Music on two connected bluetooth speakers - it also works as a soundbar

What is the music tutorial on two connected bluetooth speakers? In the Music video tutorial on two connected bluetooth speakers, I show you how to connect two Bluetooth speakers, different in model or manufacturer, by cable, so that they can play sound from a single source. How to connect most Bluetooth speakers via cable Almost all Bluetooth speakers can be… [Read more...]

Tronsmart Element Force review - near perfect bluetooth speaker

What does a bluetooth speaker need to be perfect? There are some features that we want in bluetooth speakers, when we want to buy one. The most important thing is the sound quality, which must be balanced or intensified on bass, with more bass, according to your preferences. Follow the battery life, as only we talk about stuff… [Read more...]

Xiaomi MI portable Bluetooth speaker, clear sound, bass unexpectedly

Xiaomi MI portable Bluetooth speaker, clear sound, unexpected bass Bluetooth speakers have been very popular lately, especially because they are super portable and some of them offer very good sound. As good speakers are quite expensive, I started looking for the perfect Bluetooth speaker and I think I found it. Xiaomi MI is a Bluetooth speaker with Micro SD card slot and [Read more...]