Grand Theft Auto V free download for a limited time

What is the Grand Theft Auto V free download tutorial about ...? I'll show you where and how you can get free forever and in addition 100% legal, the game Grand Theft Auto 5, or GTA V, as it is known. There are a few steps you need to follow, because it is not as simple as a simple click on a download button. Grand Theft Auto V free… [Read more...]

Two games simultaneously on the split screen

Two games simultaneously on the phone in the split screen Split screen is nothing new, manufacturers like Samsung, LG and others have been offering this feature for a long time. New is the fact that Android, through a simple and elegant split screen function, allows you, through the developer options, to run two games in split screen, or one game and another application. What is split screen… [Read more...]

PC configuration accessible, gaming and general use

When it comes to PCs, gaming ones are not much different from those used for editing or office; only the dedicated graphics card differs, which in the office is not necessarily necessary; that's why we set up an elastic system, which can be tailored to everyone's needs. Accessible PC configuration, gaming and general use I chose the processor to be good, because [Read more...]

Powerful computer setup, quiet and affordable

Hello friends, today we will configure a computer like a book, a system that will be able to run any game and any application without problems. It's time to stay home and we need a computer that can move fast, cost a little and be somewhat quiet. Because why not admit it, as if we don't like to wait any longer, we live at full speed. A few years ago to [Read more...]