Outpost Firewall Free or how to keep hackers and viruses away from our computer - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will introduce Outpost Firewall Free, this is a free firewall that protects our computer from intruders. Using a firewall we can keep away from our PCs hackers, viruses, spyware etc, also with the help of this firewall we can make sure that our personal data is safe, spyware will have no chance, will be ... [Read more...]

Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 probably the best security solution - video tutorial

Hi friends, I am pleased to present to you probably the most complete security suite on the market at present, this is Kaspersky Internet Security 2010, a much improved and refined suite compared to the previous version (kis 2009). In this video tutorial we will discuss in detail the Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 or KIS version, this… [Read more...]

Inatalare download ZoneAlarm firewall setting free - video tutorial

In this video tutorial I am pleased to present you a free firewall, Zone Alarm Firewall 8.0 Free edition, which is not only free but also very good and easy to use. Many use the Windows firewall, but it is outdated from all points of view, I could liken it to a communist system that forbids many things without consulting ... [Read more...]

Install antivirus and firewall setup tutorial Kaspersky Internet Security

The following tutorial presents an installation and setup for the best firewall antivirus today, namely kaspersky internet security. Why do I say it is the best antivirus in the world, because it really is and not only do I say this but I say the prizes won by it. The modules included in this antivirus with firewall are: firewall, antivirus, anti-spyware, ... [Read more...]