SyncMate Wireless, personal cloud in my PC

SyncMate Wireless, personal cloud in my PC
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SyncMate Wireless, personal cloud in my PC

SyncMate is an Android application that can synchronize your phone with your PC, as a kind of personal cloud storage.
All he asks people, "What is the best cloud storage?". Why do we need cloud, when we can do it alone personal cloud storage. That way we will not flat monthly fees, which are not cheap. Better get your hands on an external hard drive and have your space, you can access it from anywhere. Today we refer only to the local network configuration, ie when you are in the house, connected to the same router with your PC and phone.
Cloud personal advantages:
1. We do not pay monthly fees.
2. There is limited storage space.
3. Your data remains yours.
4. We have no speed limit.
5. You can always introduce new services.
Let us return to our app; SyncMate is in two versions, with and without money. In fact there is only one application, which asks for a donation when you want to activate certain settings. The free version can do almost everything, except for Wake On Lan and sync several times a day.
How does SyncMate?
The application is installed on your phone and your PC does not have to install anything, just up sharing the folder to synchronize and where Wake On LAN.
How to configure SyncMate?
Once open the app on your phone, we must add a computer, local network. After adding a PC, configuring folders between which to synchronize a folder on another PC and the phone.
After folders, synchronization and time we choose how to synchronize; The options are: copy both ways, just copy the PC, phone, or just move, in which case files will remain only on the device we choose, and on the other device will erase all files. My advice would be to be careful with these settings.
We can even choose to wake remote PC via WOL (Wake on LAN) before starting a few minutes synchronization.
Why I like SyncMate Wireless?
It is a complex application with many useful settings that do not consume resources elsewhere. We can even choose to do synchronization when the phone is being charged. Unlike other applications, SyncMate is very well done and it works perfectly. With small additions (file manager, media player, gallery) could even be a threat to cloud services.
Download from Google Play
Tutorial Video - SyncMate Wireless, personal cloud in my PC


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  1. Dragos said:

    Cristi with WOL you do if you are behind inacesibil external server and then behind a router with DHCP allocation? I mean WOL no internal network from the Internet. The application provides no encryption of data sent through the net or be captured?

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    • Security of supply is pretty good, no need for encryption.
      When we'll go on the Internet, we will arrange everything with a VPN server that will run on your PC, and we will connect with the phone.
      WOL is very easy on the Internet, when correctly configured router.

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  2. marius said:

    Good application for iphone app is not also? Thank you

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  3. Marius said:

    Very good application but how do I configure Internet ????????
    As dora if you can make to make you a tutorial on this subject.
    Thank you in advance

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  4. Cristi, instead of the computer can use hard disk storage connected to the router?

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  5. carmen said:

    Thank you so much for everything you share with us!

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  6. f beautifully presented and I love it. credca I have to buy. and yes I want to do one online tutorial bakup

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  7. Super tare.Si YES, and a tutorial online backup.

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  8. Thanks for videotutorial and is a very good option for us if we can help with online backup.

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  9. Thank you, very helpful tutorial and are interested in setting up the router for backup via the Internet.

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  10. Marian P said:

    Interesting application. I really would be useful when the CO and I need free space on your phone!
    Waiting for the next tutorial online backup.
    Thank you.

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  11. Patrick said:

    He found one app for iPhone?

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  12. Patrick said:

    I finally found a similar application for iPhone: BitTorrent Sync. This application is available on all plarformele

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  13. Cristi doing eventually tutorial plus 3 one's room?

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  14. Cristi Hello! If I buy a stick of 128 GB partition so I can put one on each drive bootable operating system? If so, how will know the BIOS to choose the one you want?

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    • Partition do not need to stick ul.sunt many software that helps you put multiple OS for example using the stick win 7, 8.1 win and two linux distro from, and works perfectly

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  15. caisindonici said:

    Hello! I have such a problem in 10 win 64biti, dell latitude e5430, airplane mode activated and deactivated not,
    do not react to mouse, I sprinkled with holy water and incense, nimik. Does anyone know what is the cause? ms

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    • Hi; See which version of Windows is ..sunt 10 3 ... it could be possible that the latest versions 2 versions no longer bear your laptop hardware ... just trying 10.10240 RTM version first and see how vesiune should work with this version both drivers: Windows and Windows 8.1 x64. Greetings

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  16. Hello! Make a tutorial on Paypal, I have seen that has changed recently ...

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    • Payoneer's something

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      • from what I've seen payoner no longer accepted payplay but many have succeeded with Master Card, Visa Electron etc to give out money in payplay that I do not know how we did although I followed the steps. as Cristi excellent idea to do a tutorial amanutit you gotta do just to get money from us en payplay that hardly can shop directly from paiplay

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  17. Marius said:

    Hello Cristi but go and can not see the tutorial movie

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  18. Marius said:

    Now go back and see that

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  19. let's setup via the Internet, as I go on vacation

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  20. Hi!!! I'd like to know if you could do backup via internet in this application. If I go do the data backup times through wifi but at home I looked in the application and did not find no option

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