Affordable and silent gaming calculator - Small Budget Gaming

Accessible and quiet gaming computer Over time we have configured several systems, some cheaper, some more powerful, some quiet, some minimalist. Today we will do something different! Accessible and silent gaming computer! Making a gaming computer is not difficult at all, if you know a little about the compatibility between components and you… [Read more...]

System configuration based on the new Intel Haswell

The new processors from Intel have appeared, it is about the Intel Haswell family that brings a lot of improvements, especially for mobile devices but today we will talk about desktop processors and we will configure a system based on the latter. phase a few processors i5 and i7, the cheapest have not yet appeared, these were… [Read more...]

Configuration with processor and generation components at a very good price - video tutorial

Hi friends, today we will configure a system based on an Intel processor that has just been launched, it is the Intel G620, a very cheap and quite agile processor despite the extreme "haircut" to which it was subjected. A good Sandy Bridge remains even without Hyper Threading, Turbo Boost, Quick Sync, despite these shortcomings we are left with virtualization… [Read more...]

On what criteria, and how buying components for a computer tutorial video

Nowadays a computer is no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity for almost everyone. It required a tutorial to show you how we do when we have to buy components for PC, or gadgets (cameras, camcorders, etc.). In this tutorial I presented the natural way of informing before any decision to buy something. Of course there is [Read more...]