Very cheap Romanian tablets, information and recommendations - video tutorial

Hi friends, today we will talk about cheap tablets that are appearing in increasing numbers on the market, it is about tablets with 7 inch screen, 800 × 480 resolution, 1 Ghz or 1,2 Ghz processor, 512MB or 1GB memory and so on These tablets are well balanced, perhaps with small software stability issues but which will probably be solved by subsequent updates (depending on how serious the manufacturer is).
I tried both tablets and I must tell you that they exceeded my expectations, I did not expect to find performance in this price segment, apart from small software problems (which will be solved) both tablets are a very good deal, we have to keep in mind that they are a bit more expensive than a digital photo frame, if that's not a business… ..
Which increases the value of these tablets is 400 Mali graphics processor, the same GPU that comes with Samsung Galaxy or Galaxy Note S2. 400 Mali is among the most advanced graphics processors for mobile devices, video 1080P play this beast is a small, almost can run 4k and I think that would make a few tweaks. Games are not a problem for Mali400 champion, there is no game on the Android platform which put him in difficulty.
Tablet market has CRSC incredibly over the last two years, if at first found myself only top products at great prices, today we have the full range of natural products from the device's screen resistive and 256 MB memory 399 lei to iPad 3G to 3600 lei.
In Romania the price is the main criterion after guiding the buyer, the manufacturers smelled "blood" and attacked the market with cheap tablets, exactly what the "doctor" recommended for those with low winds, is a smart move that will lead to profits Well, even customers will earn from this, why pay 3000 lei for a device that you will use at 20% capacity?
Probably the most advantaged eventually will be the children after parents or brothers / sisters will be bored by the device does the new one, the little one will come on the line, perhaps we will shortly find on the market and the device's special for the little ones already in Play Store Googler find plenty of applications for children. From experience I know that a child learns to work with a tablet in minutes and does a great job better than they do with a laptop or desktop.

Our recommendations:
Allview tablet Alldro Speed ​​SuperSlim with Cortex A8 1.2GHz, 7

Both devices have advantages and disadvantages when compared to face to face, I would go on E-Boda due to aluminum body and a normal USB port, the port can connect ace4st sticks or USB modems 3G. On the other hand AllView has more memory and features DLNA.
Whatever you choose should be aware that these two devices can not be compared with the Galaxy Tab or iPad, are entry level tablet. Yet E-BODA IMPRESSPED E1 and Allview device Alldro Speed ​​are some incredible sites, it is extraordinary how much performance you get for the money i pay.
E-Boda Bravo, Bravo Allview!

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Enjoy !
by Cristian Cismaru

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  1. At the price we have E-boda is impressive and frankly I would be interested to have net anywhere masi more than to have a DLNA connection, plus you do not even have a TV that supports DLNA.Ai net of justice is vital for tablet and even worth all the money it tableta.O question:

    If it's not soft at Allview I can make an update and that's it?
    I would ask you to answer because I am very curious!

    Thank you!
    Do an excellent job! Keep up the good work

  2. Better worth a phone Samsung Galaxy S plus because you can take it everywhere and making a tablet is too great (in my opinion)! However 10 + grade for all you do!

  3. Thanks for tutorials!
    Hello Cristi! MOTION TUTORIAL come with a very useful and I mean it when I say "" where you 10 GB free space for creating a blog (wordpress, joomla, Dupal, etc.)
    I ask you to help me, I know you've done a tutorial but I can not put a video LONG TAIL, and ftp, SOFTWARE.


  4. Hello Cristi, very good tutorial! And I want to ask you something, what version of Android tablet Allview when you have tested it. I want to add something to what you said in tutorial and saw that even those from Emag have passed specifications. I personally own tablet Allview AllDro speed and are very pleased with it, supports modem 3G, if I gotta check out the official website you'll see that you can purchase a dongle 3G. The package comes with an adapter for mini USB OTG with the Mini USB USB in full, and I put sticks and go smoothly. This tablet has support from some Chinese and this is very good, I'll tell you why. The Allview has released an update to ICS and that 's disaster in my view, and the Chinese have launched many more updates to ICS increasingly better and are compatible with tablet that sells in China under another name, of course. Good luck everyone!

    • Gingerbread tablet and moves well have just had some hesitation at times, seemed more enjoyable E-Boda tablet, but I can be subjective or model I tried had some problems at the moment.
      In any case, I was impressed by both tablets and I think I will get myself one of them can even use gps in the car seat.
      If you are small software hesitation here and there definitely will be resolved, hardware is important and it is very good.

      • andolis49 said

        I forgot to tell you neither of the two tablets has GPS 🙁 That was one of the reasons that made me give up the tablet at the moment, besides the fact that I can't have the net on the tablet from a net phone but only by modem that must be purchased separately (a lot is money and that) plus the mobile net subscription… I was left with the smart phone that has gps and net on it and the laptop that I give net from the phone. Good luck!

  5. andolis49 said

    Hello Cristi! Eventually you became convinced that these are good for something too… When I asked you for advice on cheaper tablets through other tutorials you made me raise money to get something more expensive :)) What is this world for you! In the meantime, I changed my mind about the tablet and got a pretty high-performance laptop. But that's another story. Good luck!

  6. Hello! Andolis49 ... is right about tablets .. and I am wondering if you are as good as these tablets cheaper and just as you said, to collect more money to get something more expensive, but I have not looked tablets if you say that there are good and I got laptop.Oricum very good tutorial!

  7. 10 to give you a tutorial

  8. Manolache Ionut said

    I own a tablet Speed ​​Allview Alldro and I must say I am very pleased with it, especially after I did update to the new version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0) notice a drastic improvement.
    I recommend this tablet

  9. Sal cristi… I have a request too… give me your mess id to let me know… my name is Razvan from Bucharest… I'm waiting for you on the mess. I like to see some more things…

  10. Razvan:
    Sal cristi ... I have a request ... give to me your idul mess ... let's meet in Bucharest Razvan myname is waiting for you ... mess. MIAR love to vb some stuff ...

    I would also like to sit and talk, unfortunately I don't have enough time, I have to divide my time between "work" (I can't call it work because I do it with pleasure) and family.
    If you have IT problems, post them here and we will try to answer you or you and our friends on the site.

  11. Hello! I have a problem, someone may have faced it before, it may seem trivial, but it is annoying. For a while I noticed that I can't select any address (the arrow doesn't turn into a "glove"), even at site addresses, which I opened another time. I also suffer when I want to copy an address, the selection with the mouse is not allowed. I use Mozila firefox and usually google searches, but I don't think it's from the search engine. nor can it be from us, as soon as it responds well to other commands.

  12. AdrianGudus said

    Hello! Andolis49 ... is right about tablets .. and I am wondering if you are as good as these tablets cheaper and just as you said, to collect more money to get something more expensive, but I have not looked tablets if you say that there are good and I got laptop.Oricum very good tutorial!

    I forgot to tell you any of the two tablet has GPS, that was one of the reasons that led me to give up my tablet now, besides the fact that the net can not have a tablet phone net only through modemcare must be purchased separately (a lot That's money) plus subscription to mobile net ... I was having gps smart phone and laptop which net him and give him the telefon.Bafta net!

    Hi Cristi! Eventually you convinced that this is a good ... When I asked for advice about other cheaper tablets tutorials you made to raise money to get something more expensive) What's your world! Meanwhile I changed my mind on the tablet, and I've got a pretty powerful laptop. But that's another story .... Bafta!

    Come on, you're the top. Your argument "has a lot of substance." Cica: "it doesn't have GPS so I bought a laptop"
    Well, does the laptop have GPS or what? Not to mention that you also have to buy a modem on your laptop to have a net when you are on the road or in a car. yes I don't see what comfort a laptop would offer in the car compared to a tablet… .What would be more comfortable with?

    • andolis49 said

      I didn't say the laptop has GPS… It's on the rooster's mind! I don't have to tell you that. I explained to Cristi that the tablets presented in the tutorial do not have any GPS. As a GPS I use the P500 phone, as well as for the net. If I need the net on my laptop I give from the phone not to spend money on a usb modem plus the card. It's more comfortable with a few million left in your pocket. And I don't live in the car. I need the net more at work because I have no other options and when I go on vacation and not to walk like a desperate person through the net through all the wineries or malls. If you don't find enough substance in this comment either, it's not bad! Good luck!

  13. FaraVirusi said

    To be honest, after this tutorial I ran to a Mol in the area and I was interested in the e-boda impressped e1 tablet with which I played a little with it. What I can say is that the touch responds very well to commands, and the audio chapter is not bad at all. After all, it's a super ok tablet that I will actually buy. Why give 2000-3000 lei for a "trick" tablet when I can buy a tablet for 700 lei (about 3 times cheaper than the trick) with which I can do almost anything the trick does.
    Many Romanians buys expensive tablets just to be catchy and they use about 30% of their potential, rather affordable to buy a tablet that has a little folosesca 80-90% of potential tablet.

  14. I tested all these tablets in this price range! I chose Evotab 2 from Evolio. It looks like a complete tablet to me. I understand that many AllViews are back in service. Evotab also has support for almost all USB modems on the market…

  15. Cristi, I would ask you to tell me your opinion about Dell Streak 5 ″. I have been wanting to buy for a long time, but in terms of performance I don't know how good it is. I want to mention that I want to use it as a phone and that's why I stopped on this Dell Streak 5. I found it here at a lower price than on the other sites "" I look forward to your opinion.

  16. Manolache Ionut:
    I own a tablet Speed ​​Allview Alldro and I must say I am very pleased with it, especially after I did update to the new version of Android (Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0) notice a drastic improvement.
    I recommend this tablet

    if you have a tablet, you can light me please? what accessories you received? stick to go rds? and a question that troubled me badly: you can use your phone as a modem 3g? have you tried? I hope you answer me much

    • andolis49 said

      And I waited six months for a response from the people at the company and nothing. It seems that promoting only their products (modems 3G) and modems do not support the phone. Bafta!

  17. Alexandru said

    What about the tablet?
    I have not found any information on the net. Your opinions.

  18. I bought the tablet, it's ok… it moves well, but unfortunately it can't support my digi modem (mf 110), is there a solution?

  19. you can use a Wi-Fi connection with this dish–pTL-ANT2424B
    at a distance of 31.5km go 11Mbps
    and at 56km go 1 Mbps
    only be connected to a wireless router

  20. is there any way to give share internet via USB from digi?

  21. Marius:
    is there any way to give share internet via USB from digi?

    Follow this tutorial and you will find the answer

  22. andolis49:
    I forgot to tell you any of the two tablet has GPS, that was one of the reasons that led me to give up my tablet now, besides the fact that the net can not have a tablet phone net only through modemcare must be purchased separately (a lot That's money) plus subscription to mobile net ... I was having gps smart phone and laptop which net him and give him the telefon.Bafta net!

    install google maps

  23. daniel said

    does not work, I tried the settings that I do not have, although I Connectify pro version

    try sharyng internet connection
    if you go looking for a wireless router with usb usb
    but I like going to all routers

  24. interesting tutorial
    how can I keep them on your PC when you need them?
    I think you meant at the end that the capacitive screen is preferable…

  25. npr7 has anyone bought from Allview tablet? GB 2 show you all in my comp? 4gb why not?

  26. Andrew said

    Please explain to me HOW TO Delete pulled back on MY TABLET EC prestigious and if Google can pull off my virus tablets and how to get connected to NET GRATUIT.VA satisfied.

  27. Marius08 said

    Cristi what about the new tablet launched now from Allview, namely Tablet PC AllDro 2 Speed ​​HD resolution has 1024 768 * runs Andoid 4.0 has 1.2ghz single core processor. gpu mali has 400, 1 gb ram and has many more to 799 lei. My guess at this hour and that money is a best-buy can purchase the guide urmatoru tablets and tell us your opinion about it

  28. Marius08 said

    And I forgot to have removed and tablet specific ECO SPEED AllDro just 450 Lei and good specifications even if the screen is resistive, those from Allview say it is dual touch. Maybe do a guide to tablets now that have emerged Cristi Romanian tablets and tell you the best price for what it offers. There we saw the offer from EMAG, specifications and prices we have on the site from Allview

  29. Ovidiu said

    Hi, great tutorial, but supports USB Stick ZTE tablet MF110 from DIGI?
    Thank you in advance

  30. adrian said

    This tablet is made in china and I can say grandma but you can find tablets with the same features for example on INVENTIE.NET but at a much lower price: 450 ron EX. Ainol Novo 7 Tornado Tablet Android 4.0 7 ″ Cortex A9 1GB DDR3 8GB [Model Ainol Novo 7 Tornado
    CPU Amlogic Cortex-A8726 3-M9L 1Ghz, GPU Mali 400
    Android OS 4.0
    RAM 1GB DDR3
    8GB to 16GB Nand Flash (Standard is 8GB)
    7Inch 2 Point Capacitive Screen Multi-Touch HD LCD Screen, 800x480Pixels
    Wireless WiFi 802.11b / g / n. Max: 150Mbps
    External USB-OTG 3G 3G Dongle Support
    Front Camera 1.3MP
    G-sensor Support
    Bluetooth No
    I / O Ports 1 2.0 x Mini USB OTG
    1 x TF Card slot
    1mm 3.5 x Stereo Earphone Jack
    1 x DC-in jack
    Keys Power ON / OFF, VOL-, VOL + HOME
    MP3 Audio, WMA, OGG, AAC, WAV, etc..
    Video MOV, MKV, AVI, RMVB, RM, TS, TP, M2TS, VOB, DAT, MPEG, MP4, PMP, 3GP, FLV, WMV, ASF. Up to full HD 1920x1080P
    Ebook TXT, LRC (PDF, EPUB, FB2 by installing third party software)
    Sound system Built in speaker 1x1w
    Battery Power Built-in lithium battery 3.7V 3700mAh
    More function Google Search / Browser / Camcorder, / Email / MSN / Skype / Gtalk / ICQ / Alarm Clock / Route calculation / Calendar / ES file Explorer / ES Task Manager / PDF Reader / Photo Browser. Etc.
    Others Multi-language, OTG Function (exFAT, NTFS, FAT32) Compatible system: Win200 / XP / VISTA / WIN 7]

  31. Hi, you can make a tutorial on: Acquisition tablet until 1000 lions?
    Thank you in advance

  32. Valeriu Voicu said

    Hi I have for some time AllWinner A13 Tablet, 7 ″ 1.2GHz, 512MB DDR3 Android 4.O.3 GPU MALI-400

    DDR512 3 MB RAM internal memory, 4 GB NAND Flash are very pleased with how they move considering that I gave him the £ 400 with shipping.
    But I want more of it because they are comvins maybe I would like to make root on this device and I think I can help with that.
    We welcome and look to document about it and I think that your answer since I have many disadvantages in that I have full rights on the system

  33. Hello from Allview tablet tablet Alldro Speed ​​ECO + rds 7 going to stick to the net?

  34. BeGreenMedia said

    Hello, After searching the internet, today I managed to get root access to the tablet Evolio EvotabHD, here is a small tutorial and what programs I used:
    1.instalati drivers for tablet (probably already installed)
    2.descarcati program (
    3.conectati tablet USB cable (USB Debugging enabled)
    4.porniti downloaded program (Cydia impact) and click Start if you order in the list is "# drop SuperSU su to / system / xbin / su"
    5.instalati Google Play SuperSu and check if you have root with Root Checker.
    6.spune Thank you.

  35. Gabbitzu said

    Hi can anyone help me? I have an IHA-C0707A android 4.0 "ice cream sandwich" tablet and I turned it on and asked for my username and password. I want to announce that it says above, too many attempts to draw the model, can anyone help me? I tried to reset it from the factory but in vain… I am waiting for an answer as soon as possible, preferably tonight if possible… Ps the tablet belongs to a friend and he has it from Italy

    • In those fields must be entered username and password GMAI account that was first introduced at the start of the tablet. I tend to think that the tablet was stolen if you message appears that the introduction of the model wrong too many times. If I'm wrong I'm sorry but the information you gave it appears. The strange thing is that if you give back to the factory settings ought to behave like new and put you enter your Gmail account without that message. You reset it from recovery?


  1. […] My opinion is that it is especially worth it for a child. If I'm a little naughty, I'll tell you that a child can learn (yes, learn to root the tablet, install a new ROM, emulate games on the psp / console on the tablet) more from an Android tablet in case he has inclinations technical and stick his nose everywhere (depending on how old he is) than on a closed system like iOS. I recommend this article [...]

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