Windows 10 license original to 25 lei.

Windows 10 license original to 25 lei.
4.1 (23) 82.61%

Windows 10 license original to 25 lei

Original low-cost legal Windows license - goodbye pirated OS

Ever since Windows came out, it has been hard hacked. That's because of the rather high price and poverty.

Now, with this ridiculous price of only 25 of lei, you have to be completely unconscious to install another pirated Windows.

Why is Windows 10 so cheap, and the retail version is so cheap.

Windows 10 should be given for free from my point of view. There is no point in trying to squeeze customers to the maximum; Better free and have everyone open the updates, than pirated systems, from which data is hard to collect.

The truth is another, Microsoft feels the current in the neck.

If you ask the officials, you will hear a lot of diplomatic words that mean nothing. The truth is that Microsoft wants its operating system to be used as much as possible.

Windows download links ISO 7, 8 and 10, any version

Windows download links ISO 7, 8 and 10, any version
4.2 (32) 83.13%

Windows download links ISO 7, 8 and 10
Microsoft usually have a pretty strict policy about downloading the ISO image with Windows operating systems.
Why has Microsoft changed its policy download?
After 2007 when they started to appear heavily smartphone market, the world began to realize that there is another way to access the internet and certain services. Now not necessarily had to sit on the chair in front of a laptop or desktop.
Now that customers began to thin, occupied with Android phones and iOS, Microsoft becomes easy, easy, leaving the world a more lenient to download the ISO images. But not Windows 7; Why?
Why can not download Windows 7 so easy?
Windows 7 was the last local Windows. That is, an operating system that was not so cloud-based. Although Windows 7 worked very well, [...]