Two games simultaneously on the split screen

Two games simultaneously on the phone in the split screen Split screen is nothing new, manufacturers like Samsung, LG and others have been offering this feature for a long time. New is the fact that Android, through a simple and elegant split screen function, allows you, through the developer options, to run two games in split screen, or one game and another application. What is split screen… [Read more...]

Powerful computer setup, quiet and affordable

Hello friends, today we will configure a computer like a book, a system that will be able to run any game and any application without problems. It's time to stay home and we need a computer that can move fast, cost a little and be somewhat quiet. Because why not admit it, as if we don't like to wait any longer, we live at full speed. A few years ago to [Read more...]

Steam, hundreds of new games in free demo version just a click away - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial we will talk about a platform dedicated to game enthusiasts, without exaggerating, I could say that the Steam platform is a paradise for gamers. Game enthusiasts will find the latest games released, if they do not want to buy or have no money , I can play the latest releases in the demo version, the demos will be installed on the computer with just a few clicks,… [Read more...]

How fair game tutorial video downloads

In this video tutorial you can watch how to correctly download iso files with games using the utorrent program without having to use a torrent search engine or log in to a Romanian torrent site. In principle, all files are downloaded in the same way, be they games, music, movies, etc. As an example in this video tutorial I chose to… [Read more...]

How to recover data or lost files from a hard disk video -tutorial

The hard disk is one of the most sensitive components in the computer. For the safety of data or files on the PC (pictures, movies, music, games, documents, etc.) we recommend that you keep important files on two hard drives or save them on cd, dvd, usb stick or external hard disk. In case you did not do these things and still due to an error they disappeared or you no longer have… [Read more...]