Optional balanced PC 2021 gaming configuration - PURCHASE GUIDE -

What is it about in the video guide for purchasing PC 2021 balanced optional gaming configuration? Optional balanced PC 2021 configuration gaming As usual, from time to time I recommend a configuration, this is a balanced and optional PC 2021 for gaming with good components at a fair price. This is a PC based on an Intel i5 11600K, a [Read more...]

PC configuration and inexpensive Intel SSD Skylake

Hello friends, today is the turn of a cheap and balanced PC configuration. The PC configuration is based on Intel Skylake, which is the latest generation of processors from Intel, which use 14nm manufacturing technology. This means that the processors are more efficient and more economical, implicitly colder. Our system can also be used for gaming, if… [Read more...]

Powerful computer setup, quiet and affordable

Hello friends, today we will configure a computer like a book, a system that will be able to run any game and any application without problems. It's time to stay home and we need a computer that can move fast, cost a little and be somewhat quiet. Because why not admit it, as if we don't like to wait any longer, we live at full speed. A few years ago to [Read more...]