We're carried away with sugar, that's the truth. Every day we are convinced (fools) with more and more tempting offers with Unlimited Net. The unlimited net is one of these offers that no one can resist anymore. However, we must be aware that at this time, with this technology, it is almost impossible, as a service provider… [Read more...]

DIGI free domain for dynamic IP, like DynDNS

DIGI free domain for dynamic IP, as DynDNS Hello friends, in today's video we will see how we can get a free domain for public IP (dynamic) if we have a game server, an FTP server, surveillance cameras or other types of services that we want to access from anywhere in the world. Usually when… [Read more...]

Net mobile super cheap and without limitations Digi Net Mobil 7.2 Mbps - video tutorial

Hello friends, today I will present a method of mobile internet connection, it is the solution of Digi Net Mobil (rds-rcs), I chose to present the mobile net offer from Digi because there are some very important advantages. The first and most important advantage is the price, for those with full RDS subscriptions, the price of the mobile net will be zero, exactly, you will not… [Read more...]