Nero Burn 10 Lite, a free software for burning CD or DVD - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will present a version of Nero Burn Lite 10, a free and very easy registration software for the system, the installer has only 31 MB, compared to the Nero suites that sometimes have over 1 GB, of course those suites have and other modules and functions, but often we don't even open them. Nero Burn Lite 10 has only the functions ... [Read more...]

Installation and setup nero essentials - video tutorial

Nero is a cd dvd recording software suite very popular in Romania and beyond. It seems that lately the German software company has begun to introduce more and more applications in this suite. However, the optical medium enrollment module remained the spearhead of the company, the other software inside the suite remaining in the shadow ... [Read more...]

Nero burning a disk with the 1 (video tutorials)

In this article we will deal with one of the many functions that NERO software suite has. Why this suite?. Because this application contains several modules, but in this video tutorial we will deal with only the most commonly used method, namely simple registration of mixed content: video, audio (Mp3), images, text, word documents , pdf, and more. In the following… [Read more...]