
    When I buy new multifunctional color print cartridge smoothly pages in Word, Corel, etc.
    After using the color cartridge, fill it with ink recommended by the manufacturer.
    The printer test page (Maintenance) color cartridge refilled print all colors OK.
    But when I want to print documents in Word, Corel, etc pages are printed in black or gray to black cartridge.
    I tried all the solutions but still so print - black or gray instead of color.
    Is there any program that can help printers or helper programs Word, Corel etc to print accurate colors?
    The problem that occurs in most names of printers / multifunction.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  14. Congratulations tutorial! I am in Italy give 45 euros per month on the internet so-called optical fiber which is actually advertising vdsl.Asa are they doing here, super light speed 30Mb Mb download and 3 upload.Cand I said to a net water spike consultant firm in Romania that we 1000Mb at a price of EUR 15 did not come to believe, said that there was something, but then I showed on youtube a speed test from us and stayed stuck, stuck to squirm as he was proud to see the ladies 30Mb as had 3000. Cristi way if I make a subscription in the country and I would connect in Italy in Romania through a VPN between routers asus 2 I had something to gain, ping best jitter something?

    • Unfortunately VPN does not help you increase your speed or to improve your response time. VPN is a secure link between you and the other end. At the other end, the speed can be very good, unfortunately all the data you send and receive through your connection weak.
      It's like a funnel. No matter how much you pour into it, because the whole amount that enters her neck.

  15. pff in Italy and I 40 pay per month for speeds of 7mb and that goes well at night 11

  16. Claudiu said

    What subscription you? As I still have FTTH Terminal find a Huaway, and sits right next to the computer, and I only 47 mb / s download speed? : O

  17. Lucian said

    I what to say. In France it is connected to an Orange hotspot 20Euro paid per month and the speed is 50 Kb / s. On youtube I watch the video should set 240p and I pause to load. It's incredible how can such speed restrictiide

  18. Cristian said

    Question Cristi. Why I can not 100 mb they make a speed test on RDS? I 100 mb internet bandwidth and never touch the 100 mb download nor upload. Why? 94 always touch mb / s?

  19. Pivniceru Robert Ionut said

    Looks like we "mice" who read here and do nothing to change it "actual speed", meaning to stick (sanctions if you can call it that) not to invest in infrastructure .Astazi I wake up because I go PC hard (I mean that going harder than going anyway :) 620 kilobytes per second) and give it to download anything (torrent) and I see that stood only 40-60 of Kb / s..zic to do a speedtest to see if it has a problem ... surprise net of net of my low 1 and 0.40 mb mb download upload.Sun handsome gentlemen from TELEKOM to see that be the job (all mock every month and play / game buttons) .Imi do a reset ip reign there or do there ..and tells me to wait a while and see if the problem is resolved (ie return to normal if their internet Balaram) .All good to finally after playing there, the operator finally returned after a few minutes after I called "mega their speed" .We say sin sky and read and Nea apricot guy from RT / TELEKOM that I would put something in his net soon and I, mute fiber (all of them leased to another company that gives cable and phone line if you want ( oprional) for the "little people" guys with "Aier" of Germany are 0 barred from investments prefer to leave subscribers as it hurts not care that better takes money to rent the fiber than to put her money to give to their net subscribers decent.Sanatate and best in everyone.

  20. Before I was given fiber optics, on a game that had servers in France I had a ping between 39-45, after I got fiber optic, I started to have an unstable ping, from ping 50-55, rises to 60-70, and it decreases, and so do somehow what and what should I do?

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