KRACK affects ALL Wi-Fi routers - SOLUTIONS

KRACK affects ALL Wi-Fi routers - SOLUTIONS Krack threatens all Wi-Fi routers. What solutions do we have? What is KRACK ATTACK? KRACK is a vulnerability discovered in the WPA2 protocol, to which all routers in the world are vulnerable. How does KRACK work? The attacker who exploits the KRACK vulnerability, interposes himself between the router and the client (phone,… [Read more...]

Heartbleed most dangerous vulnerability affects us directly

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about security, more precisely about the vulnerability found in Open SSL used by servers to protect the information entered by users when logging on to a site or web service. The vulnerability called "Heartbleed" appeared with the introduction of a "heart beat" function, a function that allows the active preservation of a… [Read more...]