UNICORN game hidden in Firefox - where to find it

What is the UNICORN game tutorial hidden in Firefox? In the UNICORN Hidden Game video tutorial in Firefox, you will see how to get to the hidden game from the Mozilla Firefox web browser. This is a simple game that looks and works like the classic PONG game. If you want to go back in time and try PONG, enter this link Why hidden… [Read more...]

What is the best browser - Chrome vs Edge vs Firefox

What is the best browser? The browser is the most important application in our PC, phone or tablet, and for that we should choose the best one. PC browser market share. Chrome leads the way with over 63% of the market. Google is on the right track ... Microsoft has only 13% of the market, 9% of Internet Explorer and 4% of Edge. Firefox and Opera [Read more...]

How to change the search engine in Mozilla Firefox address bar - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will show you how to change the search engine on the address bar, here I do not mean the search box but the query string that the browser uses when I put a tremolo in place address in the address bar. Every time I install a toolbar or software with a lot of adware (utorrent, demon tools, winamp, etc), [Read more...]

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 LTS officially available for download, installation and presentation - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial I will present you the new Ubuntu Linux distribution released today, April 29.04.2010, 10.04 under the name of Lucid Lynx XNUMX LTS (Long Time Support) on Romanian Extended Support. LTS is a distribution that benefits from more attention from Ubuntu, the LTS versions being much more stable and having a higher priority for developers… [Read more...]

Mozilla Firefox in several copies with different language settings and profiles on the same PC - video tutorial

In today's tutorial we will also talk about Firefox and more precisely about how we can have Firefox installed several times on the same operating system but with different settings. Basically one instance of firefox will have certain settings and the other will be able to have completely different settings, addons installed or it can be in another language and thus you will be able to have a Firefox in English and a… [Read more...]

Xmarks an online service for the security of bookmarks in the browser - video tutorial

I'm sure it happened to many of you to go to friends, relatives, acquaintances and want to access your favorite sites from there but having so many favorite sites you can not remember exactly the address for all sites and so you can not share what you will like others too. Another scenario would be to have a service that consists of working… [Read more...]