Syncthing, automatic synchronization of data private and secure

Syncthing, Syncthing, automatic synchronization of data private and secure for those who care about privacy

Syncthing is a cross platform application (go across all operating systems) that help us to synchronize files between multiple remote devices. The application is a kind of Bittorrent SyncBut safer, because it is open source, does not impose any limitations and do not link to any online account.
In plain to all, I Syncthing synchronize (copy back and forth) files between two or more devices, remote via the internet.
Specifically: Our software automatically copies files that we want to have multiple devices. 1 files on the device will be automatically copied and devices 2, 3, 4, etc.
Syncthing is an excellent application data security, is a much more economical than a cloud account with limited storage space, and where the data can be seen by other "entities".
Confidentiality transfer!
Attention, Syncthing not compete with other methods of transfer, it is a fast and secure transfer and automatic synchronization, for those who understand what privacy means.
Most methods of file transfer or synchronization market, offers a balance between usability and privacy. Cloud solutions are the "idiot proof" and the most "intrusive", knowing that big companies need our data as air, to train their artificial intelligences dealing with lately.
All of our data is feasting and intelligence, which is not hard to believe how relieved he was working, since the "socialele" this.
Syncthing bring a breath of fresh air for those who still care about their data, offering an open source solution that is as good as other commercial solutions.
Where Syncthing download?
Official website(Download)
How to put the startup Syncthing
Start / Run / shell: startup

Video Tutorial - automatic synchronization of data private and secure

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  1. It's interesting. Thanks, I will test it next few days.
    Speaking Privacy sit and think about it there is a telephony solution (calls based on the internet) server client opensource to be diponibilă and windows and android and to be at all easy to set up? (Linux server can be and in the end ... but the client is available for Windows and for Android).
    The most important is that these conversations are encrypted and use only the server mentioned (with others). So there are a lot of services like WhatsApp, Viber etc ... but not that I meant, but a more independent client server solution that provides encryption.

    I used to text messages OpenFile server as the server and pidgin or yaxim as clients. It is quite ok I think ... if we confine the conversation based on text messages.

    I used Yate voice server for stuff ... but we could not find a customer to go on android TLS and SRTP enabled (encrypted conversations)

    • There are solutions direct connection via the Internet without an intermediary server between two devices.
      Moreover, there is a way of connecting and direct communication between two devices without the Internet.
      I'll tackle these issues.

      A stronger to attack this side of privacy, because it is necessary.

      • Hello, Cristi! I have a misunderstanding. If more people working simultaneously with those files, what happens if you open an Excel, for example, two people at the same time? I'm very interested in what happens in these situations for working with Excel documents and entering data daily by many users and do not want to experience data loss. Wait your reply and thank you so much for your hard work!

  2. Ice Alinutza said

    Especially interesting it is for linux. Worth tested!

  3. Hello. how to restore matrix raid 1 if falls hdd? e automatically or have a boot cd to do something?

  4. It is clear that this solution is only for devices synchronized online.
    Not for devices that are online randomly, ie can not be used for synchronization as a dropbox: I work at work and home as they continue to synchronize. It only works if both devices are online. On the Privacy and security are "superbune".

  5. everything online is nesigur.copiere on two cards, HDD, SSD goodbye!

  6. You can do and google drive or onedrive or as it is called. but I usually put pictures in Google Drive and you do not want to miss. and give and which I recommend you use airdroid. ef's good and two versions for web interface and to desktop. earlier it was made a tutorial airdroid but since then it has since improved for wireless transfer pictures or data just by wfi. pote do a tutorial that he has since become much better

  7. Alin Lucian said

    Dear Cristi,
    I want to buy me a laptop for personal use that works well and quickly.
    I found this laptop
    How about worth the money ?, not play games, doapr than Photoshop.

    • All VN7 I myself, just as it is with Haswell generation and gtx860.
      That price, do not know what to tell you. I have paid much less for me.

      • Alin Lucian said

        Well pretty much what you did and I needed tutorials I bought, eg:
        ASUS router 56u
        OnePlus One
        And now I need a new laptop and VN7 I saw you, but I need a new PC, and that will be the multimedia (video editing) made you!
        Cost of your cat if somehow you can say, you're pleased with it ???

  8. liv stomer said

    Hello, how is Android with this application? I installed on the phone and laptop (notebook the "master" of the phone is Android and laptop windows10), I synchronized the devices I sync files, and when to do him a sample (I removed the laptop 2 any .mp3 music files) see that your phone may not have been deleted. Can you give me an idea, or guide me somewhere to look? Thank you in advance.

    • Adrian Gudus said

      Already explained in the tutorial work with master folder. Times have you looked to the end times have you run the tutorial.

      • liv stomer said

        Ba looked to the end, but I do not understand what is wrong with me. Finally say that will explain in another tutorial later that the differences were running for android; my phone is on Android and thought why not go. So: in the folder on the laptop I removed two files appears to me that they were wiped out, and browser syncthing on the phone, and there the two files appear as deleted (given that the number of files dropped 2, and e same with the files in the folder on the laptop for now - after erasing), but when you open the phone folder with the file manager 2 files appear to me there, as if they'd given and restart any sters.Am 3 times, not even because of it. Then….?

  9. Speaking of phones. In older tutorials for android phones, you have links to programs whose addresses are no longer valid. May be updated?

  10. how to uninstall?

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