What is the diaphragm on handsets and cameras and what controls them?

What is the aperture on phones and cameras and what controls? The aperture, or Aperture English, is the hole through which the light reaches the sensor. The larger the diaphragm, the greater the depth of field and the amount of light reaching the sensor. With a large diaphragm we can: 1. We get the blurred background in pictures 2. We take pictures at night with less ... [Read more...]

Basics of photography, shutter speed, aperture and ISO Explained - video tutorial

Hi friends, today I will start a longer series of tutorials (not all at once) dedicated to photography and filming, we will learn the secrets of the cameras step by step, we will learn to "tune" them to get exactly what we want. As in any field we must first know the basics, without the basics we will not be able to move on. Sure, everyone knows how to push the button but ... [Read more...]