Location alarm - to remember, forget it!

Location alarm - to remember, forget it!
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Location-based alarm

What is location-based alarm?

Whatever happened to him at once to forget to buy or do something when we pass by a certain location. Location-based alarm is a notification with sound and vibration,

When we move past a previously chosen location, we will be cautioned, and so we will not remember what we should do or buy.

We have two applications for location-based alarm

Keep Keep (formerly Google Keep) is the first application presented in the tutorial.

This app has long been a reminder function, and even if it works well, it's a bit unclear about marking places, and the time you get the alarm might come a little late.


Notes Keep is that it does not consume too much battery


Choosing location is a little unclearYou can not fix an alarm range

Alarm Me is a free app from the Play store that comes with [...]