Kdenlive free video editor for Windows and Linux

Kdenlive Free Video Editor for Windows and Linux One is an excellent video editor, developed on Linux, Kdenlive, which has now been ported to Windows, is a solid alternative to Windows video editing software. Kdenlive, a serious publisher You won't think of Kdenlive as a linear, child-friendly video editor where you can't do much. Kdenlive ... [Read more...]

Ultra fast video editing with SVRT 4 Director of Power

Video editing is absolutely necessary, when we have long videos, which are often boring. Although video editing is necessary, many are unaware of it, because the final rendering takes a lot of time, and most often, it knocks down any computer. Ultra fast video editing with Power Director SVRT 4 Today I have for you a trick with which ... [Read more...]

How can we effectively render video in aftereffects

Hi, today we will deal with how to render videos in After Effects. Having a lot of rendering settings available creates a certain confusion so that when we want to make an edited video we have to consider a few things. The rendering format that I recommend in After Effects is Quick Time. [Read more...]

Megu, a program of excellent and fast video transcoding - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I will present a very good software for video transcoding, this is called MeGUI and comes with a very interesting module called One Click Encoder, in fact we will talk about it today. I do not think there is a person who has not had problems with certain video files, this is due to outdated systems or lack of ... [Read more...]

Sony Vegas Pro 11, transitions, cutting and typing in video - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will try to briefly introduce you to the main functions of Sony Vegas Pro 11. This is one of the most used programs for video editing. It can be used quite easily, the simple and intuitive menus helping you add various effects to your videos. We will try to see how we can cut a video, add a ... [Read more...]

Camtasia Studio 8 best program for desktop video capture - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will introduce you to Camtasia Studio 8, a highly competent and appreciated desktop video capture program worldwide. Today I will show you how to make a video capture, how to prepare the program, how to edit, how to cut and many other things you need when using Camtasia Studio 8 and beyond. There is no longer a… [Read more...]

How to use Windows Movie Maker to cut, paste, edit, add effects to videos - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will learn together how to make a slideshow of photos, how to put effects on photos or videos, how to edit or cut video clips, how to make transition effects (switching from clip to clip) another is called a transition effect or how we can make the sound part of a video clip and how we can… [Read more...]

iWisoft Free Video Converter Free video conversion software simple and powerful - video tutorial

Have you ever tried playing movies on your mobile phone? Have you tried copying a DVD to your computer? Have you ever encountered video files that could not be viewed? In today's tutorial we will present a free and easy to use smart software that will help you in such cases, the topic of today's tutorial is the application for iWisoft Free Video video conversion ... [Read more...]

VideoPad, free video editing, creating slideshows - video tutorial

Hi friends I am Dan, today I thought about making a tutorial on video editing and creating slideshows, for this tutorial I was inspired by the comments box. You have requested countless times video editing programs, the program that I will present today is free and quite friendly in use, it is called VideoPad. Free program ... [Read more...]