Microsoft Office official free download and installation

Free Microsoft Office What is the free Microsoft Office video tutorial about? In this video tutorial you will see how and where you can download and install Microsoft Office for free. This is not the trial version and a variant that you can use unlimited, without money. What's the trick, if there is a free Microsoft Office [Read more...]

Kingsoft Office, a free and easy alternative to Microsoft Office - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's video tutorial I will present a free, light office suite (running on weak systems) and which installs very quickly, this suite is Kingsoft Office. The most popular office suite on the market for Windows platform is Microsoft Office , an excellent package that is a reference in the field, unfortunately Microsoft Office costs quite a lot… [Read more...] a free office suite, part 3 Impress, equivalent to Power Point in Office - video tutorial

Impress is a complete presentation tool from the suite, which as a suite is free. Impress from the office site allows you to create spectacular multimedia presentations by creating 2D and 3D graphics. Allows you to create special effects and animations using drawing tools that have a great… [Read more...] or open source office suite, part 2 Calc (excel) - video tutorial

Calc is the spreadsheet component of the suite. Calc works with spreadsheets, similar to EXCEL in the Microsoft Office suite. Registers consist of a number of individual pages (sheets), each containing a block of cells arranged in rows and columns. These cells store the individual elements - text, numbers, formulas, etc. - based on … [Read more...] or open source office suite, part 1 writer (Word) - video tutorial is a suite of free office software (Open source). The project is based on the source code of an earlier version of StarOffice, from Sun Microsystems. The precise name of the project is and not OpenOffice, due to a brand conflict. is a direct competitor of the Microsoft Office suite, the majority of Microsoft's suite being… [Read more...]