The best antivirus for Android is the official one - Google Play Protect

The best antivirus for Android The best antivirus for Android is the official Google has launched a security solution, which brings together a lot of functions, which until now were scattered throughout the system and functioned somewhat independently and non-transparent, I could say. What does the notification look like for an application ... [Read more...]

Android antivirus protection - you do not need antivirus

Android antivirus protection is a problem that came from the inertia of Windows, where we were almost forced to use an antivirus. What about antivirus on Android? For a long time there were no "viruses" on Android, in fact it would be fair to say "malware". Since there were no dangers, there was no point in using an antivirus. However, manufacturers of antivirus software do not ... [Read more...]

Speed ​​on Android, Full manual optimization

The speed of an Android phone depends on many things. Today we will discuss most of the measures that need to be taken to enjoy a pleasant experience on our Android phone. What is a Speed ​​Phone? A quick phone does not mean a top processor phone. A cheap phone can be fast and vice versa. Things that influence the speed of ... [Read more...]