The lifetime of the laptop battery more advanced settings


How can we get a longer battery life on the laptop? Battery life is a constant pain for those who use laptops far from the outlet. In a way, what use a laptop if it does not hold the battery? On Windows we have power plans with which we can juggle, to squeeze as much of the battery as possible; Unfortunately, in many cases we have bottom processes and hardware components that eat the battery, without us noticing. In order to find out more details about how things are going in terms of food, we need to turn to more advanced tools, such as the command line. Using a simple command, we can find out who consumes our battery, what hardware components are malfunctioning or how healthy the battery is on your Windows laptop or tablet. Longer battery life on laptop, advanced settings. Open CMD with administrator rights and issue the command: powercfg -energy After a few seconds, a report will be made that ... [Read more...]

Preparing the operating system to run efficiently on an SSD - video tutorial

Preparing the operating system to run efficiently on an SSD - video tutorial
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Hi friends, in the following video tutorial I will present some modifications that we have to make in the operating system in order to use an SSD to its true value. The SSD works differently from a conventional hard disk, the Solid State Drive stores the data on flash chips compared to the hard disk that stores the data on a magnetic surface, a platter, because of this the hard disk needs operating system help to gain speed and response time, in SSDs we no longer need system tools such as: Defragmentation, Indexing, Superfetch, Prefetch etc, SSD accesses data instantly regardless of the sector in which they are is. To make the SSD faster and to extend its life we ​​need to make some changes in the operating system, below are the steps I have taken in the tutorial: Step 1 (used SSD) .... .......I WOULD … [Read more...]