Universal fast charge car charger all fast charge standards

What is this video tutorial about: Universal fast charge car charger with all fast charge standards? In this video tutorial I will introduce you to a universal fast charging car charger that supports almost all fast charging standards. In addition, this charger has two output ports, one USB-C for USB PD 3.0 with PPS, and one USB-A… [Read more...]

How to charge the battery correctly for autonomy and long life

How to properly charge the battery for autonomy and long life Li ion batteries Li ION is the technology that is the basis of rechargeable batteries in our phones and gadgets. Of all the technologies, Li ION is the most balanced choice; This means that it is good enough and cheap enough. Sure, there are more promising technologies, but these are… [Read more...]

OnePlus 3, presentation, beast with 6 GB of RAM

Oneplus 3, presentation, the beast with 6 GB of RAM Design! Oneplus 3 is the fourth phone from Chinese manufacturer Oneplus. Unlike Oneplus 1, 2 and X, Oneplus 3 comes with the case made entirely of metal (space aluminum :), with buttons + metal SIM support, ceramic fingerprint sensor, more Romanian "you can't find the plastic even if it is Because of ... [Read more...]