Install Polkast on Zyxel nsa320 NAS, your personal cloud - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will show you how to install the Polkast server on the NAS (network attached storage), after which we will access the pictures, music, movies and documents on the nose, we will do this by accessing the Polkast on the NAS with the application Polkast for Android (it is also for iOS). Most people today have smartphones and tablets capable of making… [Read more...]

Polkast, personal cloud for accessing computer files on Android and iOS - video tutorial

Hello friends, today I am pleased to present a soft cross platform that helps us make / manage our own cloud, a personal cloud that we can access from anywhere, from any device, without limitations and without paying at all for additional services (except for the net we pay anyway). Those who created this Polkast had a great idea. ... [Read more...]